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Game Hack #2: Caveman Date Method

Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:07 am


Disclaimer: This is an advanced date method. It's not for beginners or intermediates. Remember relativistic pick-up [ > ]: what's good for the beginner or the intermediate may not—and indeed most often will not—be good for the advanced, and vice versa. In date technique in particular, the player will need to accumulate "date hours" just like a pilot will need to reach a certain number of "flight hours" to achieve the next certification, so the dreaded multi-hour "dates to nowhere" that advanced players like me hate and which this method was designed to completely eliminate are precisely what the beginner especially will need to become comfortable with dates. When I first started practicing pick-up back in mid-2013 I LOVED multi-hour dates, even those that led nowhere. I was just coming out of a long period of sexual underperformance and I was fascinated by my newfound power to point at a random girl in the street, tell myself that I wanted her, and make it happen so that a little later we'd be on a date and I'd have hours to find out everything about her. I had no social life either, so the dates were my social life, and it was more exciting and fun than any social life I'd ever had. After all, people spend most of their socializing time hoping they'll meet someone special to date, whereas with pick-up you can engineer it so that every moment that you socialize is spent dating someone. It's like a drug, and in my early pick-up days I loved every moment of it and everything about it. So to beginners and intermediates I recommend the date guides in basic PUA texts such as Magic Bullets or GLL's material that I talked about earlier in the book, and it is only once you've reached a level where you're super-confident about your date skills and want to "cut to the chase" (meaning the sex, and the potential further relationship) that you should begin thinking about experimenting with the techniques I'll be discussing here.

So to get started, let me first debunk the two most well-known "advanced" date systems that exist: the "legendary" "zero-date bang" system by Tuthmosis (which was hosted in RVF's recently-deleted Game forum, so I don't think you can even find it anymore, and good riddance), and Krauser's and the London crowd's "multi-venue" dating format, both of which are pretty fucking terrible techniques any way you cut it, or at least in the latter case just terribly boring. I don't even remember the particulars of Tuthmosis' system, but the whole point of it is to get a girl back to your place without having to go on a date with her at all. This might sound to beginners like an advanced technique, but the only thing it is advanced in is SCREENING OUT precisely the younger, less experienced and more innocent girls that are the ultimate prize of pick-up! Such girls will simply NEVER go straight to anyone's place, let alone to some stranger's they just met the other day for five minutes in the street. I am talking about hot 18- or 17- or even 16-year-olds here (AND YES THAT'S LEGAL IN EUROPE YOU GODDAMN ANNOYINGLY MORONIC AMERICANS), and there are stunning girls all the way up to their early-20s that would never for a moment comply with Tuthmosis' system. So how can the system that screens out the best girls be the best date system lol? It doesn't make any sense g! Sure, if we're talking about a middle-aged 6 or 7 I approached just because there was nothing better to approach on the street that day, I might just text her to come straight to me without giving a crap about how she replies, but this neither requires great strategy, nor could ever be regarded as the ultimate date system. And then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Krauser's and the London crowd's system that takes fucking FOREVER, and involves up to three venue changes and therefore also up to three drinks, at the very least, with a detailed and painstaking gradual escalation of intimacy that stipulates even the amount of LIGHT that should be in every venue and the precise seating arrangements! I can't even get halfway through READING such a guide without thinking PLEASE KILL ME NOW, PLEASE CUT OFF MY PENIS, let alone actually putting it in practice over multiple hours. If that's what it takes for an advanced player to fuck a girl, I'd rather be a beginner lol. And that's my whole point on this system: it is a system FOR BEGINNERS, not for advanced players. As if I would spend half a day and shove three drinks down my throat merely so as to get a chance to TRY and get a girl in a taxi to my place, only to be confronted by a multi-hour war against LMR in my own home that requires even MORE complex tactics to tackle, only to LOSE that war half the time and be left holding my dick alone in my home after such a herculean expenditure of effort! Are these guys for real still doing this stuff after tens of thousands of approaches and hundreds of notches? Again, don't get me wrong, this is precisely the stuff a beginner should go through multiple times until he gets super-confident at it and can handle any and all aspects of it, but at some point one comes to realize that most of it is unnecessary if there's enough attraction and you're confident enough to push for something to happen faster. And this is where my caveman date system comes in. I guess you could see it as a middle ground between Tuthmosis' retarded "come to my place and bang now" system and the London crowd's boring-as-fuck "six-hour gamma gauntlet" system, but I never practiced either of these two systems and I evolved it entirely independently, so it features essentially zero elements from those two systems and a whole load of elements I am sure you won't have heard of from anywhere else.

