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Distant Light is a worthless poser

Tue May 28, 2019 3:10 am

This thread has been begging to be made on RVF for years, but no one had the guts for it. Maybe no one had the smarts for it either, I don't know.

I have never read a single worthwhile line from this hipster. Literally never got any value out of his badly written vague prose. He sounds like he has double digit IQ and is fronting like his life depended on it.

Someone on RVF recently called him out pretty well, but the post was buried in a thread and I can't find it now. I'll keep looking for it.

It has come to the point where whenever I see a post of his, I make a point of not reading a word and just skip past it.

How this sheer utter poser ever managed to work up a reputation for himself over there is beyond me.

This is his site:

If you find anything of value in there, wake me up.

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Re: Distant Light is a worthless poser

Tue May 28, 2019 4:06 am

Never heard of him. Don't plan to read him.
"Banh mi" is a great sandwich. "Ban everyone who disagrees with me" is the mark of a power-hungry moderator.

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Re: Distant Light is a worthless poser

Wed May 29, 2019 10:58 pm

I found the call-out post — two of them, in fact. They're pretty fucking funny (I trimmed the first one up a bit because Skank_Hunt is prone to ramble):

RE: Daygame Saturated Cities in Eastern Europe--Foreign PUAs Ruining Entire Countries? ... pid1816109
Skank_Hunt wrote: DL pretty much all of your posts on these kinds of threads are low key bragging about your lifestyle, relevant to your sig, and general awesomeness.

Girls have also told me that I'm the most awesome guy they have ever met, but when a girl is deeply in love or particularly infatuated in a brief moment what significance does that hold anyway?

In general your posts have some truth in them but are overall unrealistic to the vast majority of men. You're talking about how you don't have any money yet get invited to private yacht parties on other threads and how you can land in tourist infested cities like Prague and have 3 x threesomes lined up. I'll even give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you pull it off and that your SMV and game is top 0.1%, you and DigitalNomad should get together sometime as we're talking about that kind of level.

While you're telling guys basically to "stop whining" and "man up", the reality is around us is that 99.9% of guys are not top 1%. Otherwise the travel section of the forum for example wouldn't be so popular. And even if a man's game is great and he is constantly improving his SMV as you not incorrectly suggest, all other things being equal he can go to a better destination and get far better quality, so even experienced guys at the top have complaints about how they used to get far better when they had the same SMV and applied the same game, now even if they have higher SMV and have better game, the deterioration thanks to globalization and this new wave of internet use has outstripped any improvements leading to a net loss in results.


Finally, as far as social media not being real life, in literal terms it's not, but over just a few short years, I have not seen anything change the way people interact with each other, especially women with men, as profoundly as social media, obviously not in the good sense. Men and women alike, in real life, are addicted to their smartphones and tablets. You then advise men to get their own profiles up to a certain level to match the effect of the female social media profiles under the assumption that social media is a "two way street". Not entirely stupid advice but is naive of the fact that social media is asymmetric when it comes to the SMP. Your average girl posting pics of herself on her IG can be inundated with attention from all over the world. For a male IG to get that equivalent, again, he needs to have something way above average, minor fame being one possibility. When fat, ugly girls are flooded with attention and offers of sex, this does "leak" into real life very heavily and affects all aspects of our dealings with women.

If you are one of the tiny minority of men to not be affected negatively by these quite monumental shifts over the past 5-10 years, and you are not famous, then I don't begrudge you for that success. However you're presenting an inaccurate picture of glorified, gilt-edged "10 Lifestyle Game" that somehow shields you from the realities of the SMP, to which no man is immune.


