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The psychology of Antifa

Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:30 am

There's an interesting video going around from members of Antifa that explains their motivations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHdKxRAVrHA

I haven't watched all of the video, but I did find a pretty interesting summary of it by Scott Adams:
Scott Adams wrote:This is a surprisingly entertaining explanation of Antifa psychology, from an insider. Spoiler: They do it for fun.

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Re: The psychology of Antifa

Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:52 pm

No surprise.
So, in conclusion, we have a group of bored and envious cowards. People who immediately hate those who oppose their unspecified ideals. In fact, the lack of a core of non-reactive ideals reveals them for what they are alone: people who want to demonstrate against something, them having no core ideas other than being an opposition against a movement that they cannot define. Since they cannot define fascism, it will into a term so broad anything can be consumed in it, and as such, they will eventually see it in everything. Antifa will approach this ultimately broad definition of fascism over time until it defines itself as fascism and destroys itself. The problem solves itself.

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Re: The psychology of Antifa

Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:18 pm

icycalm wrote:92. The Anonymous/hacktivism, etc. groups. Groups with no goals other than to provoke a reaction, or plain simply retarded goals. Symptomatic of extremely insignificant individuals, who simply have NO OTHER WAY in their normal lives of shaping anything, of achieving anything at all. Utter zeros. That's why they join these groups, and all justifications are attempts to hide this fact, first and above all from themselves.

Just replace Anonymous/hacktivism with Antifa and I think you have a pretty good explanation of their psychology.

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Re: The psychology of Antifa

Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:26 pm

Is it not worth noting that the vast majority of these people are white and come mostly from comfortably middle/upper class backgrounds? It seems clear to me that there is absolutely a projection of guilt over their own well-off upbringings, particularly in how they all champion the lower class while simultaneously despising them and making their lives worse.

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Re: The psychology of Antifa

Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:25 am

I want to start a group that will be called Fa. Who’s in?

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Re: The psychology of Antifa

Sun Jul 07, 2019 12:27 am

I think we need an army of people to go and rip masks off to take away their anonymity.

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