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Game Hack #9: Endgame Textgame

Sat Mar 06, 2021 11:51 pm

What is endgame textgame? It is the text game that I have used ever since I became an endgame PUA, i.e. ever since I became good. It is NOT a text game for beginners, just like pretty much everything else in this book. It also isn't a text game for advanced quasi-effeminate PUAs who enjoy texting and gossiping and mind games like girls do. If that's you, look for Ya Really's book on text-heavy game. It's like a girl trying to game another girl. He says it works for him, and he explains why, and I believe him, but it's not for me. I struggle to READ his chats in his book, let alone PARTICIPATE in them when they are drawn out in real-time over days and weeks. I would shoot myself in the face if the only way to get laid was that way: I would quit dating and females altogether.

Thankfully, not only isn't text-heavy game required to get laid, but quite the opposite. Text game is effeminate as fuck (and thus so is online game btw, which is conducted ENTIRELY via text), and thus a quick way to project masculinity is to cut it out almost altogether. You can't COMPLETELY cut it out, because you need it to set dates, but you can reduce it to such a point where it is almost non-existent and thus doesn't even qualify as game at all but merely as communication—as it should be, if you're male. And btw, don't bother trying to call girls you don't already know well and/or aren't sleeping with. Calling strangers out of the blue in 2021 is just obnoxious. You'll still find some PUA who claims it is the masculine thing to do, but in this even GLL is wrong. The masculine thing to do is to not be a retard who doesn't understand that voice calls from strangers make girls extremely uneasy and unlikely to even respond, even with GLL's trick of calling the girl right after she's texted you. That's just baiting her and putting her in the spot for no good reason whatsoever. Just don't bother with calls unless the girl calls you or specifically asks you to call her (which is a sign of extreme affection btw). Once she's your girlfriend, there will be plenty of time for calls, but don't be a moron and try to force this. It's not 1989 anymore, grandpa. Get with the times.

Let me also say that text game for newbies is virtually a NECESSITY, and if you are new to this stuff—and ESPECIALLY if you're new to girls and dating—you stand to gain a LOT by spending a few weeks or even months going through what is known as TEXT HELL. And what is text hell? Text hell is trying to get girls to like you via text: which is the whole point of text game. It just DOESN'T FUCKING WORK, and if you go down this path not only will you not convert any ambivalent girls, but you might even turn against you girls THAT ALREADY LIKE YOU. There is nothing more effeminate than a male who attempts to impress a girl and elicit positive reactions from her through text. I don't care how you go about it and what strategies you use: to a trained eye (and of course to all females, who are BORN with a sixth sense for this stuff) your desperation and effeminacy are screaming out to heaven, and any girl with self-respect and standards will write you off entirely, and probably even ghost you, as you deserve. That said, you have to go through this hell yourself in order to fully appreciate how hellish it is. So go ahead and try to joke via text with girls you just met. Try the PUAs' "callback humor". Drop DHVs about your jetsetting lifestyle or masculine interests. Delay each text for at least twice as long as it takes her to reply to you, stringing along these wretched chats over days and weeks, jumping up at every phone notification, only to end up with nothing to show for it than countless man-hours of wasted time in the most trivial, mind-numbing chatter as you get more and more invested into girls that were never really attracted to you in the first place instead of going out and finding girls that ARE attracted to you, and meeting up with them and having actual fun. Besides, to a newbie, a new phone number is an entirely different thing to what it is to me. To me, a new phone number is NOTHING. I have got hundreds of numbers since I started in all this, and only 20 or 30 of them have meant anything to me, and only two or three of THOSE have meant A LOT to me. So when I get a new number, I am looking out for ONE MORE OF THESE TWO OR THREE NUMBERS. I am looking, in other words, for one more amazing girl that has an incredible affinity with me, and those are SUPER-RARE. So merely by elementary statistics, the chances that any single new number falls in that category are negligible. So I pretty much KNOW, when I get a new number, that it's practically useless and thus worthless. So I don't get too excited about it, because I know it's probably a waste of time. So I fire out an invitation for a drink or a walk or whatever, and then forget about it and text some more numbers. And when I run out of numbers to text, I go out and meet some new girls. That's what endgame textgame is.

