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Facebook game

Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:36 pm

This sounds like it could work if you have a good FB profile (and you can build a good FB profile from scratch if you're willing to put the work in over a couple of months; I am writing a guide on exactly how): ... pid1617050
SHAWNFLYNN wrote:I have been asked how I was successful 17 out of 22 days during my stay in Norway. Firstly, my goal was not to meet life-long friends; I was there to experience tall, buxom blondes in a carnal way. I should also mention that I went looking for tall, buxom blondes from Oslo on Facebook (FB) who met the criterion I find attractive (I strongly, strongly recommend this approach). When I was still in UB, I began sending Friend Requests to many of these ladies, and eventually 47 accepted and I began lite conversation, sharing that I would be traveling to Oslo. Upon my arrival, I met up with many of these women, who showed me the city and its sites, in addition to their more intimate charms! To be fair, I ended up bedding 10 of my new FB friends. Norwegian women are different than American, there is no jealousy, or expectation that the relationship should continue beyond the night. The remaining 7, were random women who I met strolling about the city and various clubs formerly mentioned.
It sounds like it could net you better leads than dating sites and swipe apps, while being far more time-efficient than day- or night game.

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