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The approach thread

Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:50 am

Went out with ataraxia yesterday and did about a dozen approaches. Got numbers off a 17yo Russian 7, 20yo French 8, and 18yo German 8.5. There were a couple others I could have gotten numbers off, but they were 6s, so I ejected. Later in the evening I saw the Russian again, and made out with her in the street. She hasn't replied to my text since tho, so maybe buyer's remorse. With the French I am talking nicely, so she may come out tomorrow. Couldn't come out tonight, but she gave me a solid excuse about her dad opening up a store and needing her there for the opening. The German I texted last night, but still no reply. That's the one that stings, because she was cute as a button and seemed to be super into the approach (kissed her on both cheeks and she was beaming).

That's a pretty atypical day, because I got all that off barely 3-4 hours of approaches on a very low talent area. Usually it takes me twice as long as that to get similar results.

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