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★★★ James Tusk (

Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:29 am ... deZyZoHGZg


There's really not much to say about this guy and his crew. He is trying to pick up the mantle from after that project imploded (and after Yad picked it up and kind of put it in hibernation—more on that in my Yad review). The one benefit he has over the DG guys is that he's good-looking. None of those guys were remotely good-looking, so he has that going for him. It's funny how those guys kept yapping about self-improvement, but they never got any progress done in the gym, whereas this guy has massive bulging biceps despite the fact that he's so good-looking he barely needs them. However, as a thinker and a teacher, he has nothing new to offer, nor does he seem as good at conveying basic concepts as well as the DG guys. He is way inferior to Yad in terms of getting students comfortable with opening and having fun interactions, that's for sure. If anything, I am guessing his looks intimidate students because they (mostly rightly) attribute all his successes to them.

In sum, what we have here is a good-looking dude who watched a bunch of videos, tried it out and was decent at it, and saw the opportunity when that scene imploded to step in and offer an inferior version of their service—but still a serviceable one.

I've skimmed a few of his videos and haven't come across anything remotely new or interesting. It's all decent-ish stuff that gets the job done, but nothing particularly insightful or exciting. By all means, let me know if you find something I missed, but I won't bother looking more myself.

In sum, I think the one advantage that Tusk has, and the one gift he has to give to the game world, is precisely his looks. He shows how easy daygame, and all kinds of game, can be if you take the trouble to look good. As GLL says, not everyone is good-looking, but everyone can look good if they put some effort into it. Tusk is sly in that he pretends his success is not due to his looks, and he definitely doesn't give you anywhere near the amount of information that GLL does into how you can look good, but nevertheless he is good as an inspiration and motivation to look good, for those who need it, and that's the main value I see in him, and the reason I give him 3/5 as opposed to 2/5 based solely on his middling daygame skills.

Here's an example infield:

How To Act When A Girl Likes You...

Girl can barely keep her hands off him. This is what can happen to you if you take the trouble to look good (which most guys don't, which is why this sort of scenario seems like science fiction to them).

But for god's sake get rid of that stupid lobster or crab or whatever it is tattoo you have on your right arm and replace it with something decent. It makes you look like an utter moron.


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