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The Best of Roosh

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 7:10 pm
by icycalm
My favorite piece of his is an old blog post where he so eloquently champions the idea of never losing hope when you’re out approaching because the girl you’re seeking might be right around the corner. That’s precisely what happened to me with one of the best girls I’ve ever had in my life, a 17yo blonde blue-eyed Swedish goddess I picked up in an otherwise crappy windy night when the streets were deserted and I was wondering wtf am I doing out here all on my own.

I tried to find his blog post to link but so far it’s eluding me. I’ll keep looking. It’s ALWAYS in my mind when I am having a tough day on the streets, and the thought of it, and of the infinite possibilities it alludes to if only I would make just ONE more approach, never fails to lift my spirits.

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 8:55 pm
by ataraxia
I think it's this one (the motivational stuff is the final three paragraphs, but the preceding story sets it up nicely):

One Night Can Change Everything
Roosh wrote: My second visit to Rio didn’t start off so well. I couldn’t find an apartment, I had trouble making friends, and I got dumped by a girl that I wanted to develop a relationship with. I was struggling with Portuguese and not making headway with the new night venues I was experimenting with.

I hit bottom on New Year’s Eve. What should have been a magical celebration on Copacabana beach was lonely and depressing. I talked to one girl for two minutes. I couldn’t even drown my sorrows because the vendors ran out of beer, so I went home after the fireworks and slept. All the things that made Rio magical during my first visit was gone, and I had to confront the reality that it was time to start from scratch.

I didn’t want to go out on New Year’s Day, let alone talk to another human being. I just wanted to stay home in my favela shack and reminisce about Colombia and the nice pussy I was banging there before I left. But I knew that absolutely nothing would happen if I stayed home, so I cleaned myself up and went out to the same bar where I was successful a couple years prior.

I bombed. I couldn’t make headway with any girl and by the time I got to ten approaches I wanted to kill myself. I couldn’t believe that things had so quickly turned against me, and wondered if this was the same city I remembered. Was I completely wrong about singing its praises? Should I not have told other guys that Brazil was a magical paradise? It was so bad that I started considering a trip to Argentina.

I paid my bar tab and was on the way out when I saw a cute girl who looked like she was Middle Eastern. At that moment I can’t stress how much I didn’t want to approach her. I didn’t think there was a point because of all the failures that preceded it, but something told me to just say a few words then get the fuck out of there. I asked her if she was Brazilian and she answered that she was, but that her father was from Lebanon. We got into a conversation and when I joked if she liked “hairy men,” she said yes. She also liked Americans, having lived in the States for several months.

I didn’t bang her that night. I weaseled my way into her room but couldn’t even get off one article of clothing. The bang happened on the next date and we ended up dating for about a month, which when you’re abroad feels like forever. During that time I connected with my Danish roommate, pursued my nightlife niche, made solid progress with my Portuguese, and settled into a pleasant work and exercise routine. Most importantly, a little tide of girls began rolling in. That Brazilian girl was day zero of four months of happiness in Brazil that made me forget about the Colombian girls I was messing with. She was the beginning of a memorable period of my life that made me hate Argentina for the month I ended up staying there afterwards.

No matter how bad things get, all it takes is one girl, one night, to get you back on track. I don’t care how many rejections you’ve sustained beforehand, or how many dozens of girls have recently flaked on you, but that one special meeting, which you cannot predict, will pick you up and give you the confidence you need to keep getting more and better. If life is full of peaks and valleys and you’re in a deep slump, it’s just a matter of time until you get out of it, yet it’s not enough to merely go out. You can’t sit quietly in the dark corner of the bar for two hours and think you’ll be thrown a bone. You must work hard, consistency and continually, approaching and persisting every night to your maximum capability until your head hits your pillow.

I understand that I have to put in the work to get the rewards. I don’t go out for “just a drink”—I stay out until either I hook up, I’m exhausted, or there are literally no women on the streets. I’ve lost count how many times I pulled when all hope was lost, when no previous girl was digging me, when any average man would have long since given up, and when I already mentally identified the porn clip I would be masturbating to. If I didn’t talk to that Brazilian girl after I had already decided I was finished, my time in Rio would’ve been much different. If I didn’t always persist like a machine until my head hits the pillow, my whole life would be different.

You’re walking home after a brutal night out where you can’t even hold your head high, but then you see a girl walking in the opposite direction. Approach her with everything you got. She may change everything. This night may change everything.

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 9:04 pm
by mkdir
7 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self
Yesterday I turned 32 years old in Poland, a place where I have a pleasant lifestyle thanks to years of work on my game and my books. Yet if I followed the below suggestions from a younger age, it would have cut short the amount of time I spent doing things that made me unhappy, allowing this moment to arrive much sooner. These are the things I have already told my 15-year-old brother.