For all his weird lifestyle and his spamming directly or indirectly of european cities, at least Krauser in his latest book gives a very thorough and frank guide to every single stage of what he does. Nothing is hidden. The grind isn't hidden. It's as scientific as cold approach will get. Your posts are as I said above low key brag posts without any real, deep "misses out absolutely nothing" guides. They are just your experiences, if extrapolated to the entire male population as if they can magically replicate what you are doing. Roosh has written bang guides which are realistic in that they address rejection and the difficulties of cold approach. He is also highly intelligent such that if he found a better way to get more sex with higher quality girls he would have found it now. But this whole "build a lifestyle" bragging stuff is actually likely to make guys have unrealistic expectations of themselves and thus feel worse about themselves, rather than motivate them. This is because it neglects to mention the key missing link to this "10 Lifestyle": To build a truly robust social circle to the extent that you have large numbers of cute and hot girls available to you at social circle conversion rates (i.e. far more than the best of "pussy beggars" at 2%), it takes in almost all cases a lot of time, money, and effort.
And three posts later, Perspicacity really digs the claws into him. This one's even better than the previous one, probably one of the funniest posts on that entire forum I've read (I lolled continuously while reading it): ... pid1817518
Perspicacity wrote: You know, for all my time lurking here on and off here for over five years now, I don't recall anyone calling out DL for Big Baller Trolling.

I'm really not a fan of the growing trend whereby witch hunts are started on members who refuse to meet other members -- there's many, many reasons that guys could legitimately not want to meet anybody.

That said: Dude has 61 rep points off 450 posts over 7 years. Most/all of them for alleged expertise on 'high-end nightlife' and 'lifestyle game'. Zero from meeting people, and only one from a guy saying 'This is what I do already and confirm it works.'

One must distinguish between rep points made for giving step-by-step breakdowns that people have gone and tried and found work, versus rep points given for claiming something works, but which is extremely hard to test and therefore remains merely plausible. (...versus rep points given for echoing one's existing opinions, or regurgitating Red Pill 101, or for posting funny GIF's, or ...)

This DL, RSD Luke 'high-end social circle/nightlife' stuff falls into the latter category. Pretty much nobody is going to end up having the combination of inclination, discipline, and means to pursue the level of social life that DL / RSD Luke are claiming. Even if somebody tried and failed, there can always be some reason to brush off their efforts:

PUA has a big problem with (and has for a very long time had issues with) guys who come up with whole edifices of plausible-sounding theory that is basically impossible to falsify, but this whole 'high-end social circle' gimmick is a particularly pernicious manifestation.

"You weren't going to the right parties brah."

"People picked up on the vibe you were taking value, not giving, brah." (Unfalsifiable.)

"You were in the wrong city."


As Skank says, and as I noted as the final conclusion of my March post on the current state of (day)game (and many other things), it's important that we take what guys like DL say with a pinch of salt, lest they demoralize us -- even if their claims are true, they simply don't apply to any of their readers.

Look, I can very well conceive that what DL says could be true, at least in qualitative terms, even if it turned out to be exaggerated in magnitude 100x (which it might not be).

I'll buy him a drink and he can explain to me why I'm wrong if his Big Baller Lifestyle brings him through London -- which it assuredly would if true. I might be completely off-base and one of the veterans who is also an actual, verified OG will check my ass and vouch for DL. In which case I'll be suitably humbled and will most certainly have egg on my face.

No hate here.

But that doesn't mean it's not Big Baller Trolling.

Big Baller Troll checkboxes that DL ticks:

- Extraordinary claims (threesomes, fucking more world-class-looks chicks than even numerically exist).

- Comes into random threads to shit on people keeping it real on that 'Na na you guys are losers I'm getting blown by an 11 as I'm typing.' ish. (Notice how he also rolled into ksbms's Praha thread to drive-by Big Baller Troll.)

- No in-person rep corroborating his claims to godhood.

- Never BREAKS IT THE FUCK DOWN -- always keeps it tantalizingly vague so that you can't falsify his shit, but fools you into thinking he's giving specific, actionable advice.

Notice that even though those are defining Big Baller Troll behaviours, none of them actually imply falsehood.

