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Aidan MacLear's game advice

Sat May 25, 2019 11:55 pm

Cool new blog I discovered via comments on Jim's blog:

It's mostly about politics, but I found a couple of good pick-up articles too.

Game Advice ... me-advice/
you should never share your insecurities and weaknesses with your woman. That sounds fucking harsh, but this kind of emotional support is just not what women are for. Your woman will kiss the wounds of your bravery but not of your cowardice. If I crash my literbike while illegally streetracing and get disfigured, or get gutted in a knife fight in a dingy bar, (not to imply that the proprietor of this blog has ever done anything illegal) my woman will stay and nurse me back to health. If I get mugged, and surrender to the robber in front of my woman, she will cuckold me with someone very much like the mugger and expect me to raise his kids as my own. If you’re stressed out or worried about something, and want to share your feelings, that’s what your bros and your family are for.
PUA Is Unnatural ... unnatural/
In other words, women do not exercise sexual selection. It can be construed to look that way, when two strangers meet and a woman is expected to determine a man’s status based on limited information, but this process is above her evolutionary pay grade. In PUA, the seducer is counted as having a high rate of success if he beds a mere 1/10th of the women he approaches, and for most practitioners of the dark arts, the rate is far lower. To me, this always felt like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, because there is a far more successful means of bedding women.

So what does normal human sexuality look like? Well, when you’re the alpha male of a social group that includes men and women, the women are de facto your sexual property. Once you are recognized as the alpha, there is no courtship involved in bedding the girls that orbit your circle of friends. In the immortal words of Trump, you just start kissing them, grab ’em by the pussy, and have your way with them. The success rate of this strategy is closer to 90% for groups where you are clearly the alpha male. And this even applies for girls who are new to the group. It’s shocking how quickly you can go from “Nice to meetcha” in the middle of a circle of stone sober friends to pulping a girl’s cervix like an orange in a storage closet. My record is 15 minutes.

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