It all came together in my head a couple of years ago after the most frustrating failed date I've ever experienced, a date with a 20-year-old blonde Polish singer/model (this is she) that took several hours and went nowhere. And not only did it go nowhere, but the girl even became increasingly disrespectful of me as the night wore on, because, due to her hotness, I kept delaying the kiss or even touching her at all. Finally, after three hours of walking around town making chitchat, I grabbed her and despite her protestations landed a kiss on her right outside her hotel, but it was too little too late by then, and I ended up going home alone fuming that I'd wasted an entire perfectly fine night being cockteased and disrespected on top of the boring stupid conversation I'd had to endure. Why had I not just grabbed her and gone for the kiss 20 minutes in? It would probably have worked since the girl was obviously on a date with me because she found me attractive, and if it'd failed I'd still have had the rest of the night to chat up other chicks or go home and watch a movie or something. I would not have wasted my time, I would not have been frustrated and disrespected, and even in the case of failure I would still have derived some enjoyment from the thrill of the speeded-up date and the boldness of the escalation. Even my parting words to her would have been a source of enjoyment, as I now just plain walk away 20 minutes into a date if the girl is rebuffing my escalation, and leave them there crestfallen; all dolled-up for a long date and not understanding what has happened. And you know what? Quite often they call me later and apologize and come straight to my place lol: that is the power of caveman date technique that I am about to impart to you.

So let's take it from the beginning. And first off, this isn't a guide about how to set up dates. I am assuming that the date has already been set here. Now, my ideal time to set up a date is for around 9 to 10 PM, late enough so that I've plenty of time to do approaches before the date, but early enough so that, if the date doesn't work out well, I can still get home via public transport if I don't happen to have a car available (which I sometimes don't, depending on whether I am gaming at home or while travelling) and still have time to do something fun the rest of the night so that the failed date is not the last thing on my mind before I go to bed, so that it won't be an annoyance.

Now let me shoot down the neo-PUA strategy of setting up multiple dates on the same day in the expectation of, and as a counter to, flakes and last-minute cancellations. This is bullshit and I've never even tried it because, in the best case scenario—which is that the first date shows up and we end up having sex—I would have to cancel on the rest of the dates because I like to fuck for two-three hours minimum, and sometimes for half the night. There's just no time or even energy left to deal with a second date, so that would mean cancelling on the other dates. Now the PUAs would say cool, cancelling on a girl is a massive DHV, but I don't go for that stuff, ESPECIALLY if I really like the girl. I treat her right, and I expect the same in return, I don't pre-emptively treat her badly in the expectation that she'll treat me badly too, or play on female psychology which is aroused by mistreatment. Fuck that shit, I can see how it might be useful under certain circumstances for a weak, nerdy guy to project an image of strength, but that's not me because I am not a weak, nerdy guy, so I can't be bothered to use this shit and downright HATE to use it. Merely the mental calculations involved give me a headache, they are the apex of effeminacy, that's what girls do all day in their heads, and that's what PUAs do too, but, once more, that's not me. So I don't do it.

So how do I deal with flakes and last-minute cancellations if I don't do multiple bookings?

I don't plan my day around the date at all, I plan my day around a lengthy pick-up session and set the date for the very end of the session, capping it off as a "bonus stage" in videogame terminology. So whether the bonus stage happens or not, and regardless of its results, I still always enjoy my pick-up session and pretty much always end the day having had several pleasant interactions with pretty girls and several new prospects in my phone book. If on top of all this I also end up having a cool date and great sex back at my place, awesome, but either way I will have had a fun, interesting and productive evening.

