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Reality Sets in and the Turn to Self-improvement

Sat May 25, 2019 11:44 pm


The nerds did leave their rooms, however, and therefore inevitably met with some level of success. And since, as everyone knows, success breeds success, that's exactly what was about to happen here, the first step of which was for the nerds—or at least for some of them, the most successful ones—to... raise their standards. We're talking about mostly middle-aged guys who needed textbooks and spreadsheets to get laid, remember, so "success" for them was losing their virginity to 5s and 6s, and at most to the occasional lonely and depressed and horny 7. But once some of them had got to the level of being able to attract such girls with a fair regularity, they were bound to get comfortable at that level and therefore grow sated and bored with it, and cast about for the next level and its higher level of challenge... and rewards. Those rewards were the 8s and 9s and 10s that strutted their stuff in all the night venues in which games was originally developed (daygame was a much later development, that was invented at least half a decade after Mystery Method) and the nerds now began to seriously deliberate on the seriously challenging task of figuring out how to get them.

And the first step in that direction was to observe what kind of guys were already getting them, and then simply try to emulate (or dissimulate, as the case may have been) their attributes and behavior. Celebrities and the wealthy were quickly ruled out as too difficult to emulate, and rapists and kidnappers were never even considered (the nerd's mind never going as far as to regard crime as a possibility, or even a reality beyond books and movies), so what was left after all these alternatives were taken out of the equation were the so-called "bad boys", or, as they would come to be known in PUA terminology in order to borrow some terms from established academic disciplines such as animal ethology and lend the nerds' shady and often bogus theories a veneer of respectability, the so-called "alpha males". Whether the type of leather-jacket-wearing tattoo-covered stoner retards that most girls regard as "bad boys" were really the alpha males of the homo sapiens species (which translates to "man the wise" nota bene) was a detail that didn't appear to bother the nerds very much—indeed none of them seem to have even considered it—; but the dudes were certainly getting laid like rock stars without being rich or famous or in any way accomplished or even good-looking, and so, since eerily enough, the nerds also happened to lack these qualities, these "bad boys" quickly became the model, the ideal of masculinity, that the nerds set for themselves to emulate. "We have to become alpha males!" is the cry that began reverberating sometime around 2008 or so from all the cutting-edge PUA blogs, and above all from the PUA's formerly known as Roissy (now Heartiste). And since hot girls seemed to prefer these "bad boys" over all other types of boys, and since hot girls were, as every nerd knew, the highest authorities on human worth in the land, it followed that "bad boys" were the most valuable human beings to have ever walked the earth, otherwise hot girls wouldn't prefer them. And since the nerds were the most repulsive type of person as far as hot girls were concerned, they surely were the least valuable human beings, and had to find a way to improve themselves, to self-improve, if they ever wanted to lay them. This entire abysmally wretched line of reasoning followed automatically, inevitably like fate, once the nerds had (unconsciously, of course) decided to fully internalize feminine values in order to discover what hot girls wanted, and give it to them. And once Nick Krauser had arrived on the scene and taken this logic and run with it, fully schematizing human society—or the entire universe even—with hot girls at the top, leather-jacket-wearing "alpha" "bad boys" (or "sigma" "bad boys", in the rare moments of clarity when Krauser managed to realize that he was completely alone and no real human being gave a shit about him) right below them, and finally an endless rabble of contemptible "beta", "gamma" and "omega" "chodes" who were completely worthless since, after all, all they had ever accomplished was to take mankind out of its caves and build all of human civilization while the "alpha" "bad boys" (or "sigma" "bad boys"—Krauser never seemed to make up his mind on this distinction) were poking holes into their jeans and choosing leather jackets and tattoo designs, PUA theory had finally managed to perfectly recreate the feminine worldview—the typical 21st century female's conception of how the world works—and the PUAs, by studying it and practicing it and fully internalizing it, had finally become women.


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