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Roosh V Forum doesn't even have some of the fun aspects of Incels.co

Thu May 30, 2019 2:04 am

Since they have to practice Christian love, and believe God has a good plan in mind for them, they won't be able to indulge in unrestrained misogyny and pessimism like some of the Incels.co users such as mylifeistrash. https://incels.co/threads/most-men-over ... ves.56798/ https://incels.co/threads/the-danish-mo ... ink.98873/

This means we lose out on a lot of entertaining tragicomedy. All these RVFers can really say is, "We pray for the souls of those women, and that Jesus may bring them to the light!" rather than ranting, Elliot Rodger-style, at how unfair it is that women have the luxury of playing the slut in modern society while sex-deprived men pick up the tab.

They can't even talk about how suicide is the answer, or how LDAR'ing is the answer, to their hopeless situation, since religion prohibits killing yourself or being slothful. You're just supposed to be an obedient cuck, slaving away so other men who don't mind fornicating can get all the pussy.

Nor can they even fantasize about going ER, because that would be sinful too. Shit, they can't even masturbate! They just gotta suffer with blue balls while they're waiting for restoration of morality to make it possible to have a successful marriage.

On the other hand, maybe they have a few members whose situation is like Rawmeo's, in that they're living abroad and trying to be players or at least get some poon on the side. Why would we expect a guy like that to suddenly want to be monogamous?

They have a travel section because of their history of focusing on "poosy paradises"; the whole point of going abroad to other lands, aside from business, or engaging in some extreme sports like climbing Mt. Everest, or escaping the long arm of justice, is to collect some flags and bang some chicks who are hotter and/or more affordable and/or easier than what you could get in the states. I guess there will still be threads about wife-hunting at least. But if you're really a successful big-baller, especially if you're in a place like SEA where girls will open their legs just to get some of your white genetics for their eggs, why wouldn't you want to get some extra pussy besides your wife's?

Not only have they added new rules, they haven't gotten rid of their old rule, that you're not supposed to talk about jailbaits, even though the Bible says nothing against wifing up jailbaits.

Anyway, here's a snapshot of their statistics, so let's see how they're doing a year from now. http://archive.is/z8NFH

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