The biggest red flag here is that he's selling the stuff he's trolling with -- he has a direct financial incentive to exaggerate (or completely fabricate) his lifestyle, and to avoid meeting anybody who could shed light on this exaggeration.

The more time I've spent floating around PUA sites / the manosphere, the more I've become suspicious when there's this kind of incentive structure. As the daygame community has shown with the vast majority of guys faking or misrepresenting in-fields: Pretty much everybody with a monetary (or even just status/insecurity) incentive is making shit up.

Dude is making more outlandish claims, with more of a monetary incentive, than NTP ever did. Sketchy as fuck.

Maybe in one of my long absences from lurking somebody vouched for DL. Or oppositely, maybe he already got called out as a BBT / probable fake, and I missed it, and he's just hanging around having narrowly avoided a ban.

It's a standard formula really: Target guys with a vulnerability/insecurity around getting laid (which PUA forums, and threads like this in particular, select for). Big Baller Troll them, but not too obviously. Make it look like you're providing actionable advice while actually being vague to encourage buying your unfalsifiable products.

I haven't had that vibe from DL in the past, but his recent posting is making it seem more likely.

I also can't help but note the irony in DL Big Baller Trolling daygame threads where we've mentioned vibe-tapping as rife in the game community.

Vibe-tapping a thread about vibe-tapping...

Notice how much of this could be thrown at a guy like Krauser. A key difference (other than the obvious one of him being vetted and meeting people) is (again as Skank noted) that he BREAKS HIS SHIT DOWN.

I must admit some amount of exasperation that the Gman had/has so many haters and doubters, despite the fact that he was always having to call people out for not BREAKING SHIT DOWN, and led by example on this. (Probably a big part of why he left the forum.)

Meanwhile I've never seen anybody call DL out.

I wonder if this is symptomatic of a deeper fission.

At the risk of begging the question, permit me to use 'pure game' to refer to the kind of playing field-levelling stuff that e.g. Mystery, Style, Roissy, Roosh have written about. Doesn't depend on specific material things, physical attributes, social circle, etc.

The old-school pure gamers were all about BREAKING SHIT DOWN.

BREAKING SHIT DOWN is pretty much all they did.

Notice how BREAKING SHIT DOWN is pretty much the opposite of what Big Baller Trolls and 'lifestyle gurus' do.

I see a direct correlation between the purity of game, and how much value the associated culture places on BREAKING SHIT DOWN.

Nowadays I'm literally tempted to rep people just for making a single, actual 'pure game' post nowadays. The thirst for actual gamesmanship is real.

I wish I had an account so I could rep both of these dudes.

Distant Light has this persistent need to hijack threads — often ones about daygame or marriage, or monogamy in general — and remind us how much better it is to be a baller at the club and hang w/yo boys holla holla and swim in mad pussy, and how ridiculous and stupid one must be to desire a monogamous relationship just because he had a bad experience in one — and the relationship lasted for 3 or 4 years, so if it was so bad, why didn't you break up earlier, man? Somehow his negative thread-hijacking hasn't gotten him banned yet. Maybe warned, but I don't think I can check that.
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Re: Distant Light is a worthless poser

Wed May 29, 2019 11:08 pm

To give an example of how scatterbrained and spastic his writing style is — for the benefit of our readers who might think we're being too harsh on him — take a took at this excerpt from one of his posts: ... pid1986087
Distant Light wrote: @Endsexpect hahaha @hippie BS, as I always say...

Experience > Belief,/Theory/Idealism

Sorry to say monogamy is "no movement" forward beyond self-sacrifice for KIDS. However, tons of IN NEED KIDS who need adopting so that aspect is void.

Humans been having issues since hunters & gatherer days. Power, Control, Manipulation...We have evolved into data collectors for sake of marketing. All most everything revolves around cutting corners, exploitation & keeping humans deluded with entertainment & trinkets...

It isn't moving forward for things beyond scope of this thread...

