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Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:29 pm

Krauser's into body-building now: ... ybuilding/

I told him in the comments to switch to Convict Conditioning. I doubt he will, but when the injuries start piling up he might consider it if he remembers my comment: ... ent-143378
I wrote:Google "Convict Conditioning". Read that book. It will change your life. Especially now that you're getting older and injuries start piling up. But really. Read that book even if you don't plan on switching to bodyweight. You will learn a tremendous amount about your body. And if you DO decide to switch, you can forget about gyms and trainers and complicated diets. That book is gold.

He is finished PUA-wise. He has nothing new to say besides ragging on pseudo-PUAs like Tate. He has also gone so hyperbolical with his book titles that the only title left to use after Infinite is Quantum (especially now that I got Endgame). Quantum Daygame lol. But he probably hasn't even heard of the word (he's a liberal arts major).

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