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★★ Kezia Noble (

Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:49 am ... mExLohAYIA


I've seen some people mention this chick as a decent "dating coach", and I think it's time someone said something reasonable about her, because when even WIA adds her to a list of PUAs as if the idea of a woman PUA wasn't utterly retarded, it's time for icycalm to step in and set the record straight.

So listen up here, fuckheads. Kezia Noble is a FEMALE. The entire point of pick-up, as you mouthbreathers never tire of repeating, is to EXPERIMENT and find stuff that WORKS, the ultimate test of which is PENIS IN VAGINA. So does Kezia Noble pick up chicks, let alone fuck them WITH A PENIS lol? Unless she is a tranny, I don't see how that would even be physically possible, and that girl sure as fuck doesn't look like a tranny to me.

Ergo, everything Kezia says is pure THEORYCRAFTING. She's never tried any of it "in the field", as you mouthbreathers say, and she never will, because she basically FUCKING CAN'T. Even if she could try it though it would be pointless, because the chicks she would talk to WOULD SEE A CHICK IN FRONT OF THEM, NOT A DUDE, and therefore their reactions would be totally different to a fucking dude, and therefore the techniques would be totally inapplicable to dudes! How can you retards not fucking get that?

Here is your precious WIA mentioning Kezia as if she is a legit part of the "scene", in a list that excludes GLL and Krauser:

Kezia more important for the scene than GLL and Krauser. That's WIA's understanding of the "scene" right there.

Now, does Kezia point out some decent stuff in her videos? Sure she does. For the same reasons that the alt-right chicks point out some decent political stuff from time to time: because they've ripped it off of dudes, not because they understand it, let alone came up with it. And that's what Kezia is: the PUA scene's equivalent to alt-right chick bandwagon-jumpers. You wanna support that? You wanna learn from that, instead of from the dudes who devised this shit, and are trying it out in the streets every week? And note that, though she gets much of the general stuff correct, there's no telling how much of the smaller, more advanced stuff she gets wrong, since, once again, SHE NEVER ACTUALLY TRIES IT. So I'll give her an extra star for the solid plagiarism and I guess for the sheer novelty of seeing a hot chick with a nice rack spout PUA theories as if she understands them, kind of like how I would throw some change at a gypsy with a dancing monkey, but I won't for the love of christ take her seriously and watch her shit as if it mattered lol. Get real for fuck's sakes. icycalm out.


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Re: ★★ Kezia Noble (

Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:39 pm

I don't get why any man can take Kezia Noble seriously. I have always thought she's a THOT and nothing more.
With God's help, I'll conquer this terrible affliction.

By way of deception, thou shalt game women.

Diaboli virtus in lumbar est -The Devil's virtue is in his loins.

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