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Request thread

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:12 am
by icycalm
Have a PUA or PUA resource in mind that you want me to review? Drop some links here and I'll check them out when I get some time and let you know what I think. Of course, feel free to drop your opinions too, in this thread and in my threads (though don't start a thread of your own in this subforum, do it in the Game forum instead if you feel like starting a thread).

Re: Request thread

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:24 pm
by Onizuka
Rollo Tomassi:

Some of the guys I do Brazilian Jiujitsu with were going on about how great the Rational Male is and that "you've gotta read it, changed my life, redpill thinking man!", so that made me want to know your thoughts on this guy.

Re: Request thread

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:22 pm
by icycalm
I'll get to him eventually, when I talk about "marriage game" (lol). For the time being, check out this aphorism I just posted on Orgy that references him and one of his main ideas:
932. "The feminine imperative." This is Rollo Tomassi's and the fagotcube's catch-all theory to explain the feminization of society: "It's happening because women are making it happen", they say. But the women "making it happen" are anything but feminine, they are the exact opposite of feminine: butch ugly lesbian warpigs like Norway's current PM who spend parliament sessions playing Pokemon while actual women are busy getting their nails done and sorting through their Tinder prospects. In healthier times, no one took butch ugly lesbian warpigs seriously, and they were "left on the shelf", as the expression went; but at some time in the recent past people started taking them seriously, and now they run entire countries, so what changed?

What changed was people like Rollo Tomassi and the fagotcube becoming so feminized that they could no longer beat their own womenfolk up, shout down the ugly warpigs, and throw the homosexuals off the roof, that's what happened. What happened was that men became feminized, and then they started feminizing society! It's Rollo Tomassi and the fagotcube that are feminizing society not my big-titted ex-girlfriend whose brain is flooded with so much estrogen she has trouble planning what she will do in the next hour let alone what an entire society will do in the next ten years! It is men that shape societies because women simply lack the foresight, patience and commitment to do so: women live in the present, like eternal children: how could they ever shape anything lol? The poor morons can't even shape their own children, let alone anyone else lol.

So when you see Rollo Tomassi and his effeminate uneducated fagotcube scribbler buddies ignore men like me and my ideas as "too extreme" (read: too manly), and blame the state of entire societies on the "imperative" of some Tinder hoes, remember that the West hasn't thrown fags off of roofs for a very long time, and that was a philosophical error of the first rank that is the very first thing that must be remedied if we're some day to begin masculinizing society again. (And yes, that means throwing Rollo Tomassi and his buddies off the roof too if they refuse to STFU and get in line.)

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Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 12:06 am
by 88888u
938. A great example that demonstrates how weak, effeminate males like Roosh and Rollo Tomassi are ultimately responsible for all the societal ills they bemoan, blaming them on everyone but themselves (as is the custom of weaklings), is the fate of people like Woody Allen and Louis C.K., ultra-liberal leftist comedians lording it over the rest of us with their moral superiority for decades who suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of this superiority and in danger of losing their entire lives. You fucktards have been eroding social mores and mankind's faith in its entire past for decades now, and you wonder how society has fallen so low as to attempt to ban humor? You don't merely deserve to get metooed, you deserve hanging, just like Roosh, Tomassi and all the other gay fuckwits who try to pass for men today! That perverted wretch Kevin Spacey is perhaps the worst current example of this: a legit fagot who finds himself in trouble in a society that supposedly loves fagotry. But though Spacey is a freak, there are worse freaks than him around today, and they are using the means that the original freaks invented to get the upper hand on them. That's how the liberal scam works: The weak erode society's norms in order for them to live, thus creating conditions that allow the even weaker to rise up and adopt the same means, eroding norms further and further. Where does this debasement stop? When it hits rock bottom, when this erosion gets so bad that the average person begins suffocating and can't live within it, threatening to destroy the entire society that all these parasites are feeding off of. That's when the average person fights back. Which is what's happening now. But one should never forget that it was the average person himself who allowed the original freaks to get the upper hand in the first place, due to his feminization, and hence it is their fault for the position that they find themselves in, as always. The whining=resentment is merely the acknowledgement of this: acknowledgment of this original failure. [...]
Nietzsche: "On the other hand, nothing is more strictly forbidden them than ugly manners or a pessimistic outlook, an eye that makes ugly — to say nothing of indignation at the collective aspect of things. Indignation is the privilege of the Chandala; pessimism likewise. 'The world is perfect' — thus speaks the instinct of the most spiritual, the affirmative instinct —: 'imperfection, everything beneath us, distance between man and man, the pathos of this distance, the Chandala themselves pertain to this perfection.'"

Icycalm, if the world was perfect, then why would you will it to be different by killing these effeminate males? It is not like something can be "more perfect" or "less perfect". Is it because when Nietzsche says "'the world' is perfect" he is viewing it on the level of the universe, including time (i.e. all moments are perfect, and therefore the world isn't capable of being not perfect)?

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Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:37 am
by icycalm
We are not dead. Therefore we enjoy doing things. And doing things changes things. That doesn't mean that we didn't like how things were before. It is quite possible to love something and still want to change it. After all, stasis is boring. So I plan the coming cybernetic revolution even while fully enjoying the present stage of civilization. It's not exactly rocket science.

All this stuff seems complicated only to people who have no personal experience of it, so they try to understand it by juggling alien abstractions in their heads. That's why you are trying to bring time and the whole frigging universe in to try to understand how I can possibly wish to change anything instead of sitting in a chair and staring at a wall all day long, since I think the universe is "perfect", after all. My feelings seem utterly alien to you, and all you have left to try and empathize with me is pitiful abstractions.

Re: Request thread

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:51 am
by icycalm
This is the PUA review request thread, by the way. I made an exception by answering your off-topic question but I won't do it again.