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Gamifying the Game

Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:02 am


In recent years, after realizing that I had reached the peak of the PUA world and was in a position to teach things even to the teachers, I started giving advice and even full-day bootcamps to friends and acquaintances, and it was a brand-new eye-opening experience to me to see how they handled the challenge and how they reacted to being introduced to the skillset. Though their results varied, depending on talent and commitment, one unifying factor was that no one seemed to truly ENJOY the game, and even the most promising of the students had to basically FORCE themselves to go out again and again and throw themselves into more approaches.

Now, my first couple of sessions back in mid-2013, when I first got into this stuff, were pretty terrifying too, and I had no teacher next to me motivating me and showing me in person how an approach is done, and that it's a very easy, simple thing and not the end of the world, even in the worst scenario. However, as I will relate in detail later, I achieved tremendous success right from my very first approach, so I was having tremendous fun right from the get-go. Naturally, I understand that most beginners will not have such success because they won't have my sheer talent for this stuff nor my extensive previous dating experience, but if they commit seriously to the skillset and apply it intelligently (i.e. not approaching six-foot-tall teenage Nordic goddesses if they are five-and-a-half-foot incels, for example) they WILL have some success sooner or later, even if that success does not result in sex but merely in incrementally longer and more pleasant chats and interactions. That's still a tremendous success for the previously typically incel student! It wouldn't have felt as a success to me, if that's all I had accomplished when I was first starting out, but that's only because when I started out I had already had tremendous sexual experience and success under my belt and was what the PUAs call a "natural". So, for me, the incel's standard of success would have been a dismal failure, but for him it's still a huge success that he should be proud of and enjoy, and a solid foundation on which to build further success and enjoyment.

And this is where gamification comes in. To me, it was a natural development. No one told me to treat the game as an actual game, but because I am, among many other things, an ultrahardcore gamer, I naturally treated it that way. I would start the day with a big breakfast and then a trip to the gym for some heavy compound lifts from the book Starting Strength, which I had discovered in RVF's back-then fantastic "Life" forum (RIP RVF). Every day I would get a little bit stronger and a little bit bigger, and every day my clothes would fit a little bit better on me and give me a little bit more confidence in the street, exactly as in a CRPG or ARPG where grinding slowly levels up all the abilities that you perform in the game. Then I'd go back home, take a shower, eat a huge meal and feel my muscles popping out all over my body while I sat down and browsed through a bunch of game blogs for all the latest updates and techniques and inspiration. And then, as the sun would begin to set, I'd change into fresh clothes, get on my BMX bike, and haul ass down to the seaside resort town five minutes away from my home where all the tourist chicks would be roaming around for the rest of the evening and late into the night. I'd run my approaches, try out all the new techniques I'd learned, take some numbers, and come back home and start the texting game, with yet more PUA blog- and forum-reading or the occasional romcom movie to close out the night. Then I'd get up the next day and do it all over again.

Gradually, as I tried out different clothes and styles, I settled into a couple of outfits that best accentuated my physical features, until I had essentially developed my "daygame uniform" that I wear pretty much unchanged to this day. I figured out all the nooks and crannies of the town, so that for every set I knew exactly at what corner it was best to intercept it and open it depending on its position and speed and direction, the time of day and the density of the street crowds. I figured out the best routes on which to take insta-dates, the best destinations, like a hill overlooking the town with stunning views, or a municipal swimming pool whose fence we could jump for a late-night swim all alone next to the beach with the sound of the crashing waves. I figured out the best hotels to use, the best bars, and of course the best lines and counter-lines and mindsets and attitudes for every situation. I still remember what a game-changer the "three-second rule" was when I first learned of it. "Approach within three seconds of seeing a girl you are attracted to", because this gets rid of the hesitation that ends up scaring you off the approach completely and probably creeps the girl out when she realizes you've been staring at her for the past ten minutes. Even better was Eric Disco's advice to immediately walk straight up to any girl you're attracted to, even if you don't plan on opening her, and simply stand right next to her for a while. The forward momentum itself may cause you to smile at her or simply nod a wordless hello, and she might nod back, and before you know it you're talking without you even having to open her at all. This has happened to me several times, and by now this behavior is instinctual so I am walking up to girls left and right when I am walking alone around town, even if they're with their boyfriends! Merely being next to a beautiful girl is a source of pleasure on its own, even if she's taken, and it's a powerful incentive that makes we want to stay out longer in the street and approach even more girls until I've found an equally attractive one for myself to spend time with, who's single and attracted to me.

What I am trying to say is that pick-up, for me, has been one of the greatest games I've ever played. Not the greatest, as it certainly pales in excitement to at least my top five or ten videogames, and certainly comes nowhere near such masterpieces as Rust, Planetary Annihilation, the first few hours of Wildlands in Ghost mode, etc. But it's certainly up there with the best of them, and certainly immeasurably superior to all the dating games and dating-themed visual novels that Steam is flooded with and tons of people enjoy. That shit's so boring that I'd rather sell my computer than play them; it's the same thing here as with sports games or music games that I've analyzed at length in my videogame books: activities so easily accomplished in reality that it blows my mind that anyone would bother simulating them, let alone invest hundreds and even thousands of hours playing them. With the amount of time the typical Guitar Hero player puts into the game one can learn how to play ACTUAL GUITAR. Same with the sports games, and of course same with the dating games for crying out loud. So while I understand preferring a masterpiece videogame to pick-up, since it is after all a far superior experience, I certainly don't understand preferring a MEDIOCRE videogame let alone a DATING videogame.