"Hey I'll be downtown tonight, come out for a drink." (Yes, with the period and comma and everything.)

All this presupposing that you've done a solid approach and she already knows you're a great guy who vibes well with her and whom she'd like to get to know better. Doesn't matter if you're a 9 and she's a 9, or you're a 5 and she's a 5: the point is you're on a similar wavelength, and that was obvious from your street- or night-time or social interaction. If you did a hit-and-run approach, because you just caught her going into a store and just grabbed her number as a sort of hail mary, then you will need a couple more texts, and in those cases I run a super-condensed version of the typical PUA text game script, with my opening text being a joke of some kind centered around our interaction (how I opened her and why, etc.), the second text some kind of probing for her logistics (what she's up to, what she's into), and the third text being the invitation. If she attempts to elicit more texts from me in an effort to get to know me by text I cut her short with "Let's just chat in person, I don't enjoy texting". If she declines the invite without an offer to reschedule I reply with "No worries" and never text her again (unless I am bored at some point and have nothing better to do, in which case I mass-ping all such numbers in the vicinity, which typically happens weeks if not months later), and if she offers to reschedule, I do it there and then, and seal the deal on the spot without dragging out the process further. And as for the date day, I don't bother with confirmation texts, like lots of PUAs advise. I've already explained my Caveman Date Method that basically treats every date, not as a date, but as an opportunity to go out and chat up new girls (as a sarging opportunity, in PUA parlance). The actual date is just a bonus if it happens, and if it doesn't happen it's for the best because it means I didn't have adequate affinity with the girl and she would have wasted several of my hours that it was best that I spend chatting up new girls so that I can meet someone special. But, let me tell you, if you're worried about flakes, that if you're running overconfident endgame textgame like me, you WON'T be flaked on. Girls flake on guys like the PUAs who send needy confirmation texts, they don't flake on guys who don't give enough of a shit to send any more texts than a one-sentence take-it-or-leave-it invitation. I don't remember being flaked on even a single time, and I don't expect to ever be flaked on. Endgame textgame screens out timewasters like you wouldn't believe, precisely so that you don't have to deal with any of this bullshit.

But until you get to the endgame level—if you ever get there at all—you WILL need to be flaked on. You WILL need to go down the endless twisting pathway to text hell to nowhere. Because, for a newbie, a new number is a treasure. There's just no way getting around the newbie's thirst, and this thirst means that, for him, it's impossible to treat numbers as carelessly as I treat them. I know for A FACT that an hour in the street will get me at least a couple numbers, and a DAY in the street will get me DOZENS. Meanwhile, the newbie has been psyching himself up over weeks or months to go out and get a SINGLE number. There's just NO WAY he can treat that number with anything less than reverence. These guys have typically no female affection in their lives, perhaps even no female presence at all, so, to them, merely the fact that the girl BOTHERED TO TEXT THEM BACK feels like some kind of triumph. And, for them, IT IS. They're not mistaken there. So the girl's little smilies and girlish expressions are an intoxicating breath of warmth and femininity in their lives. You see, I understand you guys. I've been there, though I only stayed there for a few months because I am extremely talented in this stuff and a super-fast learner. You probably aren't any of these things, so you might have to spend some years at this stage—and most of you might stay there forever. After all, Krauser still engages in months-long text chat romances after a decade of gaming. He will still be texting about giraffes and furry little animals and eating steak when he's 50. And, if you're like him and follow his example—and that of most PUAs—that could well be you too. And that's okay. Not everyone is made for endgame pick-up. Almost no one is made for it in fact. But this book is for the handful of you who ARE made for endgame pick-up. Which is why I don't expect it to be flying off store shelves any day soon, if ever. (Also, because it's not on store shelves, and probably never will be.)

