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Sci-fi game

Sun May 26, 2019 8:31 am

Another massive deficiency on RVF, and in the "manosphere" in general, is the sheer utter incapacity to incorporate scientific and technological progress into their worldviews--with Roosh going back to Flying Spaghetti Monster worship being merely the most spectacular manifestation of this phenomenon. They are all, without fucking exception, carrying on as if the ideal of the future would be a return to the '50s. Or the '30s. Or the 1880s. Or the fucking Middle Ages or the Renaissance or classical antiquity! Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" is the comedic demonstration of what they are doing (watch that movie, it's hilarious). Not a single of these whiny men-children seems to view technology in a positive light. After all, technology gave women Tinder, so it MUST be (((evil))).

Well, actually, there is one exception: Blackdragon. Yes, I know, he bangs mingers from online, and apparently cucks himself in the process, but no one's perfect. At least he doesn't fucking despise technology like a retarded neanderthal!

So I give you his article on "Marriage 3.0":

A lot of it is abhorrent, I know. I despise his championing of open relationships, and many other things. However, read this and tell me it doesn't sound like something out of Blade Runner:
Blackdragon wrote:
  • The death of privacy at least as we know it. This is a huge topic that I could write an entire book on, but suffice it to say that because of continuing technological growth, in a decade or two (or three) the concept of privacy as we understand it will be gone.
As Scott Adams has said, children born 20 years from now won’t even understand this strange thing called “privacy” their parents used to have. If you fuck an 19 year-old girl, or jerk off four times a day, or cheat on your wife, or falsify one sentence on your resume, or regularly shave your balls, EVERYONE WILL KNOW.

To us primitives in the year 2012, this sounds horrific. However the good news is it will be the greatest playing-field-leveler you’ve ever seen. YOU will know everything about everyone else too. Just imagine going out on an online first date with a gal and having every intimate detail about her life and history available in seconds on your cell phone, making it impossible for her to lie to you. Heh heh. Long-term monogamy and traditional divorce under such a system will essentially become impossible, since both of those things are built on deception and outward false fronts.

Get ready for the next decade or two. We’re all in for a wild ride.
So rage and whine all you want, but THIS is the type of stuff that people interested in the future should be discussing. THIS is the type of stuff that's coming. Blade Runner is coming, not some fucking return to some ancient idyllic era. If you can't incorporate genetic engineering, cloning, sex robots, artificial wombs, and so on into your worldview, your future predictions will be worth JACK SHIT, and will be just as laughable to anyone with a brain as the future predictions of a certain someone that wakes up one day in his 40s and decides to worship some flying spaghetti monster.

Don't be that guy.

So let's keep this thread open to discuss and speculate on sci-fi developments in game and the impact they will have on our societies, relationships and sex lives.

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Re: Sci-fi game

Mon May 27, 2019 9:05 am

Natural Language Processing will be the big game changer as I see it. Once you have an AI that can process language and come up with a reasonable heuristic response then it will be fairly easy to dupe most people of average or lower IQ into believing that they're interacting with a sentient being. And they'll pay good money to buy what they think is a sentient being programmed to be hopelessly in love with them, especially in an age where people can barely be bothered to look up from their phones at a party. Wouldn't even have to do more than make the robot female-shaped but still with a metal or plastic chassis, probably better that way since you avoid the uncanny valley problem by making the fake person look more like a cartoon character.

On the plus side this places selection pressure against low-IQ and autistic or otherwise antisocial personalities. They'll bang metallic pussy right into genetic death. On the minus side this selects for spaghetti monster people provided their spaghetti monster tells them that robots don't have souls and not only is fucking them a good way to get metal splinters but it's also evil.

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Re: Sci-fi game

Tue May 28, 2019 12:10 am

New developments in the artificial womb front.
Garuda wrote:Yep. They are predicting the first babies produced from artificial wombs will be in a decade or so.
Garuda wrote:IMO, there are many evil things that could arise from this like...
  • the ability to grow foetuses around microchips resulting in premade NPCs
  • human/animal chimeras (Island of Dr. Moreau)
  • governments having total control over population and reproduction numbers
  • scientists editing out the genes related to gender to make genderless people
  • people born from this will go insane due to lack of family ties and etc
  • from a spiritual side, people created from this will be born soulless and be perfect vessels for demonic legions (nephilim reborn)

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Re: Sci-fi game

Wed May 29, 2019 6:49 pm

See Walter Block on 'Evictionism' for artificial wombs as a resolution to the pro-life/pro-choice debate. Christians should love this technology! Unwanted conception no longer means choosing between abortion and unwanted pregnancy. We can put the cute little blastocyst/embryo/fetus into a warm, safe, nutrient-providing machine where it develops into a healthy child for someone (presumably a good Christian family) to adopt. Neither the woman's 'bodily autonomy' nor the 'right to life' is sacrificed. What remains is the question of who's gonna pay for this.

