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Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:29 pm
by icycalm
Krauser's into body-building now: ... ybuilding/

I told him in the comments to switch to Convict Conditioning. I doubt he will, but when the injuries start piling up he might consider it if he remembers my comment: ... ent-143378
I wrote:Google "Convict Conditioning". Read that book. It will change your life. Especially now that you're getting older and injuries start piling up. But really. Read that book even if you don't plan on switching to bodyweight. You will learn a tremendous amount about your body. And if you DO decide to switch, you can forget about gyms and trainers and complicated diets. That book is gold.

He is finished PUA-wise. He has nothing new to say besides ragging on pseudo-PUAs like Tate. He has also gone so hyperbolical with his book titles that the only title left to use after Infinite is Quantum (especially now that I got Endgame). Quantum Daygame lol. But he probably hasn't even heard of the word (he's a liberal arts major).

Re: Krauser

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 4:48 pm
by icycalm
More rubbish-quality content from Krauser:

Pick-Up Is Not A Viable Business ... -business/

My reply: ... ent-144968
icycalm wrote:Nothing wrong with the creators of a business making most of the money. Every business is like this, we call it the free market. What you are asking for is communism. The PUA companies are fantastic opportunities for instructors to travel the world and make some money while learning their craft to a deeper level, and of course the best ones will make a name for themselves and start their own businesses later. That is literally how every teaching business works. And of course the interns make nothing. That’s the whole point of interning. No one is exploiting anyone, and the model is perfectly sustainable in the long term as long as the creators keep putting in the required work, which is difficult to do not because there’s something wrong with the business model but simply because players burn out quickly, just like pro athletes do for example, and for similar reasons. You are not teaching chemistry here, which you can do until your 80s, there’s obviously a clock ticking here, and for people who got into this in their 30s, like most gurus, it ticks pretty fast indeed.

This hitjob is of a kind with the previous one on literature. Just pathetic stuff man.

This is his previous article:

The Classics Are Shit ... -are-shit/

He's promoting communism in one post, trashing the classics in another... he's basically an SJW writer now lol.

Meanwhile, here's the best evaluation of Krauser I've ever seen, after mine in Endgame: ... 2#pid22222
debeguiled wrote:I started reading Krauser when he was still an average frustrated chump who was simply charting his progress. That was what I like about his blog. His honesty about his failings and the incremental march to success, and seeing the little shifts in mindset that changed his results.

Once he became competent and started speaking as an authority on game, and then politics, it was good night Irene.

Those early years of his blog though were so achingly honest about everything, including his fears and frustrations and insecurities. There was nothing like it out there.

Recently, I listened to a Youtube vid he uploaded talking about his legacy for future generations who want to know about his years as a London day gamer.


Re: Krauser

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 7:28 pm
by icycalm
He deleted all my posts lol. Up to now he'd been allowing my posts, with some moderation, and some snarky comments of his own added in. But now I went too far. He came here, read my stuff, realized his utter inferiority, and will not allow a comment of mine on his site anymore. You can see that in his replies to the Yad comments he is backpedalling furiously for example. But if he backpedalled all the way to the beginning of his faggotry, he would have to delete half his site and his rubbish ebooks, and that's something he won't do because that stupid site and those stupid ebooks are all he has. His "legacy to future generations" lol.

Fucking faggot.