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Daygame compliments

Fri May 28, 2021 2:40 am

I’ve lately been using “You look nice today”.

As in, “I saw you go by and I had to tell you that you look nice today.” Told with a smile of course.

This is about as mild of a physical compliment as I can think of for a direct approach. You aren’t telling her that she is pretty or cute, you’re just saying “nice”. This I took from the London guys. But what I added is the “today”, which implies that maybe tomorrow she won’t look nice, which in turn implies that maybe the reason she looks nice is her outfit and not physical. Complimenting her directly on her outfit however is a no-no because then she might think you are interested in fashion and not in her. So this is the mildest and least direct way I have found of complimenting her while still passing the threshold of being a physical compliment.

7/10 times she smiles and thanks me, and then I move immediately to random chit chat like where are you from and what are you up to today. 3/10 she doesn’t want to talk at all and blows me out in a socially uncalibrated manner (e.g. keeps walking and ignores me or whatever). A socially calibrated rejection would be her thanking me for the compliment and then saying she is in a hurry or has a boyfriend or whatever and then walking away. I include these girls in the 7/10 figure. Some of them stay to chat longer, but the end result is the same.

This is what daygame boils down to. As long as you have the confidence for it, this single opener plus random chit chat for five minutes, then take the number, is all you need for daygame. And if you lack the confidence, weight-lifting with GOOD RESULTS (i.e. intelligently done) will give it to you. Most people who try weight-lifting never change their bodies because they can’t figure out how to do it properly. Those people need a coach.

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