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US Military Considering Allowing 16 Year Olds

Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:26 am ... -enlistme/
“You have to compete and be in the marketplace, and that’s something the military doesn’t do very well,” said Rebecca Burgess, a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who studies military and veterans issues. “It tells the story of itself that’s very traditional: ‘We’re freedom fighters doing good throughout the world; be part of our team.’ And it expects people to kind of come to them.”

That, she said, is why recruiting offices too often are found in dying shopping malls or other low-traffic sites rather than out in the community.

The military has taken serious steps in recent years to increase its visibility and engagement in the nation’s communities. The Army has launched a comprehensive recruiting program in major cities and said the approach already has paid huge dividends in the number of recruits from urban centers such as Baltimore and Minneapolis.

But analysts say the military’s past tack of using marketing slogans such as the Army’s “Be all you can be” mantra no longer works.

Instead, they say, the branches should craft multiple appeals centering on the host of benefits that come from military service, including educational assistance, patriotism, career benefits, and the host of jobs a man or woman can perform in the military outside of a combat zone.
All the benefits in the world aren't going to fix the underlying issues plaguing the United States that cause people to have little to no investment in its future. Without fixing the law, which would in turn fix many of these problems, nothing is going to change and the country will continue its slow decent into irrelevancy. The hegemony of the US is already on life support, all it'll take to pull the plug is a stunt like this.

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