Dear teenage Roosh,

1. Don’t listen to your parents. They want you to have a stable and boring existence without the struggle they had to go through. They want you to play it safe instead of taking risks that may lead to your ruin or even death. Unfortunately, if you follow their advice the most you’ll get out of it is a steady paycheck. You will have a mere average existence with average women and average experiences in an average city. Understand that the more risks you take, the greater rewards you receive.

2. Hit the gym. Just because you’re not the best looking guy doesn’t mean you should give up on being attractive. Weight lifting will help you build confidence and increase your testosterone level so that taking risks literally becomes in your blood.

3. Cut off the television, internet, and video games. Pick a hobby such as music, writing, DJing, languages, or sports, and dedicate one hour per day on it. You’ll be a beast before you even hit 21, where it’ll not only make a positive contribution to your life, but give you the option to take an alternative path.

4. Read at least two books every month. You don’t know shit about life right now. Hell, you still won’t know a whole lot even when you turn 30. Keep yourself sharp by tapping into the brains of others through their work. Writers have spent hundreds of hours to create books that distills all their knowledge or experience in an easily digestible format. Take advantage of that, and watch your conversational skills increase as a result.

5. Stop being concerned about what other people think of you. They don’t care about you. They are so wrapped up in their own insecurities and what you think of them that you’re wasting your energy trying to get accepted by strangers. Take risks, fuck everyone else, and note down what you learn. If you’re not making a lot of mistakes, you’re not doing enough.

6. Take the pussy off the pedestal. You know what? Just become sexist. If getting laid is what you want, that’s the path you should take in the feminist society you live in. You can soften that stance when you get older, but for now just view women as mindless fuck toys who are garbage. Whether or not they really are garbage, this will get you more pussy than you’ve ever imagined. Sure it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way, but you’re living in an age where the laws and cultural environment concerning marriage are set up to destroy you. You might as well get laid a lot.

7. Have a backup plan to earning a living. Don’t count on putting in four years at college and getting a cushy job that lasts until some golden retirement. Don't count on some cunt in Human Resources to like your answer to what your greatest weakness is. Don't let people who don't care about you determine your income. Re-read number 3 again. One hour a day into something has probably made you a mini-expert. What service or product can you now create with your expertise that someone else would be happy to buy? Trust me when I say you'll be much happier making $20,000 a year controlling your destiny than four times as much being controlled by someone else.

Good luck little Roosh!


Old Roosh

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 9:07 pm
by mkdir
Appearance Is Ideology
You can easily predict the ideology of someone on the liberal-conservative spectrum by how they look. This is universal not just in Western countries but also in more traditional parts of the world.

Liberals tend to be ugly, fat, and with low muscle mass when compared to the societal average. I don’t claim this to cause insult, but it’s clear that liberalism is an ideology that attempts to take from the strong, beautiful, and talented to give to the ugly, weak, and talentless. If you are strong yourself, you would not want to involuntarily donate the fruits of your labor to those who are weak, especially if they are outside of your tribe, meaning that average or below average individuals naturally gravitate towards liberalism.

If a woman is ugly or fat, she wants social policies that allow her to get more attention from elite males while less goes to women who are more beautiful or lovely than her. If you are a man who has puny muscles and testosterone levels, you will want policies that take from stronger men mostly out of your own jealousy and feelings of inferiority. You don’t want them to succeed because of abilities, talents, or attributes they have that you don’t.

Most exceptions to this rule can be easily explained by income. If a man has small muscles but makes over $200,000 a year, he will lean conservative (unless he’s Jewish, where he will continue favoring liberal policies since they typically hinder anti-Semitism).

If a girl is not happy in life because she’s not getting attention from men, or has a boyfriend with an effeminate manner, she will most certainly be a liberal, even in foreign countries. I have never met a foreign woman rated an 8 or above that would share a feminist idea with me, but it’s quite common to hear them from 6’s in those same countries. Liberal thought promotes the mythical idea of human equality and helps boost her self esteem into incorrectly believing that she’s just as deserving of life’s benefits as a more beautiful woman with better genetics or upbringing.

The liberal mindset doesn’t only affect mate competition, but also any sort of contest where naturals or talented individuals can beat those lacking in talent. For example, in a particular social group I was involved in, I repeatedly won a certain contest. After an unprecedented winning streak, two unattractive individuals in the group wanted to formulate a rule to specifically exclude me from competing because it was “not fair” that I kept winning. One mentioned that if she was in charge of voting, she would declare someone else the winner even if I did actually win. The lens through which a liberal views those who are better than them is to exclaim “It’s not fair!” followed by rules or policies to unfairly handicap those who are better.

