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Love in the Time of Coronavirus, or Pandemic Game Datasheet

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:24 pm
by icycalm
The thread is not about love, it's about pick-up, but I made the title in reference to the novel Love in the Time of Cholera. I would not normally explain a literary reference, but I am doing it here because I doubt PUAs will pick up on it, and they might think the thread is about love. And just to make 100% sure I added a subtitle too.

So I went out the other day in Tenerife, in the town of Puerto de la Cruz on the north of the island. In the south there is a hotel in quarantine, so I thought there'd be no tourists out, but I was wrong. It's true that foot traffic was down to about 1/3rd of normal, in terms of both locals and tourists, but, incredibly, there were still sets to open if you were patient to wait for them. I only approached for a couple of hours, and then landed an idate with a 29yo German. She was only a 7 but I jumped on the idate because I wasn't expecting to get anything and I was just glad to spend a couple of hours in the company of a female, even if she was only a 7, as I hadn't left my home for weeks and felt the need for some female companionship. We walked along the beach for a couple of hours, and that's about it. I had a decent time, but she was cold and boring and I can barely be bothered texting her again. It wasn't much but it was better than nothing.

I don't have any earth-shattering insights into pandemic game, but here are my observations after about five-ten approaches:

-It was very hard for me to not talk about the virus, so I talked about it, and the results of course weren't good. One of the girls was even a medical student from the Netherlands and boasted that she didn't fear being infected, and I am sure I came off as weak to her despite the fact that I seemed to understand more about virology than she did. Her attitude and demeanor were repulsive, and she was only a 7 anyway, so I didn't mind tanking that approach, but the fact remains that if you talk about the virus/epidemic/pandemic you will come off as weak and fearful to girls on top of the fact that you'll be bringing the atmosphere down since the subject is a downer anyway. So it's best to avoid the subject altogether. Don't bring it up yourself, and if the girl brings it up brush it away. It's even an easy DHV opportunity as you can say "I haven't got sick in a decade, I WANT to catch the bug so I can beat it and grow even stronger", etc. Or you can turn it silly and sexual by saying something like, "The world is about to end, let's have sex before it does!" Let it be noted, however, that I think NOT talking about such an important matter is STUPID, and brushing it away is borderline CRIMINAL, especially to girls who are by nature stupid and simply copy the behavior of people around them. You should be scolding her for being out and about and taking no precautions, not lying to her about the gravity of the situation. This, however, is bad game in this case. It might get you in with the odd girl that's impressed by your frankness and interest in her well-being, but these are unicorns. If you are okay with tanking hundreds of approaches for the sake of a unicorn, go ahead, but if you want better numbers, just play the damn game the way it's supposed to be played: i.e. with tons of lies, even if criminal ones.

-It soon became very clear to me that pandemics select for two types of girls that are out and about, and open to being approached: hardcore "adventurous" types, and dumbasses. Normal girls will either be at home, or won't want to interact with strangers, let alone flirt with them and be touched by them, so you'll be mostly left with the hard-edged adventurous girls and the idiots. The good news is that those are precisely the types of girls that daygame works the best on, the bad news is that, for me personally at least, the "adventurous" girls are the devil. They are less feminine, more promiscuous, ruder, etc. The stupid girls, on the other hand, can be sweet, and if they are pretty too their stupidity is cute and we call them "silly", so I do like them, but I would of course prefer my girls to not be stupid. Sadly, that tends to be the perfect daygame demographic, so you have to churn quite high numbers to find the outliers of the outliers, i.e. hot girls open to being daygamed that are sad (therefore vulnerable) but not stupid. But this is an issue with daygame in general, as I explained in Endgame, and this issue is that it tends to give you weirdos. Well, what pandemic daygame seems to do is to give you even more and bigger weirdos. I suspect this is true also of pandemic nightgame, but I haven't tried that yet. If the numbers in the street keep thinning, I might try it and report back.

-Keep your hands to yourself. I normally do quite a bit of touching in the approaches, but now I've cut it out completely until we're on a proper date, or on an idate that's going well. The adventurous girls that are open to being daygamed appreciate the touching, but the normie girls might not, and you don't want to be screamed at in the street at such a delicate time.

And that's it. That's all I got after a couple hours and about half a dozen approaches, and an idate. So far, I don't see any particular ADVANTAGES to pandemic game, but maybe some can be found if the situation deteriorates. Above all, please note that I think pandemic game is a bad idea. The best thing to do in such a time is stay home and work and exercise, read books or play games or whatever. Especially if you are coming into contact with relatives in vulnerable demographics like your parents or grandparents etc., you should be doing everything you can to minimize your exposure to the threat, and therefore theirs, but in my case I live alone on a whole other country from my relatives, so this doesn't apply to me. That's why I went out, and that's why I will probably go out again in the coming days and weeks, when I feel the need for female contact. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the street as the situation deteriorates, perhaps to Milan and Wuhan levels. I hope it doesn't, but if it does, I'll be here to track the changes, and report back in the thread. I was thinking that if the island goes on lockdown, with closed ports and airports, some girls might get stranded in hotels that would rather spend their time in my spacious apartment rather than in a cramped hotel room surrounded by sick people. That would be pandemic provider game, and I wouldn't mind giving it a shot if things get that bad. And yes, I know it's beta.

Re: Love in the Time of Coronavirus, or Pandemic Game Datasheet

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:54 pm
by icycalm
I just realized something... Besides the Dutch medical student, the German I idated was a surgery nurse, and another of my approaches that resulted in a decent chat was on a pair of nurses, can't remember from where. So out of my half a dozen approaches, half of them were on medical professionals... This might be significant, or it might be a coincidence, take it as you will.

Re: Love in the Time of Coronavirus, or Pandemic Game Datasheet

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:22 pm
by icycalm
I haven't had anything to report in the months since the above posts because I haven't tried pick-up since. I went out to town a couple weeks ago and there was not a single tourist in sight. I could have stopped a couple locals, but the interactions with them tend to be far worse, and I just wasn't in the mood for it on top of all the virus bullshit. So I've been looking at travel deals since, and I just landed on this crazy one:


That's 34 euros for a direct flight from Tenerife to Germany, and it departs in less than twelve hours. To be honest I would have preferred Nice because I want to go gambling at Monaco, but there are no direct flights there currently, and I'd end up traveling a whole day and paying 200-300 for the privilege, so fuck that. I can't stand the mask for ten minutes, let alone a whole day. So I searched for various cities in continental Europe, and this is basically the cheapest, fastest offer, that puts you at the heart of the continent, from where you can easily access any area. And it doesn't hurt that I like German blondes.

I don't know what to do. If I could teleport there I'd do it without hesitation, but I am exhausted from a couple weeks of heavy gaming and little sleep, and not sure I can face the ordeal of air travel. On the other hand, I am bored out of my wits and want to meet some girls and do some gambling. I'll probably end up deciding on impulse at the last moment.