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★★★★ Greek kamaki (N/A)

Thu May 21, 2020 6:31 pm

Who is Greek kamaki? And, for that matter, WHAT is Greek kamaki?

Greek kamaki translates to "Greek harpooning". It is basically daygame/gutter game done in the streets of Greece—usually the islands in the summer—during the '70s and '80s. Here is a documentary about it:

Colossi of Love (2010)
Nick Riganas wrote:Storyline

After the turbulent years of the Greek Junta, Greece was seeking an identity, and one way to accomplish this task was to develop its tourism. As a result, a new type of male was born, the archetypal Greek Lover or "Spear" who used to target young female tourists with the intention of a passionate one-night stand. With this in mind, the "Spears" came mainly from the petite bourgeoisie class, they only knew some broken English and they shared a very specific dress code. During this vivid documentary, we will meet a handful of those intrepid "Colossi of Love", such as Bruno, a love-making machine, John, owner of the legendary disco "Highway", George, aka "Cement", and Takis, a hot DJ. They were the indefatigable hunters of love, and they were proud of their achievements.

You can watch the documentary (in low quality) here:

Part 1: ... 625f394a42
Part 2: ... 49cd213c68
Part 3: ... fae712e13b

(P.S.: This is an old documentary, probably from the late-'80s early-'90s. IMDB reports it as 2010 probably because that's when it was published in the states.)

The kamaki phenomenon was very well-known in Greece, to the point where if you said "kamaki" to a grandma, she'd know exactly what you meant. Even my dad was doing it lol, and my mom still makes fun of him for it. It wasn't at all underground and obscure as daygame still is today, and so I suppose that Greeks who learn of modern daygame have a sort of pride about it, as if to say, "Look, we were doing this decades before you foreigners figured it out, and to nationwide extent, meaning pretty much every hot-blooded male in Greece, not confined to a bunch of loser nerds on the internet, like the modern PUA gurus". There were threads in the old RVF where even Roosh admitted that kamaki is probably the first instance of full-blown daygame in the world. CALCULATED, STRUCTURED daygame that is, not spur-of-the-moment approaches that anyone might do in extreme circumstances; you can see in the documentary that those guys were "sarging" in specific spots at specific times, running "the numbers game", employing canned verbal routines, and so on.

So basically you have:

1. Greeks starting the daygame craze by inventing daygame decades before the Anglos

2. The top modern PUA for many years being half-Greek half-Japanese (GLL)

3. The top theorist who ended game theory being fully Greek (me)

In summa, Greeks are the REAL Jews. It is Greeks the low-IQ whites should be hating, not Jews. But because low-IQ whites are uncultured, they hate the Jews instead because the Jews make more money, which to low-IQ people is the measure of everything. To Greeks, on the other hand, money is a mere necessity, like air and water, but not a priority. The priority is having fun, in all areas of life, and that's why we are smarter than anyone, including the Jews.

Now back to Greek kamaki. This guy is one of the grandfathers of the modern pick-up scene, he's Greek, and he obviously picked his handle as a homage to the "colossi of love" of the '70s and '80s. Unlike most of the people reviewed in this forum, he doesn't have a theory to his name or even a book or site, though some people have been asking him to write one, especially in his area of expertise, which appears to be the let us call it "classy P4P", i.e. not outright hooking, but let us call it "nightgame sugardaddying". That is, he doesn't seem to get his girls from places like SeekingArrangement, but approaches them at night, mostly in Eastern Europe, and takes it from there. That's a legit skill and game discipline on which little has been written in the scene because the scene is dominated by betas like Roosh, Krauser and co. who are horrified at the idea of P4P precisely because they are betas. shemp explains: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=14#p489
shemp wrote:In order to use P4P effectively, you need to be a true alpha or omega, in the Game sense of a man who has no need for validation by women. Betas crave validation by women sex partners as adult males, just as they craved approval by their mother as boys. That is, the woman has to approve the beta for him to feel comfortable in his own skin (validated sexually) and the only way to be sure of such approval is if the sex is free. Woman most love man for himself, in other words. Alphas/omegas have no need for such validation, they just want access to the woman's body and to hell with what she thinks of the man.