If you’re not a winner, you will not support an ideology which allows winners to keep the bulk of their winnings. While I would in no way assert that American conservatives (Republicans) are winners, or even true conservatives, it’s clear that American liberals have gravitated to their ideology because it promises a social climate where their low talent, low beauty, and low muscle features are not seen in a negative way. They become "equal" to those who are obviously superior in intelligence, appearance, talent, or wealth.

It's not uncommon for a man, as he improves himself in business and also increases his sexual market value, to gravitate from the left to the right side of the political spectrum. Otherwise, he would be going against his interests to share his hard-fought gains with those who did not work as hard as him. Therefore to understand where people fall on the political spectrum, simply look at them.

If the girl is unsightly, she's a liberal. If she's beautiful, she wants to be rightly rewarded for that beauty, and so will have more traditional beliefs where men undertake high mating investment to be with her. If a guy is also ugly in the sense that he's ugly to women (has low testosterone, small muscles, low game skill, low confidence), he is also a liberal. This shortcut will make it very easy for you to identify who to avoid and who to admit into your circle of friendship.

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 9:13 pm
by ataraxia
As for me, the first thing that comes to mind is his article defining a social justice warrior:

What Is A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)? ... arrior-sjw
Roosh wrote: SJW’s utilize censorship, discriminate against white men, and disagree with basic human rights concerning due process that has existed in the Western legal canon for centuries. They are against free speech as granted by the US Constitution and don’t believe that all men are created equal. They disregard science and wrongly apply labels, accusations, and criminal allegations to those who dare cross their path. They have determined that some groups should be elevated to receive more benefits and speech rights than others, and have been successful in silencing the speech of those whom they disagree with through their internet witch mobs. They continue to infect every group, platform, and community that they come into contact with. Their goal is not to add value or to create, but to control the flow of ideas and thereby thought. Their values are opposed to Western values.

SJW ideas have reached a critical mass in America. University students are indoctrinated with progressive thought that is becoming aligned with SJWism, and even students in grade school are becoming exposed to SJW ideas through feminist-friendly teachers who read the same sites as SJW’s. My fear is that their efforts at censorship and cultural domination will become more onerous as they cement positions in prominent media companies, Silicon Valley, universities, and even in politics. If your belief system is against that of SJW’s, it would be prudent to take measures to protect yourself from their witch hunts, because there is no sign that they will be weakening in power anytime soon.
At the time I read the article way back in 2014, I hadn't even heard of the term yet, and since then, I haven't found a better analysis of it anywhere else.

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 11:39 am
by diamonddigger870
I was introduced to Roosh in 2014, by reading this article of his:
Roosh wrote:A seed of emptiness is planted when you try to achieve what you can track, monitor, or chart. Setting a number goal ensures unhappiness after that mark is reached.

Common sense tells you to track things. In fact, it’s the Western way. Take a look at business, where you must track numbers to measure growth. Take a look at personal finance, where you must accumulate ever-increasing assets, measured exclusively in monetary amounts. Take a look at sex, where we track notches to measure our masculinity. Take a look at travel, where we count the number of countries we’ve been to as a measure of our worldliness and experience.

We set a numerical goal related to one of our interests and work hard until we reach it. What immediately follows? A nice high, a feeling of achievement, a sense of pride. It lasts an hour, a day, or even a week. And then? Emptiness. A feeling of being lost, of needing a new metric to measure our lives with. We set a new goal which is just an extension of the old one, not because it’s what we truly desire, but because we’re idle and bored, confused about what we want. Most men today are not trying to achieve dreams from within but instead are pursuing arbitrary metrics to distract themselves from existence.

We set goals that involve numbers only because they can be tracked and compared. It’s a manifestation of insecurity, of wanting to be important and better than someone else. Your ego loves numerical goals because it needs something measurable to feel it’s attached to a somebody, but it will not urge you to rest once you succeed. Instead, it will tell you that what you accomplished was not enough and that you must aim higher, even if that aim will produce little benefit. It will point out the man who has more than you, convincing you that you must exceed him. And then it will reach the new goal and simply find yet another man who achieved more, so that you are eternally on the achievement treadmill that keeps you occupied with the equivalent of make-work.

The initial intention of goals are often pure. A man wants to earn $100,000 a year to feel secure, but once he reaches that goal, which will certainly coincide with lifestyle and spending creep, it is no longer enough. He must set a new goal of $200,000 to feel secure, and the pattern repeats. As much money as he makes, he may feel no more secure than a poor man who lives from one paycheck to the next. Another man wants to bang 30 girls to feel like he has skill with women. He gets to that number, hears stories of men banging that many girls in one month in Thailand, and then decides he wants to hit 100 girls. On his quest to that goal he meets many men who have hundreds more notches, so now it becomes hard to stop. He will feel no more sure of his masculinity than a man with one notch from a girlfriend who loves him unconditionally. The cycle of goal setting, goal achievement, and goal extension repeats. The initial intention of the goal is completely lost.