One option: bill the biological parents. Both are equally on the hook for 'child support' for 9 months. Perhaps plus 18 years, if the adoption system can't handle the massively inflated supply.

I know I've made lots of assumptions in the scenario above. It's an example of this tech as a sex equaliser: it makes maternity more like paternity. In another context: mums no longer need to interrupt their career any more than dads.

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Re: Sci-fi game

Thu May 30, 2019 12:22 pm

This is an potential advance I just thought of: as privacy continuously erodes because of technology people will become and more willing to share (or stream) details of their sex lives. This will create a sort of marketplace for footage/streams of sexual activity, and it will work in tandem with women like the cosplayers on Patreon that will share lewd pictures for cash. The advances in technology will only allow for the viewer to get more bang for their buck, and I am sure VR, first person porn, and feedback technology will eventually be something cosplayers on Patreon use once it becomes cheap enough for them to purchase, and has proven to be lucrative.

I'm not sure how largely ordinary people using this technology to create their own porn will effect the sexual marketplace for PUA'S, but it will give people even more choice for porn, that will become even more immersive than ever before.

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Re: Sci-fi game

Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:28 am

This dude us ahead of the curve: ... gar-labels
Mr. Smith wrote:Alpha Males and Beta Males are BullSugar Labels

We're Humans

You’ve probably heard the phrases alpha male and beta male before. It is absolute bullshit. It’s mostly used by women and men who are pussy-whipped and cucked by women. We are human beings, not animals. I’ve watched over 200 hours worth of macaque monkeys behaving in the wild. In the wild, there is one male monkey and then 4 or 5 female monkeys and this is a tribe. A male monkey baby is driven out of the tribe by age 5, and he must fight other males, and either die, or win the fight and become the new breeder. When a new alpha monkey kills the existing alpha and takes over the tribe, the first thing he does is kill all the babies of the female monkeys which will thus put the females back into heat so that he can breed them.


This is the kind of society that women want, on a deep instinctual nature. This is why wise men created patriarchy, to create a civilized society so that we can live a peaceful life. Women are like children and have to be protected from their own inner nature, which is being manifested as extreme selfishness in the modern society. Better yet, we kill God and become God and thus alter nature to our own designs. Are human women even necessary? Can we replace human women with artificial wombs and female sex robots? Clearly women feel very threatened by sex robots since nowadays so many women are trying to shame men away from the idea of sex robots. This is how retarded modern women are- they can’t even compete with a fucking robot, LOL.
If I can have clones of myself bred in artificial wombs and sex with perfect 10/10 androids, wtf would I need real women for lol?

The PUA answer: "Because only a real woman can validate your manhood."

I.e. PUAs are omegas who need a female's approval to feel good about themselves, as brilliantly explained by our friend shemp here: viewtopic.php?p=489#p489

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Re: Sci-fi game

Thu May 13, 2021 9:29 am

Time to Face Facts: The Upcoming Generation of Trannies Will be More Attractive Than Women ... han-women/
Most men think of trannies as men in dresses. This is of course what they are, and what they will always be. However, what has happened over the last few years is that prepubescent boys have been shot with puberty blockers and then with estrogen. What this means is that hormonally, these male children are becoming adult females. They are having a female puberty.

The process of puberty is driven entirely by hormones, and virtually all sex signifiers are developed in puberty. If you look at a male and female child of the same age, you can usually only tell them apart by their hair and clothes, and maybe their mannerisms – but their bodies are the same. The only difference you might notice is that boys are a little bit bigger.

The upcoming trannies will develop bone and cartilage structure, muscle mass, fat distribution (including breasts) that will be the same as a woman’s. Also, because they will maintain male brains, they will be smarter than women, and thus actually better at being women than women.

I don’t know about the rest, but the last claim is an error. Too much intelligence in a woman prevents her from being a good woman.

At any rate, Anglin is on fire again and far ahead of the curve than most bloggers on many issues.
There is not going to be a way to tell these new trannies from real women, except that they will likely be better looking. Because they have male brains, they will understand dieting, and stay slim, unlike women, who turn into disgusting blobs because they lack the ability to restrain themselves. The new trannies will also actually be more feminine as well, because their hormones will be regulated, whereas women take birth control pills that make them masculine by tricking their bodies into producing extra testosterone.

The point is: you are going to be attracted to trannies. They are going to be exactly like women. If you see a painting of an attractive woman, you may feel sexual impulse, even though it is not really a woman, it is an image of a woman. That is what the trannies are going to be soon: accurate depictions of women. There actually are many like that already, but I’m not going to post the photos. You’ve probably seen the photos. If you haven’t, you will soon.

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