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Andrew Tate

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:44 am
by diamonddigger870
Andrew Tate calls himself a pimp, and I think someone who managed build a global webcam business and uses the money from it to become a millionaire of it is someone who deserves that title. What's interesting about his approach is that he doesn't use the Iceberg Slim method of intimidation to get the women to work for him. Of course, that's if he isn't exaggerating his skills to make more cash off desperate people, but from what I can find about the guy he seems like the real deal.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out about his methods in full is to buy his courses, which I haven't done despite how interesting that level of skill is. However, you can hear him describe it generally in his interview with Troy Francis (who you might remember as a contributor to ROK back in the day). The link I've posted begins the interview at the two-minute mark where he begins discussing Pimping vs PUA.

Here's another video with less ads, that's significantly shorter where he describes his general experiences with Web Cam women and their loyalty:

And finally, here's the sales pitch for his course:

Like I said earlier I haven't given the guy a dime, and this isn't a covert ad for any of his material.

Re: Andrew Tate

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:25 pm
by WomenAreStupidSite
I've never even heard of the guy but I have enough experience with bullshit artists to never trust anyone.

PUA is "spend money buying my stupid courses instead of just spending that money directly on sex with hot prostitutes".

This is why PUAs are such male feminists who are against prostitution.

Re: Andrew Tate

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:05 am
by icycalm
I laughed at Krauser's take on Tate in the footnotes of his latest blog post: ... -dopamine/
Krauser wrote:Or even better, you could pay into one of con-trepreneur Andrew Tate’s pyramid schemes to keep him in rented Lambos and his regular coffee-and-cigars in the lobbies of five star hotels he can’t afford a room in.

Re: Andrew Tate

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:15 pm
by diamonddigger870
It was a pretty funny take, and I'm not surprised to hear it from Krauser specifically. It's not the truth though, and I've confirmed this from checking out a "course" of Tate's. I've been interested in him ever since I've noticed him on Twitter ( When I learned he was half-black I wasn't surprised a bit, because the way he shows off and insults people on Twitter constantly immediately reminded me of American rappers from the 90's and early 00's.

He offers a course called "The War Room" on his website that is membership to a men's group where men discuss getting paid, laid, and ripped. I joined for the potential networking opportunities regarding getting paid because I already have a steady girl, and already have Convict Conditioning to use for bodyweight strength training (thanks for the intro to that icy). "The War Room" is basically a chat room similar to Discord where several members post about what they've done and worked on to complete their goals, regarding getting paid, laid, and ripped. Tate himself also posts updates that include screenshots of and videos of his cars and girls that demonstrate his wealth and ability to manage women. It costs more money to rent a car indefinitely then to pay for it outright, and to constantly pay for the same women to be around you constantly doesn't make any sense either. It's a whole lot to fake for not a lot of money in the end.

Re: Andrew Tate

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:35 pm
by icycalm
Well, let us know if you learn anything useful from him then. There don't seem to be a lot of reviews of his material online.

Re: Andrew Tate

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:56 pm
by icycalm
Some criticism of Tate in these posts: ... pid2032893
VNvet wrote:
ArloDash wrote:Extreme Lifestyle Gurus: These are the guys who are talking about Lamborghinis, three girlfriends, and running cam studios. They market heavily on Instagram. They almost always live in Eastern Europe. This is mainly comprised of Andrew Tate (whose content I enjoy for shock value alone) and the people who are popping up in orbit of him. Max Tornow (former RSD) falls into this as well. I can see a few guys who will probably pop off soon that come from his circle soon as well.
Does anyone even watch these clowns?

Andrew Tate gets a couple thousand views on his videos, and he has an MLM/grifter vibe more than a manosphere vibe. His big problem is that he's not that intelligent, so his videos don't have much substance other than "look at my money" and "buy my course."

The real manosphere split is between guys that focus on societal issues (Roosh, Heartiste, Vox) and guys like Rollo that focus exclusively on women. And the guys that focus exclusively on women don't seem to have a very big audience anymore. Quite frankly, women aren't that interesting of a topic in the current political landscape.

We got much bigger problems.

Re: Andrew Tate

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:28 pm
by icycalm ... pid2058979
Genghis Khan wrote:I had to look this up. So Mikhaela divorced hubby and is now supposedly dating Andrew Tate. If you don't know who Andrew Tate is, he's the latest Christian McQueen look-a-like snake oil salesman selling e-courses on how to making millions on pimping out girls for webcamming.

There's also a massive irony with Andrew Tate bragging up about how many hot women he can get with, only to supposedly get with a divorced single mom. Guess you really can't escape being trash and attracting other trash.

ClownWorld indeed.
This guy does seem to have good qualities, what with his fighting etc., but as a dating coach/PUA I have not seen any positive contributions to the field so far. As for the webcam pimping... that does sound legit to be honest, it's just not something I personally would be interested in doing, or the majority of men who go into pick-up. It's probably a legit business model for the handful of individuals who have what it takes to be pimps and who want to do it.