This is why Roosh banned kamaki from RVF a few years ago. Apparently the two of them met, they hit on a couple of girls together, kamaki made his P4P move on one of them (whatever that was, no one knows, as he hasn't shared it), who told her friend, who told Roosh, and Roosh became livid and banned him. At least that's Roosh's version of what happened, and kamaki has since posted his on Happier Abroad: ... 6f#p202364

In these posts, kamaki seems to deny trying to use P4P in that specific situation, and maybe that is true, or maybe it's a denial meant to save face in a community that abhors P4P because the community is made of nerds who crave validation. However it may be, it's not a capital offense. I would have preferred kamaki to come out and say "Fuck yeah I use P4P 'cause unlike you poor fags I can afford it and it gets the job done, so suck my dick and go cry to your mommy about it". But not everyone is as hardcore as me, and considering how many years kamaki, and many others, had to self-censor on RVF to avoid getting banned, it makes sense that the habit will have become ingrained at some point, and defensiveness in the face of P4P allegations would become reflexive.

None of that matters in the long run, though. In the long run, it is evident that Greek kamaki is one of the most valuable contributors ever to the game scene, and to every forum he has been a part of, and his countless sprawling, super-informative and super-insightful posts are a testament to that. Yes, he doesn't have a site where all of it is collected, so you have to do a bit more work to get to it than with the average PUA, but it will be worth your trouble, I assure you, and I will help you out there by quoting in here the best of his stuff that I find. Aside from P4P, his major area of expertise is the psychology and physiology of European women, in particular Eastern European and especially Slavic ones, and there is no one alive who seems to understand them and their many variations as deeply as he does. So for those of you into the Slavic fever, Greek kamaki is your man (and that includes me, because due to my boob fixation I am thinking of redirecting my efforts from Sweden to Eastern Europe, because Swedes, for all their qualities, are not particularly well-endowed in that department. No more than other white girls, at any rate.) ... 0#pid28760
Greek kamaki wrote:I am engaged in sport fucking in the slavic pussy fields in the last 25 years and I am still not willing to resign.The thirst remains what we call Drang nach Osten.
I mean if you think the pussy waiting for you after you cross the Odra river you just cannot remain static and philosophize.
Now the coronavirus came as hindrance for invasions but how long can this last?
Eastern Europe is an addiction,once you get addicted,there is no way back.You need your dose again and again.Without slavic experience,polish BJ,mega fucks,circulating models in Ukraine,slavic chick excitement life feels empty.
Working and making money in the West,vacating and eating in the South and fucking and partying in the East,I call it European dream,I think this is what european integration is about,to get the best of all worlds.It is excess of course but you can do this for some years.
It is very good to resist if you have the stamina to do it.

As you can see, the man is a poet. It's like a Czech big tits porn video has been turned into a forum prose poem; his posts like the above give me erections and inspire me to book a plane ticket to Prague to live the "mega fucks" porn fantasy. If this isn't great writing, I don't know what is. And of course, underscoring the writing is "25 years'" experience in "the slavic pussy fields", without which good writing is impossible. ... 7#pid28177
Greek kamaki wrote:Germanic men do not prefer slavic women but women of their own.Slavic are considered inferior in appearance,education and financially.Germanic men do not want trouble.They want woman that works,brings bacon to home and a partner,not a gold digger,a black hole who sucks money.
Greek women are complicated you get into this Mediteranean princess mentality plus Balkan kurwa root,plus turkish pseudoconservatism plus European pseudofeminism early adopted.So you basically have the worst of all worlds the worst elements of West,Slav,Ottoman combined,the women play every angle as they desire and leave you with your dick in your palm.
It is for very skillful guys,powerful individuals the concept,otherwise you are lost.For the skillfull powerful individuals it is different since they get the package in their taste and they can form it like they want.Putana(prostitute) in bed,lady in salon as we say in Greece and enjoy the best of all worlds.Generally in Balkans it is the old Roman brutal mentality,survival of the fittest,weaknesses are not tolerated and get punished ASAP.Either you are top dog or you are nothing.It is the heavy Roman hand,you have to be a slave for long in order to become a boss then and only if you have eaten an enormous and enough quantity of shit as we say in order to know the game.
Slavic women are always the easy solution.If you have had enough with Mediteranean and Germanic women and you know you are not good enough for them you go slavic and you have a blast.Slavic women accept very low level of men appearance,finance,social circle etc.Russian inspire you to do more to become relevant and successful,they boost your confidence and ambitions to become real man as they call it,to rule over other men and feed them,polish and Ukrainian women get more easily compromised to low,usual,comfortable,average status they do not inspire you to great things like Russian,are more low maintanance and down to earth compared to their eastern slavic sisters.Polish women are the Fiats or zastavas,the bikes of slavic world.The fast food.They call them Mc Donalds girls,easy and cheap,everyone can have one.Not that this is bad from principle.
Why should one work one year to enjoy just a meal in high class restaurant instead of eating 100 times in Mc Donalds with the same money?
It is the question of vfm.A vfm guy should turn to Poland,Ukraine and this is exactly what most of international fuckers do.Gourmet guys with refined tastes and standards think they are superior but we need to analyse the pussy economics.

