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A nightclub game set.

Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:56 pm

let's say your running game in a nightclub you start at early doors (10PM) and will go on until someone bites or failing that until close -- what does your game strategy look like across the night.

These are my assumptions.

- at early doors we can presume a greater proportion of targets to be sober, the dance floor to be less crowded and so therefore your game would be less risque. more approximating day game.

- middle of the night it peaks. exceedingly busy almost all targets somewhat drunk and a high number of op-enable and thirsty opportunities.

- by the end of the night many have left quality has decreased and all are less sober approaching severe and unstable drunkenness. "caveman game" most appropriate at this point in the night (if it all).

What I'm looking for is a time orientated sequence as to how you would approach and close. References to specific styles would be nice. personal anecdotes would help and a long thread of discussion would be appreciated.

please have at it.

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