But the worst thing is when hardcore gamers—many of whom are either incels or seriously struggling with dating—abandon pick-up after barely trying it despite the fact that, in their (video)gaming lives, they NEVER abandon great games no matter how hard they may be, and even seek out PRECISELY the hardest games that exist because they give them the strongest thrills, and spend months and years practicing hard at them despite facing a steep relentless challenge. And what's the final reward of conquering a very tough game? A game over screen, and at best some ending cinematic or other... while in pick-up the end reward is FUCKING A HOT GIRL, and even SPENDING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH HER AND HAVING HER RAISE YOUR CHILDREN. It is UNBE-FUCKING-LIEVABLE to me how MUCH effort these people put into some shitty little shooter or fighter game and how LITTLE, PITIFUL effort they put into their interaction with the opposite sex. It's fucking MINDBLOWING to me, and downright proves to me that they DESERVE to be incels or struggling with the opposite sex or at best settling for a 4 or a 5 who constantly disrespects them and manages their entire lives.

And why, at the end of the day, do these people prefer average, mediocre games, or even downright crappy games, to pick-up? Because pick-up demolishes their ego, but the videogames don't. A game over screen is nowhere near as humiliating compared to a girl in the street looking at them as if they are dirt, or even worse passing them by and ignoring them as if they don't exist at all. And that's why those people go back to their vidcons after trying pick-up for five minutes and failing horribly at it, and essentially swear off sexual relationships altogether.

And yet, yet, dear internet incels, if only you'd approach pick-up a bit more intelligently, as you do with your vidcons, you'd find that it's not such a hard game after all if you know what you're doing and play it properly, without skipping straight to the final stage and wondering why you have no hope against it. For the world of pick-up is structured exactly like a videogame with the earth as the overworld map, and with regions of varying difficulty so that players can start off in different areas depending on their skill and talent levels. If your level is dirt, there is a vast region in the overworld called "SOUTHEAST ASIA" where, though I've never been and don't plan to because it's way below my skill and talent levels, I am convinced through countless PUA reports that, due to the low masculinity of the natives, it's the easiest area in the world to get laid even if you're a "short, fat, bald, one-legged ugly as fuck autistic incel". All PUAs are unanimous that absolutely anyone can get laid in SEA, and especially in the Philippines, which also happens to be a dirt-cheap fairly-safe English-speaking country that welcomes foreigners. So why not take a holiday there and start out your PUA campaign, and see how it goes? And as you get more XP, you can try slightly tougher areas in the region, like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and so on, all the while studying and trying out more PUA material, levelling up your style and fitness, meeting more girls and having more experiences. And then the world is full of tougher areas like Africa, or Latin America, or Eastern Europe, all the way to the endgame of the Western world: Europe and North America, the toughest but for that reason most rewarding of all the pick-up locations. Italy, for example, is widely regarded as perhaps the toughest country in the world for pick-up, and Italians are the highest-IQ Europeans and whites generally. If you snag a girl from there, chances are she has part of Caesar's genes in her, and/or of countless other outstanding Italian personalities of the past. Let this sink in for a bit: if you manage to run your PUA campaign all the way to Italy, your children will have some of Caesar's genes in them! If that's not the endgame for pick-up, and one of the best games ever invented and that will ever be invented, I don't know what would be. And if you somehow manage to play this game without deriving any enjoyment from it but merely forcing yourself to play it joylessly like many PUAs, or even worse decline to play altogether, you're missing out on one of the greatest dimensions of the present age, a dimension that did not exist at all in previous eras, and will cease to exist altogether very shortly in the following cybernetic era that's not far off at all (and where reproduction will be merely a matter of computer modelling with no skill or artistry to it at all). Let the constantly whining PUAs lament "the decline" and realize that it is only in the present age that ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can set off on a years-long pick-up campaign that begins in the easiest area of the world and ends in the toughest, and where with sheer grit and dedication and love for the game any goal whatsoever CAN and WILL be accomplished, guaranteed. The details of that we'll be examining soon, but for the time being try to understand what an utterly UNIQUE time in the history of the world you happen to be living in, and what an outrageously FUN game pick-up can be if you approach it with the right mindset. Understand, above all, that it IS a game, and try to start thinking of it AS a game, and treating it accordingly, and all the rest will fall into place in due course, trust me on this. I know because I finished it (I am now on my second or third playthrough, what in videogame terminology is called Game+ if not indeed Game++) and what you're reading right now is the manual, if not indeed the strategy guide and cheat guide to it. So REJOICE, and ENJOY, because despairing when confronted with such a terrifically enjoyable game is dumb as fuck and you shouldn't allow yourself to fall to such a level of stupidity and defeatism. Even the nerdy PUAs who invented pick-up didn't allow themselves to fall to that level, and are you really a lower and weaker man and human being than them?


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