Note that the very first advantage of this method is that I always go into a date in a super-social mood. After all, I've just got done speaking and trying to get phone numbers off of dozens of girls, which means I am super-socially lubricated and calibrated and fully in what PUAs call "state". And not only that, but if I've had any particularly successful interactions, it means I will have cheek-kissed several girls right before my date, getting up-close to total strangers, grabbing them by the shoulder or the lower back or the back of the head, and planting two kisses on them right next to their mouths. And maybe some of them rejected this, so I am even warmed up for the eventuality of rejection lol, and therefore do not fear it and there's basically nothing that I am worried about and nothing can kill my super-masculine, super-sexual vibe. So even in terms of "kino"/physical escalation, I am all warmed up and ready to go long before I've even met my date, in contrast to beginners and other PUAs who might perhaps have spent the whole day on a computer and for whom merely saying "Hello" to their cute date can feel like a shock, let alone getting up in her face within 20 minutes and forcing shit to happen. Also, note that, if I am on a date with a girl, it usually means that my approach to her on the day I met her was very successful, which means that I closed that interaction by cheek-kissing her then. So before the date has even begun I have ALREADY kissed the girl TWICE. And moreover the first thing I do on the date is say Hello and cheek-kiss her AGAIN, because that's the kind of warm, extroverted Southern European guy that I am. So I have kissed her FOUR TIMES before the damn date has even begun! And that's only the warm-up phase in my caveman date system...

The next step comes about five to ten minutes into the date. First off, I always schedule dates as walks about town. Even if I am in a sub-zero alpine environment, we're still going for a walk (just with more clothes on) because fuck sitting in a boring indoor environment and staring at each other while gulping down expensive poison and wondering how and when to make a move. This is the whole of the Krauser/London date model, and it is horrible even for a single date, let alone for hundreds of dates spread out across years and decades. Jesus Christ are those guys lame and boring. I do enjoy a night venue and some alcohol now and then, but not very often, whereas I ALWAYS enjoy walks if I am at an interesting place, and I am ALWAYS at an interesting place because that's how I plan my life (I don't go to Eastern European industrian shitholes or Latin American urban sprawls, for example, where going for a walk is depressing if not an outright survival risk; I go to such places as Paris, Stockholm and Barcelona which are stunning any hour of the day and especially at night). So though I usually invite girls out "for a drink", simply because this is the most socially accepted way to ask for dates (while asking to "go for a walk" after dark with a tall, big skinhead would understandably scare off some girls), I nevertheless steer the date on to the walk right from the meetup. The meetup will always be at a street corner or other, so I walk up to her, greet her while planting my two cheek-kisses, and immediately start walking with her around town in the most interesting direction that I know. I still remember my long night walks around all the sights of Barcelona and Paris with two of the prettiest girls I've ever known, all the while Krauser and the PUAs would have been sitting in identikit stinking pubs trying to impress poor bored girls with hapless "amused mastery" talk of Austrian economics. Can you see the gamma yet? Meanwhile, walks naturally bring up conversation subjects since you're continually passing all kinds of people and places and landmarks that you can comment on and discuss. And that's on top of the fact that the girl and I are total strangers and very interested in learning about each other. Moreover, my date is planned for a 20-minute duration in my head. Obviously I haven't told the girl this, but that's what it looks like in my calendar. So I have merely 20 minutes to tell her about myself and learn about her before I basically start groping her in the middle of the street, so there's never a boring moment and the entire date is packed to the brim with excitement, just like the hours-long pick-up session that preceded it.

