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★★ Swoop the World (

Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:06 am


Perhaps the only thing you need to know about this site is that the first bullet point on their frontpage is "60 Countries Swooped". Or the second is "300 Blog Posts". Or the third is "Over 1,000 Girls Seduced*" (and no, I have no idea what the asterisk refers to, nor do I want to know). Or just look at that stupid logo lol.

I only learned about this site because of the RVF implosion, and their (mostly failed) attempt to catch the traffic that RVF lost. They did get a bunch of RVF guys over there, but mostly low-quality ones, and even they are not bothering to post much, or of much value. For more of an analysis of why their site sucks, head over to the thread I made earlier where I elaborate. No need to repeat myself here.

Swoop the World is a generic lowbrow PUA site

More succinctly: ... 4928517120
Michael Mason wrote:Weesh PUA/Manosphere "guys"

Story is Always The Same:

Starts as Dork
Sees some gay shit on Internet
Says gay shit like "Red pill", "hypergamy" etc
Travels to d grade cities, Swoops dudes
Eats soy
Goes to Manosphere "meet ups" Swoops dudes
Becomes Dork again

This is
I tried to read some of their blog posts in preparation for this review, but the titles are so vapid, and the thumbnails so repulsive, that I couldn't even bring myself to click on one of them. And the forum is equally vapid with perhaps the exception of a couple of recent threads started by RVF refugees. Here's a couple that caught my eye:

Lifting is for girls? ... hp?tid=700

Chase Excellence Not Women? ... hp?tid=767

Nothing groundbreaking, just a couple of decent threads of the likes you'd get all the time on RVF before it went full-nutjob. However, these threads are so few and far between on Swoop, that I just don't find it worthwhile to visit the forum more than a couple of times a month, if that, and even then only until a true successor to RVF is found, at which point I will stop visiting them entirely (and I suspect, so will everyone else, including the owners, since they didn't even seem to bother posting in their own forum before the RVF refugees starting coming over).


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