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The Poland thread and extreme betabuxing

Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:38 pm

The Poland thread over on RVF is an interesting read, all 195 pages of it lol:

It sounds like a fucked up country, women-wise. I mean, it is a fucked up country history-wise, so I guess that's why the girls, and probably the guys too, are fucked in the head over there.

The weirdest reports from the thread are about girls feeling resentful of cool foreigners who lead jetsetting lifestyles and turning them down because of this envy. Nowhere else in the world have I heard of such things happening. It sounds like beta bucks taken to the extreme. Being a slick good-looking man of means there is a terrible thing to be, apparently, and will net you foreigner groupie sluts at best.

Besides that, everyone agrees that all the girls are wise to sex tourists, and are weary as fuck of being pumped and dumped. I've actually met Polish girls in Tenerife who were very aware of this when I broached the subject to them about what's happening back in their home. Which leads me to a pick-up strategy that I am surprised no one has thought of yet. When in Rome, do as the Romans: pretend to be boyfriend material. Even more: husband material, why not?

Start with the normal approach and openers, which should be easy because apparently girls are nice and chatty to strangers over there, and then segue into the reason you are in the country (that apparently they always ask to screen for sex tourists) and come up with an excuse such as being there to visit a friend who married a Polish girl. Then segue into talking about marriage and kids and that you are in the stage of your life where you feel the desire to settle down. I am just giving an example here: the point being find a way to segue into talking about your desire to settle down, the advantages of a settled life, perhaps your disgust for the Tinder culture, etc. Get the talk in that direction, and then calibrate how heavy you go into it depending on the girls' reactions.

Personally, I am not interested in Poland at all, not their culture, their food, their language which sounds like crap, etc. However, the place has a reputation for the biggest titted white girls, which I am interested in. Plus it's dirt cheap, so it should be a worth a trip to try this tactic out and see how it works. In my case it won't even be lies because I really do want to settle down, especially if it's with a huge-titted chick. So I'll be trying out Poland at some point fairly soon and reporting back with my results.

One thing that's making me hesitant to visit however, and especially to try to pick up their women, is stories of violence against foreigners. One guy I know had a friend who went there, a half-Polish dude too who spoke some decent Polish, get beaten up to a pulp one night by a bunch of guys who came up to him to ask for a lighter. He replied in his broken Polish, and for no reason at all they beat him up to the point of needing metal plates in his face. White guy too, so it wasn't racism, it was nationalism, so it can happen to anyone. Even if you don't get beaten up, you'll struggle to make friends I've heard. Those Polish dudes have a chip on their shoulder, and if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, they might make you pay for it. Try to go around in a group, if you are concerned about this, as I think you should be if you're macking on their women.

Bonus Polish wife material:



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