Poet AND psychologist AND economist. Please show me another PUA who understands and can explain national sexual dynamics anywhere as well as kamaki does. Roosh was just an American tourist in Europe in comparison, despite his many years here. He never saw beneath the surface of the different psychologies that comprise the old world, because he's too simple and dense for it, on top of not really speaking any continental European language and hence being excluded from continental European circles from the outset, and for good. What can you really understand about a nation if you were neither raised there, nor can even communicate with the populace to a sufficient degree that they'll accept you as one of their own? And the same goes for Krauser here and all the other Anglo betas. They can barely tell the difference between EE countries, and Greek kamaki is the antidote to that, on top of being a generally informative and even at times hilarious read, in contrast to the dour and morose Anglos. Above all, you can tell that kamaki is not trying to prove anything or one-up anyone because he is accomplished and secure in himself, and desires no one's approval, in contrast to the constantly squirming and constantly attention-seeking nerdy Anglo PUAs like Roosh and Krauser who cannot tolerate superiority around them and will ban it with extreme prejudice every chance they get.

So let us look up kamaki's various forum accounts and enjoy his thoughts. He recently surfaced on Swoop and has been posting tons on it, massively raising the forum's quality in the process. Let's hope they have enough sense to not mess with his account, and I'll be sure to update this post with more accounts of his if I find any. I think that his countless posts on RVF are gone, or are about to be gone for good, which is pretty depressing. But let's not focus on the depressing aspect. Let's focus on the fact that kamaki is alive and well, and the fire still burns in him, and he's still willing to share his insights and experiences with us. ... e&uid=2714 ... le&u=10394


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Re: ★★★★ Greek kamaki (N/A)

Thu May 21, 2020 6:42 pm

P.S. The 4/5 rating is because he lacks a formal theory. When he gets off his big fat lazy Greek ass and writes that, he'll get the extra star ;)

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Re: ★★★★ Greek kamaki (N/A)

Sun Jul 12, 2020 5:39 pm

Quite stunning analysis relating political history to sexual genetics to aesthetics. Peak Greek kamaki. Compare to Krauser's endless mindless regurgitation of a handful of "red pill truths" he copied off other people, which were wrong to start with lol. It's the difference between a thinker and a moron. ... 0#pid32290
Greek kamaki wrote:All these countries Baltics,Ukraine,Belarus,Poland etc used to operate as sattelites or vassals of the Russian empire.If the Russian tsarist official wanted to throw an easy dick or get a proper BJ,he just travelled some kilometers away to the sattelites and the provinces.
Of course there are lots of differences we cannot say that Poland,Belarus,Ukraine are the same but in general it is the place to get easy bang.It has always been that way.
All invadors there fucked good.Wehrmacht soldiers left 1 million descendants in Ukraine,they fucked the hell out of Ukrainian women in 3 years.In Poland it was similar.So we have amazing mixes,all these invasions shaped very elegant species.Women of very high caliber.Mom Ukrainian,dad German,grandmother polish,grandfather Lithuanian,uncle Russian etc,it is very common mix with excellent genetic results.
The most successful mixes in terms of appearance are slavic-germanic(Czech,Baltic women),slavic-Hungarian(Slovak women) and slavic-Balkan(Serbian,Croat women).The slavic mix adds always the extra element of beauty,makes the women spicy.
Hardcore slavic,slavic more than 60% without any mix you see in a zone from central Poland to central Ukraine.All around this area the degree of slavic appearance falls.However Belarus is 50% slavic and western Poland the same.So it is not bad at all.
In Russia slavic percentage falls a lot they have lots of other ethnicities Armenians,Caucasians,Asians,Mongols and they have effect on genetic pool since they are everywhere.
As a result Russian women are not so good looking like other totally pure slavic women but more fighters with spirit,not so passive and emotional.They have more backbone.Polish,Ukrainian,Belarus etc are very soft,there is minimum resistance like jumping a 5 cm fence.
If you prefer the easy solutions this is the way.You see how easily Wehrmacht or Napoleon occupied all these countries-sattelites but what they encountered when they tried to advance in deep real Russia.It is always the same.You will get the same.

