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Daygameapocalypse/Daygame 2019/Still The Only Way to Game

Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:14 pm

Lots of doom and gloom around the daygameosphere these days, not to mention around the gameosphere in general, so I think it's time your friendly neighborhood superman stepped in and put all these faggots in their place.

TL;DR: There has NEVER been a better time to daygame than now, especially if we're talking quality girls, i.e. young and relatively shy innocent introverts untouched by contemporary degeneration. Daygame has always been better anyway at getting you these girls than any other type of game, but today it's even better at it! So let's run though the objections quickly.

1. "But swipe apps have given girls so many options that rejections in the street have multiplied by an order of magnitude or more!"

True enough, but that's also precisely why daygame is better today than it has ever been at giving you quality girls. Before swipe apps, you'd end up landing girls that were not slutty merely because they had no access to swipe apps to be slutty on. Now these girls won't give you the time of day in the street, which means you won't have to spend time dating them until you realize that they are sluts. This actually saves you time, if you do the math! I am talking about months and years of dating crypto-sluts and slut-wannabes before you realize what they are and dump them in the dirt! Has happened to me more times than I can count, and I am glad that Daygame 2019 significantly decreases the chances of it happening again! Does this increase the number of street rejections you have to face? It sure does. It increases them through the fucking roof! But eventually you will hit on girls that have either never been on swipe apps, or been there for a moment and left them in disgust, and that's precisely the highest quality girls around. And buddy, if you're not willing to go through a few hundred—or even a few thousand, if need be—three-minute street "rejections", you don't deserve those girls, you deserve the disgusting sluts that all other forms of game will give you, or the 4s and 5s that settle for you because they have no better options, or the lifelong inceldom you'll have to face if you're too poor a prospect even for the sluts and the 4s and 5s.

2. "But people are being jailed in the UK for daygaming! It's too dangerous now! Daygame gurus are closing shop right and left, and even books and videos are disappearing!"

You do realize that all this means is that there's less competition in the streets, right? So not only does the street now only give you the best girls, it's also taking away all competition! That doesn't look like the death of daygame to me, that looks like a fuckin' Golden Age! It may be an inferior Golden Age to the original one pre-swipe apps back in the late-2000s in terms of quantity, but it's superior in terms of quality because as I explained the swipe girls don't hook no more. And as for the "danger", I wouldn't worry about it for the vast majority of the world, especially if you're running decently calibrated approaches. Obviously if you're running around spam-approaching and weirding girls out, you'll get in trouble sooner or later. But in that case that's just bad game. Get a good teacher, and you can fix it. And if all the gay teachers (which, let's face it, they all are) bow out of the market in cowering fear, get in touch with me and I'll fix you up. And if you're still worried, after all that, simply go indirect. Start random conversations and only ask girls out that show interest on their own. There: problem solved. This may even be the best approach anyway, especially if you're still hurt by "rejections", because you don't feel rejection if you don't show sexual interest. You just had a conversation that went nowhere, but you never asked for the date or the number, so you weren't rejected. Indirect therefore is for guys with low self-esteem, for weak guys (like Roosh for example), so do that if you fall in that camp. Or simply don't approach in the UK (though I still would, if I was there).

So please quit daygame all of y'all cowering morons, and leave the street to me. Go back to swipe apps or clubs and bars for sluts, or to endlessly hanging out with boring people doing stuff you don't like in the hopes of meeting someone (aka social circle).

P.S. Some useful links related to the apocalypse:

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Archie wrote:So you come to this realization that Noir put together. You have four types of girls
  • She’s Heavily Engaged in Social Media, creating and consuming
  • She’s Heavily Engaged in Social Media, consuming
  • She’s Not Heavily Engaged in social media, lightly consuming
  • She’s not involved at all.
It is the last two categories of girls that daygame can reliably give you now, if you can face the mountain of rejections in the street from the (far more numerous) girls from the first two categories. And as I said these are the best girls, that are worth the effort.

Media profiles Glasgow PUA, police launch investigation

Student, 19, faces JAIL after touching a female student's arm

Don't be an uncalibrated spamming moron and you won't have any of the above problems. Be a man who gets things done and gets the right skillset down, and you'll accomplish any dating objective you put your mind to, same as ever: from swimming in pussy to finding "the one" and raising a family. Nothing has changed for him who is determined to succeed. Nothing has changed for the lazy losers either. Only the details have changed; but the details are not what determine success or failure: you do; you and what's inside you.

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Re: Daygameapocalypse/Daygame 2019/Still The Only Way to Game

Sat Nov 30, 2019 2:56 pm

Do you think things around daygameosphere can improve at this point?

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Re: Daygameapocalypse/Daygame 2019/Still The Only Way to Game

Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:28 pm

I think things will stay the same for a long time. There's no one writing seriously on the subject anymore, and after I clear up all the misunderstandings in my book that's it for game theory, and by extension for daygame theory. It's just not a very complex subject if you've worked out the real sexual dynamics, which as I am showing no one has. But this will be over soon. Beyond that, whoever puts in the work will get what he wants, and whoever doesn't will have to trust luck, same as ever.

The only things that can cause significant changes are 1. Political upheaval, and 2. Technological advances of the kind discussed in the sci-fi game thread: viewtopic.php?t=16

When either of these two things happen we can discuss the question again.

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