So we finally arrive at the five-to-ten-minute mark; five minutes if the date is going superb, ten minutes otherwise. What I do at that point is wait for us to pass some dark or at least darker corner or alley or street and say "This is a dangerous part of town, give me your hand so I can protect you if something happens" and without waiting for her to "give me" her hand I grab it and squeeze it tight. Obviously I have a smile on my face the whole time, which is perfectly natural and not forced or artificial because I have spent the entire five or ten minutes up to then talking to her in a humorous teasing manner about whatever the fuck it is we've been yapping about, so the hand gesture is merely an extension of all that, merely another joke. A few times I have done something even more advanced, especially if I am at home in Tenerife, with easy access to a beach. When a girl asks via text "And what will we do?", after I've invited her out, I reply "We'll walk along the beach while holding hands : )". This is obviously meant in a sarcastic manner, recalling sugary Hollywood romances and basically making fun of her question, but it also gives me licence to grab her hand immediately upon meeting her on the date and lead her all around town during our walk as if she's my damn girlfriend since, after all, that's what we said that we'll do on the phone! Again, you must be quite an imposing masculine guy to use this stuff without appearing ridiculous. If a weakling says this, especially after a weak initial approach and weak text chat, he comes off as sad, but if I say it it merely augments the overwhelming masculine impression that I've given her right from the open. So I repeat: this is an advanced date method and if you're a beginner or a weak guy you'll merely get slaughtered if you try it. So read someone else's date guide and come back here when you're regularly acing dates and want to learn how to fast-track them and make them even more exhilarating and enjoyable and efficient.

So now what I've done with the hand trick is set up a hoop for the girl to jump through. If she's a good sport and accepts my hand-grabbing, we've just crossed a GIANT physical obstacle and we're basically walking around as girlfriend and boyfriend at that point. We've already kissed FOUR TIMES too, as I explained earlier, so at this point I can basically do whatever I want to the girl, I can put my hand around her waist a few minutes later, I can pull her to a wall and make out with her any moment I feel particularly turned on, I can say "I like your hair" and raise my hand to stroke it and then pull it as a (sexual) joke; and the ultimate move that gets us closer to the bedroom than anything else is to slide her hand down my pants while making out so she can touch my MASSIVE erection. This is the ultimate move for me because as seen in the photograph I linked earlier in the book, I am hung like a porn star and it'd therefore be stupid not to signal this as soon as possible to the girl. I've tried dick pics but they do not work for the overwhelming majority of the girls, and especially the best, youngest of them, but the dick MOVE works like gangbusters for me during heavy makeouts, which are the earliest possible moment to bring the dick in the equation without appearing like a thirsty loser (as a dick pic makes you look). Now, again, this goes against accepted PUA dogma that "you don't make out before you're in the sex location because that dissipates the sexual tension". And maybe this is true, if your makeouts are lame, like of course the PUAs' are. But MY makeouts involve me putting my giant throbbing erection in her hand halfway into the date and that CREATES more "sexual tension" than that lame limp-wristed PUA with his lame dogma will experience in his entire life in all his dates combined; and if she balks at that I walk away and go home and start texting all the numbers I farmed earlier and go to sleep a happy man while she kicks herself for losing out on the coolest guy and the coolest sex she'd ever have. And guess what. Oftentimes they call me later that same night and they come over. So walking away is by no means the end of the game, but merely another tactic that spikes the interaction and leads it quicker to the bedroom.

But what if she rejects the initial hand-grab move, so that we don't even get anywhere near a makeout?

That is a confrontation moment. That's specifically what it was designed to provoke: a confrontation that will force her to a decision so that I won't have to waste my entire night on a lame prospect that leads nowhere. As for how precisely I handle the rejection, it depends on the girl and the TYPE of rejection that she gives. My response will be light and teasing and playful if her rejection is playful, and it will be harsh if her rejection is harsh. I don't mean harsh as in screaming at her: even my harsh reaction will still be teasing and playful, but it will be more immediate and will likely result in my walking off and leaving her in the middle of the street right then and there. If, on the other hand, she refuses my hand lightly and jokingly, I will likely joke back, perhaps teasing her for "not liking boys", "being a lesbian" or whatever stupid childish tease comes to my mind in the moment—I don't plan my lines, and if you're playing at this level and still planning your lines you shouldn't be playing at this level buddy—and then keep walking and keep talking for a few more minutes before trying another gambit like the hair-stroking I mentioned earlier, or the waist-grabbing, or a straight-up makeout. If the second gambit fails too, it's time to end the date and go do something more fun, so at that point, without any explanation at all, I just say "You know what, I got something to do tonight, it was nice seeing you again, take care", and I just walk off ("take care" being better than "good bye" or "good night" because it implies a permanent break, which incentivizes her to text you later and apologize for her prudishness and coldness). If her rejection of my gambits was harsh, I don't even say "it was nice seeing you again", I just say, "You know what, I don't have time for this, bye", and walk away without even giving her a moment to reply. If you stick around to discuss the situation, you're 1) In for a sad time, utterly destroying the fun that was the whole point of the date, and 2) A weakling, and she can see it, even if she keeps talking to you and giving you false hope that she still respects you (she doesn't, she just doesn't want to walk off because girls are not confrontational enough to do that, just like you).

