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Latest trend: PUAs becoming drug dealers

Mon May 27, 2019 11:17 am

This is quite fascinating to me.

-GLL has stopped writing and makes all his money now by selling Kratom and related stuff that makes you “happy”:

-Victor Pride has stopped writing and makes all his money selling a type of legal steroid in pill form he calls “Red Growth”:

-Mike Cernovich has stopped writing and makes all his money selling a type of nootropic he calls “Gorilla Mindset” (as if the poor dumb beasts actually have a mind lol, they just roam around chewing grass all day like cows lol):

I was telling my friend Onizuka about this hilarious trend the other day and he suggested that Roosh should stop writing and start selling holy water lol. And there is indeed an article on holy water on Roosh’s frontpage right now lol:

Krauser would have started selling baldness drugs if Blackdragon hadn’t already cornered the market on essay guides to cure baldness: ... -the-cure/

Maybe that’s why Krauser got so sore at him the other day: ... onal-cuck/

So this is what all these mighty PUAs have been reduced to. And it makes sense, since you can charge a lot more for drugs than for ebooks, not to mention you can hook people on them for life.

Disclaimer: this thread is only half serious and all the people mentioned are solid guys who have contributed mightily to the scene, cheers.

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