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Re: ★★★★ Greek kamaki (N/A)

Fri Aug 28, 2020 10:30 pm ... 5#pid36285
Greek kamaki wrote:Basically in Europe there are the Germanics,the Mediteraneans and the Slavs with vast differences in mentality,Weltanschauung,women and male behaviour etc.The history of course plays important role,Czech women would be totally different now if the Czechs had won against the Swedish in 1648,Russian would also be different if Napoleon had won in 1812,and polish also different if the Turks had defeated them in front of Vienna in 1683.Of course also different if communists were defeated in Russia in 1918.
Usually the nations characteristics remain the same.I read a book of a French traveller and nobel who visited Greece in 1854 and he describes the Greeks exactly as they are now,it is unbelievably accurate.If you read Dostoyevski,he describes in 1860 the Russians exactly how they are today,it is like accurate gallery.

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Re: ★★★★ Greek kamaki (N/A)

Sun May 23, 2021 11:22 pm

Greek kamaki on the Germans again. Note that I am the opposite to almost everything he says about the Greeks. What he says is quite accurate about the majority of Greeks, but there are exceptions, and I am one of them. I can't stand the Greek attitudes he describes. To me they seem anti-Greek, more Turkish and Middle Eastern than Greek. ... 3#pid29513
Greek kamaki wrote:German women have many requirements in appearance,age,wealth,job etc and if you do not meet any of them you are disqualified.
Generally they prefer tall,handsome guys of same age,from same social circle and niveau.
As a foreigner you are extremely undervalued and you do not get into picture to break into unless you have some serious assets like very good appearance,very good job,wealth etc and in this case again you will find a German girl of lower status,either fat or older or poorer,in no case equivalent.Germanics generally are very tribal.
Cultural things also play a role,German women do a lot of things that are very frustrating for us Greeks and they know that it is unlikely to get along due to a lot of cultural differences and believes.
Of course if you are a very powerful Greek and you do not chew your testes as we say,if you are accepted into German social circles because you look and behave good,then it is not a problem to bang hot women,but you really need to count as individual to have qualifications.
Greek women are more easily accepted by Germans than Greek men.Generally to be accepted,the Germans have to win something from you,to have a financial gain.They look more for profit.
Can you provide them vacations for free,career advancement etc?That is what they look in you.How to determine your worth.
As a Greek you are always a Greek,you cannot become germanized but if you take the extra step,it is probably better.Some manage to do that,to become completely germanized but you need to have predisposition.To like this situation.

For example for a Greek a nice entertainment would be to go to a cafe,drink a frappe for 2 hours,talk bulshit,whatever he likes and watch the asses of females around.For a German it would be to do some sports like jogging etc,drink lots of beers or different drinks one after the other, which do not make any sense for us,we prefer the laid back activities,we do not want to move so much,exercise so much or drink so much beer.Germans have much more energy and like real life and stimuli.
So if you meet a girl and she gets you into sports,skiing,mountain climbing,diving,bicycle etc while all that you want is to sit down in the cafe and scratch your balls listening to music,joking and watching asses,it will be a cultural conflict and it is understandable.Many things they like and enjoy are for us like work,activity and rules,not real leisure.They cannot relax these people,they are always very serious and excited.

Germans also do not get Greek humor,they regard it as Frechheit,surrealism or no sense and we do not get German humor,it seems very insulting and ironic,sarcastic.So German women do not laugh when you expect them to laugh while Swedish,Dutch,Austrian or polish women for example will burst from tears.
So in Germany you need to adjust it is not so easy.Either become fully germanized which is rather difficult if you lack genes,culture,predisposition or at least become partly germanized that is accepting some basic things they do as norm and comply to society rules which is much more doable.As partly germanized you are seen as half Greek or less by compatriots but foreign women have better opinion about you than if you were the Great Greek guy as we call them.(guy speaking Greek all the time,have only Greek friends,visit only Greek cafes and restaurants,eat only Greek food and listening only to Greek music thinking he is superior to all natives,there are lots of them).
If you are Great Greek,it is highly unlikely that a worthy German woman will notice you but great Greeks usually do not care since they regard Mediteranean women as superior and Western civilization and habits as inferior.They are in their cloud as we say.

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