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Video calls are stupid and counterproductive

Fri May 28, 2021 11:11 pm

I've never done a video call in my life. I just was never interested in it. I can see it being useful in specific situations, like an important business conference, but for personal calls it does nothing for me, and the post below confirmed my suspicion that, for game at least, it's counterproductive. ... 1#pid44751
Manbeline wrote:
akms76 wrote:
Johnstop wrote:Update on that girl I mentioned, she got an inconclusive COVID test and weather was shit this weekend where we live. So we couldn't meet up, we FaceTimed instead, she was hitting on me pretty hard. Fast forward to yesterday when I text her and ask her when she's free Friday, it's been a day and no response.

Anyone still pulled in a situation like this? Not sweating since an old FWB and a new girl are down to meet this weekend, but I did kind of like this girl and am bored AF in quarantine so it would have been cool to see her.

This is why I never facetime. It puts your masculinity at a disadvantage. Facetime doesn't show how you could tower over her(I'm 6'3), it doesn't properly show your body. The cell phone can give your face an odd look, that doesn't represent reality in person. There is good data on this. Yes i had this happen to me. The convo was on point, she even mentioned is a blowjob too much for a first date etc. However I noticed that she was analyzing me overly as time went on, as to try to find reasons I wasn't good enough. This girl was a solid 9 blonde from San Francisco. I couldn't display my masculinity and push on through, I was stuck in this Facetime determining factor. I knew it was over when she said, umm I gotta go later on. I never even texted her again, she didn't either.
Maybe facetime is ok in LATM or SEA but in the Anglosphere, I'm convinced it's another reason for her to flake and to act out on her hypergamy

Odds are high, that's the end my friend. SHe wasn't into you based on what she saw. Another possibility is that she found a better guy.

This is why I always said that the internet and social media are the worst media for talking with the other sex. It doesn't translate well, they misinterpret what you said, your looks are static or not there, and its lacking all the face-to-face qualities necessary to get her instincts going. I avoid texting as much as possible and think face chatting is stupid.

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