Lack of goal setting is seen as heretical. It’s hippy. It’s underachieving. It’s anti-American. Yet your mind doesn’t care if arbitrary numbers are reached. Your mind sees no importance in hitting 100 notches, 1000 notches, $1 million in wealth. Your ego cares, but your ego can never be sated—it will simply demand more. Your journey for notches or wealth will keep you busy, make you highly skilled in one particular area of life, and give you a two day high upon reaching the newest achievement, but no more. Achievement, like anything else, passes a point of diminishing return, where little was gained from your efforts. What did you miss while chasing the goal? What was the cost? There are a hundred books about setting goals, but not one written on the goal hangover that always results.

Your mind only cares about the journey. It cares about how you live and what you do every day of your life. It cares only about this moment, not one in the future that satisfies an artificial construction that was likely created from feelings of envy, jealousy, or insecurity. If you’re pursuing something you truly want, a goal wouldn’t be necessary—you would already be doing it every day. If you have to set a goal to make money, that means you don’t care for business and made the goal to act as motivation. If you have to set a goal to get notches, that means you don’t care for being a player but need the number to push you to approach hundreds of women. What would you do every day if you couldn’t set goals? This is what you should do, for the sake of doing it, not for the sake of achievement. Through the use of our goal culture, we reduce ourselves to children who complete little tasks to receive a star sticker.

Now what I say is not an excuse to be a fat ass who doesn’t set a goal to be fit. The fat condition is a result of excess and sloth. It’s not an excuse to be a virgin at 40-years-old. The virgin condition is a result of fear and laziness. It’s not an excuse to be a feminist who wants to criminalize male behavior, a condition of intolerance and ignorance. One one hand you have conditions with no virtue while on the other you have neverending goal seeking and an addiction to achievement. I advocate for the middle path, of having virtue and character that is balanced with your true needs, not random ones.

I like to learn, so I read daily. I like to share my experiences, so I write daily. I like to laugh, so I spend time with funny people. I like to drink in cafes, so I do so. I like mini-relationships with foreign girls who are free-spirited and innocent, so I will seek out these girls when I’m horny, making just enough money to live in the countries they tend to gather, working out just enough so that I’m attractive to them. There are no numbers, no goals. I perform work and labor in just enough dosage to fulfill my wants and desires. If I earn enough money to have sex with my type of girl while reading and going to coffee shops, I will not perform one additional hour of work outside of my interests. I will walk through a park or study a language instead. I will not accumulate resources unless those resources are needed. I will not sleep with a girl unless it’s to fulfill a horny or amorous need. I will only set an arbitrary goal if I want an arbitrary life.

Pursue activities for passion, for desire, for their own sake, without depending on numbers and metrics. No reward should be needed, because the journey is the reward, the daily struggle is the fruit, the work is the benefit, the free mind, unburdered by goal chasing, is the great achievement.

This article introduced me to PUA's and their work, and I'm grateful to have been linked to it by a friend. Because of that single article link I discovered Return of Kings, RVF, and GLL's site and for years would read up on the contributions of the members there.

He's left a fantastic body of work for men to learn from and for that I am eternally grateful to him.

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 1:45 pm
by The_Rope
Aw shucks! A sort of ode to the old Roosh! Reading some of these old articles really brought back some good memories. How about the Unit of Man? The Roosh Program? Anyone remember the time he actually went on Dr. Oz and got attacked by all those fat women? Hilarious. Roosh was the first person who got me interested in reading again after college, lifting weights and learning another language too. You have to wonder what he might tell his teenage self now...

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:12 am
by Thelastcircle
I find Roosh fascinating. In essence, there is a gypsy in him but with a thirst for order--quite the dichotomy. Unfortunately, his wandering spirit and his quest for constant meaning, and his inability to grasp abstract thoughts, led him to over-simplify things and succumb to far inferior ends. He tried to encompass his experience onto something, and the best he could hold on to without losing himself was Christianity.

I think there is a lot to learn from him. Unfortunately, we have lost him.

Re: The Best of Roosh

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:52 am
by icycalm
I don't think we lost anything. Roosh has given us everything he had to give, and it was quite a lot. When he was done with that, he was finished. He had no more to give. And that's when he turned to the spaghetti monster. That's the purpose of the monster: to provide "solutions" for everything so that the believer won't have any more work to do. When someone is exhausted therefore—exhausted not in the sense that he's tired and needs a rest before he can continue, but in the sense he has exhausted everything he had to give—he turns to the monster and effectively withdraws from society and stops contributing to it. Roosh for all intents and purposes is dead now.