You'd be surprised at how empowering it is to walk away from a girl like this. It's a freakin' rush almost as exciting as the approach and the date and the prospect of sex with her themselves! I mean think about it for a sec: she got all dolled up and cleared her schedule and planned to have several hours free to be with this strange man tonight, and she ends up alone in a street corner 20 minutes in! The vast majority of girls HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS AND NEVER WILL, and for the vast majority of guys this scenario sounds LIKE SCIENCE-FICTION. My decision to walk off 20 minutes into a date if it's not being super-fun for me takes all the power from the girl and gives it to me; a girl has NEVER walked off from a date with me, and certainly after my adoption of this strategy they never will—because I will have walked away from them first lol. And, of course, this entire strategy is only made possible by the sheer power of daygame that ensures that I can set up a date for every day of the week if I want, if I put in enough approaches. If, like the typical AFC (PUA lingo for "Average Frustrated Champ"), I only had ONE prospect for a date per six months or per year, I would of course never dream of walking away from it without first having exhausted every possibility and avenue of leading it to the bedroom, which is how you end up in six-hour dates that lead nowhere. For beginners, I repeat, this is a stage that must be passed, and even relished as I relished it at first as I've already related, but there comes a time, as your skill level keeps rising, when multi-hour dates with girls who end up being boring cunts and who don't even have the decency to put out in the end become nauseating and no self-respecting man will tolerate them, so the question at that point becomes how to develop a more efficient strategy that doesn't throw the baby out with the bathwater, as Tuthmosis' "zero-date" strategy does; i.e. of how to still do the date, since no self-respecting hot, young girl would skip it, but all the while leveraging the advanced PUA's overwhelming masculinity and social freedom to turbo-charge it past all the boring parts and distill it down to the fast and furious mix of pure thrill that either ends with awesome sex or at least with a lollerific street rejection that both you and the girl will remember for the rest of your lives, trust me on this. And that's precisely what my caveman date system gives anyone who is man enough and PUA enough to dare to put it into practice.

P.S. I won't bother explaining how I get her back to my place or how I take her clothes off etc. lol, if all goes well. I simply walk them to my home or my hotel and up the stairs "for a drink" (without even having any drinks lol beyond water, milk and orange juice), and most of the time they don't even ask for a reason because they've already had my dick in their hands and want the sex as badly as I do if not even more. I repeat, this isn't a beginners' guide and you should already be perfectly comfortable with all this basic stuff before you attempt any of the things I explained above. And please note that the above doesn't mean that all my dates END in 20 minutes. The 20-minute mark is simply the cutoff point where I FORCE the girl to show her TRUE COLORS: i.e. whether she is DTF tonight or not. If she PASSES the test, by accepting my hand-grab and my hair-stroking or makeout or whatever (I don't always run the dick move, only when the makeout is very passionate and she obviously gets very into it) I extend the date by at least an hour before I lead her to my place. There is no structure beyond the cutoff point, and I simply play it by ear depending on a myriad factors including my mood and energy levels, the weather, her mood, etc. Even her hotness makes a difference: if she's a 17-year-old inexperienced goddess that I would love to marry I don't mind walking around all night with her, and I still to this day deeply relish a long date with this kind of girl, even without any sex at the end. But for the average 20-something 7 or 8 chick I just picked up the previous day, she's getting my dick in her hand very quickly and if she doesn't like it she can piss off as I have better things to do with my time than hear her stupid prattle for the rest of the night, thankyouverymuch.

