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Social media effects on game and pick-up

Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:46 am

This is scorpion's own archive of his game-related posts from RVF: ... 2019-1.pdf

I've always enjoyed his posts, minus his stupid Christian stuff, and I think the archive is a good read. There is one point I want to take exception to though:
scorpion wrote:Social media is truly a monster. And I really have no idea what to do about it. You're basically forced to play that game just to keep up, or voluntarily boycott it and accept objectively worse results than you had before. The vast, overwhelming majority of attractive young women use these platforms extensively and to such a degree that they literally cannot understand anyone who does not.
This is horseshit. It's a common theme on RVF, but it's simply not true. Many attractive young girls in Western Europe either have no Instagram, or if they do they only post five-ten pics a year on it and barely ever load the app. "They literally cannot understand anyone who does not" sounds like incel theorycrafting to me. An active Instagram account is a rarity, and it's an instant disqualification for girlfriend for me. Maybe things are different in the US, but I doubt it.

That stuff is demonstrably untrue and there's nothing to be gained by perpetuating it. The "social-media-addled monsters" are a simplistic meme that's true in a tiny percentage of cases, and these are the kinds of girls that would have been "addled" by some other stupid thing in previous eras, and which you wouldn't have wanted in your life back then either. Western Europe is full of pretty girls chasing university degrees and careers or sports and hobbies and whatnot, who spend very little time on social media, and mostly use it the correct, healthy way, and you can game them with only SMS if that's what you got, no problem. Yes, a strong social media presence would help you here, but it would mostly help you with THE WRONG GIRLS, so take it as a blessing that's is so easy to filter the worst of them out by telling them you're not on social media.

Don't pay attention to this stuff:
scorpion wrote:It's like if you aren't on social media they don't even consider you as being fully alive, because for them their entire lives revolve around it.
It's stupid lies and faggotry. I have not met A SINGLE hot young girl whose "entire life" "revolves around" IG or whatever. Not a single one, let alone entire hordes of them. If he's meeting so many he's looking for them in the wrong places (probably on IG itself, who'da thunk it).

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