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Ah, the eternal question! "what is game?" The ever-elusive definition which every PUA has had a go at providing, but which—as with the definition of art in art theory which art theorists had been stumped by for centuries before I stepped in and, in my Genealogy, stunningly revealed the answer—every PUA has so far miserably failed to provide. And in this book I do for PUA theory exactly what I did for art theory in the Genealogy: I perfectly define its object and then complete the theory and end it.

And is it to be wondered at that the answer to the greatest and therefore toughest question in a field will form the ideal base on which to define that field, and that moreover this answer and this definition will come precisely at the end point of the field? So let's answer the damn question, and complete and end the damn field; it's about time we did so I think. It's been a fun ride, but it's time now for the last, and wildest, part of it. I hope you'll enjoy experiencing it through this book and, at least to some extent, in your own sexual and love lives, as much as I enjoyed creating it for myself and for you.



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