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Re-open game

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:37 am
by icycalm
Got an idea I’d like to try next time I am in a big hostel.

There’s a classic technique in night game where you eject from an interaction and then re-open later the same night. This makes the girl feel that she knows you, so she’s warmer towards you and more likely to open up. Well, I want to try applying that to day approaches.

Daygame is my bread and butter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide opportunities to re-engage, because once you’ve ejected you typically never see the girl again.

In a hostel environment though, you do. So my strategy would be: hang out part of the day in the reception and common areas, and greet every attractive girl or group of girls that pass. Just a simple “And how are you doing today?” will suffice. Then ask where she/they are from, finally finishing up with “You’ll love Prague/Barcelona/etc., I’ve been here for weeks and still see new stuff every day.” Then you give them a friendly squeeze on the shoulder and walk off.

Don’t offer any more info on yourself, unless they ask for it, and even then be evasive and cheeky (i.e. answer with a joke if possible rather than the truth), then walk off asap as if the girls mean nothing to you. What you are trying to do is create the impression that you are the hostel’s coolest, most positive, most social guy who chats up people just because he’s a chilled, friendly dude. And since you’re not trying to get anything from the girls (numbers, dates, validation) there’s no way to be blown out and you are 100% outcome-independent. If a particular girl or group of girls give you the sour face you’ll hardly have time to register it because the whole interaction should last mere seconds and you’ll be turning your back to them mere moments after opening them regardless of their reaction.

Think of it as being the owner of a club or restaurant in a movie who personally greets every customer as they come in. He just gives them a smile, perhaps a handshake and a couple of pleasantries, and moves on—but this brief interaction sets him up with massive local value in the eyes of the guests. This is what you’ll be doing here too, only without being the owner. You’ll be hijacking the owner’s behavior for your own purposes. It would also help if you’ve indeed been staying in the hostel and the town for some time, and know both better than the average tourist so that, compared to fresh arrivals, you do indeed feel as if you “own” the place.

Don’t sit in one spot and open everyone who goes by as if you’re daygaming because people coming and going will pick up on it. Rather, keep moving around the place, and if you have to sit down to rest do it OUTSIDE the hostel, preferably with a view to the front door so that if a new hottie goes in you can run behind her and nonchalantly open her as she waits in line to check in—then go back out again and resume resting. Ideally you will have chosen a large hostel with lots of areas to cycle through and lots of traffic to open.

Do this for as long as you can bear the entire day, hopefully mini-opening dozens of hotties or pairs of hotties. Then, when you’re done, go take a shower, change into your evening clothes and get yourself a hearty meal. Finally, around when the sun starts setting, go back to the hostel entrance and start cycling through the various areas with a kind of purpose in your stride, as if you’re on your way somewhere. And then, when you stumble onto previously opened sets, reopen them with an invitation to take them out then and there. This would work best if you have a couple of buddies around to join you, but it’s not necessary. You should have a cool nearby bar on lockdown anyway, so you tell the girls you’re heading there for a drink and if they want to join you. If they have other plans, but seem positive towards you, chat about their plans for a bit, then offer some value in the form of tips on the city, then number-close them for another day.

The point of all this is to make the girls feel as if by chance they stumbled onto the coolest guy in the hostel, so they better jump on it and get their ride before they lose him to some other girl or distraction. At no point in this entire extended interaction have you hit on them/went direct on them, plus you’ve performed a super-attractive “takeaway” on them mere moments after meeting, walking away from them before you’ve even learned their names. And if in the meantime they’ve seen you chat with other girls, so much the better. Chances are that by the time you’ve reopened them in the evening they won’t even have met anyone else while in the meantime regretting that that cool social guy who chatted to them earlier left them so quickly, so when you bump into them again they’ll be super receptive to whatever you have to say.

Only problem I see with the plan is any super hot girls you open in the day that you unluckily don’t end up bumping into again, thus regretting not having gone for the number. However, I think that if you’re in a large enough hostel, there’ll be so many opportunities around that you won’t have much time to care about lost chances.

The goal is to create a whirlwind of short, indirect, outcome-independent interactions all the while being observant for signs of who’s biting and who’s not, and then pouncing on the former while steering clear of the latter. You get minimal to zero rejections while surrounding yourself in a sea of cute pussy, some of which you tap, leading to higher and higher confidence every week, and thus to more and more natural socializing, and better and better results.

Note: This is all theorycrafting and I haven’t tried any of it, but I will next time I am in a hostel and report back.

Bonus points: Are there scenarios beyond night game and hostels where re-opening can be used? I think for sheer volume, and thus sheer efficiency, nothing can beat a large hostel in a popular destination, but I am interested in alternatives if you can suggest any.

Re: Re-open game

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:59 am
by icycalm
On the subject of having buddies with you, I think it’d be a bad idea if all of them were running the same game, as you’d end up running the same routine multiple times on the same girls. Better to leave one guy to run the routine while the others enjoy the city, and then he can bring them girls when they go out at night. Then the next day someone else runs the routine while you take a break etc.

Even better would be if every guy is in a different hostel and they all run the routine in their own hostel every day so that they meet up at night for one big party with what they’ve caught. Whoever strikes out during the day can just help himself to the leftover girls from the 2-sets brought by others, all the while everyone benefits from everyone else’s social proof as each girl arriving just sees a big group and a bunch of guys flooded in pussy.

Could be hella effective if the guys are decent gamers and can consistently deliver.

Moreover, it’s not just the hostel girls that you can hit on during the outing, but even random girls in the bar that have seen you arrive with girls and hanging out in a large group with more girls than guys, all the while your hitting on randoms while ignoring the hostel girls you brought should raise the hostel girls’ buying temperature.