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Based Wash. Post tells female politicians to take care of their kids & leave late-night meetings and hard work to men

Tue May 28, 2019 3:06 pm

WaPo Endorses All Men in Fairfax County; Reportedly Asked Female Candidate, “How will you be Chairman with two young children?”
Plerhoples reports that they asked her, “how will you be Chairman with two young children?”

Kautz says that they lectured her about how “there are no women with young children on the Board of Supervisors…because ‘there are late night meetings, and it’s hard work’.”

I mean, this is just beyond parody. Can someone remind me, are we living in 2019 or 1919 or what? Is the WaPo seriously ok with this type of attitude and language directed at female candidates – both of whom (Plerhoples and Kautz), by the way, are VERY impressive and would do an EXCELLENT job! Truly appalling if so.

P.S. Note that at least one WaPo-endorsed *male* candidate has young kids. Wonder if they asked/lectured *him* about that. Nah!
Of course not; he's got a wife to take care of them! This one chick, Larysa Kautz, writes, "I'm working full time, raising a 3-year-old, AND I'M GOING TO WIN THIS ELECTION."

What's the point; isn't the goal of running, to help secure a better future for our children? Yet she defeats that by neglecting her kid. Plus she's writing these comments to Facebook, which means she's probably the type to be busy tapping away at her phone, posting status updates and liking comments, even when she is home with her kids, rather than giving them attention. Pitiful.

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