P.P.S. "And what about second or third dates?" If there is a second date at all, it means the girl is my girlfriend by that point, and there is no way in hell I would wait until a third let alone a fourth or fifth date for sex in the 21st century, At the most, I would settle for a HEAVY makeout including dick-touching as a first date ONLY if the girl is a virgin or close to it, with sex happening very quickly into the second date if not indeed at THE START of it. Anything less than this is boring and lame as fuck and I no longer bother with girls who try to give me less. I leave such girls for the PUAs and the general population. You're welcome.


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Re: Game Hack #2: Caveman Date Method

Thu Sep 29, 2022 2:55 am

Genius. Totally obliterates all the awkwardness of transitioning from date to sex, it automates everything and gives you a perfectly smooth and plausibly deniable method of basically telling the ho to put out or piss off.

Only problem is you need a dog. And that's quite a problem if, like me, you want a clean apartment.

Would be cool if you could RENT a dog! And I guess also an apartment to have him wait at...

So yeah.

Fun to read anyway. Maybe it can be used as inspiration to devise adjacent methods that don't require animals. ... with_girls
VegetableFuel2627 wrote: I'm using my dog to hook up with girls

I was wondering if someone here also use his dog to attract women to sleep with him, or has any insights if what im doing is morally wrong. I'm 35M single, living in a downtown area with my dog.

My dog, Chip (fake name) was so far the best wingman I could ask to get girls to sleep with me. First of all, I have a photo of me shirtless sitting on the beach holding him. That photo is a huge success on dating apps and probably got me the most matches. Girls at college age just die for cute dogs.

The more important way Chip helps me to close the deal and bring dates to my place. I usually meet my dates from dating apps at a bar within walking distance from my apartment. We grab a drink first at a casual bar for an hour, and move on to a nicer cocktail lounge to change the atmosphere.

After spending time in the cocktail lounge, I tell the girl that I'm sorry, but need to cut the date short. I need to go back and walk my doggo. I show her photos of my dog and usually the girl suggests she come meet him and walk him with me. On our way to my apartment I tell her the story of how I got him.

When we get to my place, Chip usually waits at the door. He jumps on me and then on the girl. His usual spot is on the bed, so he jumps around, and continues to his favorite spot at the bedroom. I tell the girl to try and catch him. Once the girl is on my bed playing with him, it's a seal deal. I bring a couple of dog threats, and we play with the dog a bit more. We end up laying both on the bed, and I go for a kiss. From there, we start to take off our clothes and have sex. I noticed Chip is naughty and love to sit on the floor nearby and watch me fuck random girls.

Funny part is that I don't ever actually walk my dog after telling a girl I need to go walk him. I walk him before the date, as I know I'll probably be busy doing something else later on.

This probably happens once or twice a week.
RedFlowerGreenCoffee wrote: Its really respectful of you to preserve the dogs privacy by giving a fake name for him

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Re: Game Hack #2: Caveman Date Method

Wed Nov 01, 2023 8:14 pm

I have a date on Friday and it will be a night venue date because I am in Barcelona and the girl is local, so going on a walking date doesn’t make much sense: she’ll know everything and I’ll be at a disadvantage. So my normal caveman date method can’t be “pulled out” here as easily, if you catch my meaning (I mean my penis). So we’ll just be at a bar, and I think I figured a little trick that will reveal almost instantly what’s up with her. I will seat her somewhere and go get drinks. And I’ll come back with one beer and say—with a smirk obviously—“Well, they only had this one beer. We’ll just have to make do.” Then I’ll take a swig and hand her the bottle.

I think this is genius. Put up or shut up moment right there. If she gives me any trouble, I take my beer and walk off. If she takes a swig it’s game on. In fact there’s no game because we’ll have almost basically kissed at that point (by exchanging the bottle).

I don’t know where I come up with this shit. I must be a genius?

P.S. I won’t even ask what she wants to drink. “I’ll go get drinks” is all she’ll hear. If she’s there for me, she’ll drink anything. If not, I’ll find one who will. Maybe even same night.

P.P.S. For the nth time, remember: this isn’t a beginner book. This is endgame shit, overman shit.

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