Bonobos = Peaceful & higher quality than average human

@Strikeback & Geoman as you just stated the same ole EGO purposes "legacy". What legacy? How do you know your family tree is "solid". One ottoman ruler had 1,000+ kids...Some UK royalty had 11 illegitimate kids...Have you heard of the churches in spain where 300k+ newborns were displaced sent to churches for orphanage?

It is this selfish " seperation" of humans that spawn such dysfunction...

My "relationship" would've been IDEAL for the typical redpill, from society standpoint I had the perfect relationship.. A self-deluded fantasy bubble of 2. However I PERSONALLY value consciousness growth over 2 people in deep love alienated & waiting to die all to say "I have a loving wife & family". It is no wonder people tolerate the arguing, melodrama & stress because they don't know what true peace happiness & joy is.

Thing is, prior to experience I had no one mentioning BE SKEPTICAL and warn me. Just a bunch of deluded people lying. If it were all FUNCTIONAL every pro-monogamous person would have 1-2 relationships and reach IDEAL. It is hilarious people are serial daters.
The fuck you talkin' 'bout Willis? Rambling BS from one random topic to another, terrible formatting, random capitalization, random lowercasing, overuse of ellipses, run-on sentences, comma splices, and so on. Either he writes these posts while he's drunk and high at the club, on his smartphone, with one hand on the capacitive screen and the other on his bottle or drug of choice — or on the hips of the lady he's rammin' that night HOLLA AT YO BOYS— or he's a complete fucking moron. Or scratch that, most likely both.

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Re: Distant Light is a worthless poser

Wed May 29, 2019 11:25 pm

One more before I peace out on this clown.

Some dude at RVF started a thread, asking for advice on how to deal with rude daygame rejections. DL chimed in with a post with okay-ish advice, then followed it up with a long, rambling post about how his playa lifestyle helps him handle these rejections, a post in the typical DL style, with rambling and stories and brags and poor formatting, none of it really having anything to do with daygame or handling rejections in that field — but this this time with embedded videos of stupid-ass parties he attended with his lame-ass friends.

Feel free to read the whole post if you want to laugh, but I want to call out this part in particular: ... pid1982874
Distant Light wrote: Below at summer jam after party from many years back, bunch of celebs there. Again, I'm not some dude who needs to take pics & snapchat himself to feel cool...I know what I am about.

Managers of clubs have thanked me for coming to their venues because I genuinely go out and have fun

(I'm at 0:39, note al celebs as if that means shit to me)

<embedded YouTube video, with a CLEAR shot of Rick Ross's face>
"Yo guys I'm not some dude who needs to take pics n shit, but here's a video that shows me hanging out with celebrities — and let me give you the exact time I appear so I can maximize my bragging cred." Yeah, you don't need to take pictures because you know you're being filmed, humbragger.

And if it "means shit" to you that celebs attended your stupid party, why the fuck did you feel the need to mention it TWICE before linking your dumb video, you fuckin' poser?

Can we even consider this guy a legitimate PUA? Does he actually have "game" skills? What has he done other than attend parties with his network of lame friends, who then remunerate him with pussy for being their errand boy?

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Re: Distant Light is a worthless poser

Thu May 30, 2019 12:36 am

Yep, it was that post by Perspicacity that I was looking for. Nice find. He totally destroys one of the most respected RVF members of all time in that single post.

It all clicked with me when I learned that DL is black. I think that that scattershot style of posting, with bad formatting, little punctuation, jumping from subject to subject without a clear train of thought, is the written equivalent of ghetto talk. The forum has some black guys who write like normal people, just like there are black guys you will meet who talk like normal people, but that's not the rule, in my experience.

Anyway, I feel content now that we have exposed him in this thread, because those couple of buried posts on RVF did not get the attention they deserved. Someone should recreate this thread on RVF, as long as it's not a sin to do so. (It probably is tho.)

And P.S. I doubt he gets much pussy anyway, even from what his friends throw him. I bet even ditzy party girls can't stand him.

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