So if you're a newbie, by all means play around with every single number you get until the girl ghosts you or you get sick of her. That's what I did at first too, and it was FUN. It was legit fun at first because it was a brand-new experience for me, an experience that taught me LOADS. But as you start getting some successes under your belt, you graduate to a NEW LEVEL of fun: the fun of solid dates, and a bit further down the road the fun of solid sex, and eventually the fun of solid relationships. And let me tell you something you already know or SHOULD know if you're reading this book: these latter types of fun are a shitload more fun than text game is. So eventually, it's just a sheer waste of time to text chat with lukewarm girls instead of spending face-to-face time with girls who are on your level. Even if I am simply chatting in the street with a brand-new girl in an interaction that's going nowhere, that's STILL a million times more fun than chatting on the phone in an interaction that's also going nowhere. In the street, at least I have the girl in front of me, and I can even touch her if I want to, and there's not much she can do about it than walk off in a huff, which is a million times more fun than getting ghosted on, or waiting half a day for a lame dismissive reply—which is what you'll end up getting much of the time if you go heavy into text game. The PUAs claim that text game takes no time, and you can do it throughout the day without spending too much attention on it, but anyone who's tried their strategies knows this claim is bullshit so I won't even bother to debunk it. It is a bald-faced lie, and text game the way they run it can be debilitating to your everyday life. Merely forcing yourself to time your replies according to the PUAs' esoteric rules suffices to ruin my day, to ruin the day of ANY legit male who just wants to reply and be done with it instead of having to wait half a fucking day to reply because the girl took half a day. If she's taking half a day, SHE DOESN'T LIKE YOU, and you're accomplishing nothing by continuing to play this stupid game. She continues to play it either because she's too nice to be frank with you or ghost you, or because she enjoys the attention, but either way it does nothing for you but waste your time and mental energy that you could be putting into meeting more girls and finding one that DOES like you enough to not play these stupid games with you. Bottom line, "text game" is no way for a man to live his life. I don't even text MY GIRLFRIENDS as much as those PUA simps like Krauser text strangers in the street who have no plans to ever meet them lol. It's ridiculous.

Now in my adventures at text game as a newbie I HAVE managed to get out on dates girls who were lukewarm into me, and whose arm I basically twisted via text techniques to get out and meet me. And let me tell you, the PUAs will say those were successes, but those dates were SHIT compared to the dates I got with girls who were so into me from the get-go that they came out with just a single text invite. "Maybe" girls are a giant red herring that the PUAs chase as validation of their masculinity. I have no interest in such girls and all my techniques are designed to filter them out so that I can focus my full attention on "YES" girls with whom I vibe completely and with whom I can therefore have something special. And a "Yes" girl replies "Yes" when you ask her out via text. And if she doesn't reply "Yes" because she can't make the date, she replies with "No, but" and offers to reschedule, and that I can work with. But I cannot work with girls who straight-up decline my invitation. More precisely, I CAN work with that, but I DON'T WANT TO. So I don't. And I believe that trying to work with that is a sign of BLATANT INEXPERIENCE. It's okay for a newbie, it's even required for him, but for a PUA to behave that way it's laughable. No way those guys are advanced, they are at most intermediates, and barrel-scrapers with no self-respect in the bargain. If you yourself are a barrel-scraper with little self-respect, go ahead and learn from those guys. But that's not me, and so it's also not the reader I am targeting with this book.

As for the speed of my replies, nowadays it's almost instant. As in, I reply when I see the text. If I see it half an hour later, I reply half an hour later; if I see it immediately, I reply immediately. I NEVER leave the girl hanging. If she declines an offer, I neither ghost her as punishment (as some PUAs advise), nor do I delay the reply or send lengthy passive-aggressive replies. I just say "Sure, no worries" and move on to another girl, and at that point the ball is in her court if she wants to reinitiate. At that point she has lost me, and she has to take charge of the situation to save our connection, or our connection is lost (if I mass-ping her months later, that won't save our connection: I am treating her as a whore at that point, and refuse to take her seriously even if she wants me to. At that point it's pure entertainment, so anything goes, including sending dick pics for fun et al.)

I repeat: none of this stuff is good for newbies. If you're a newbie, you need to find and read a good newbie text game guide, and you can use this thread to recommend such books to one another. A good starting point for newbies will always be Love Systems. They have legit guides for everything with little to no "alpha"(=gamma) bullshit. Once upon a time I read Braddock & Savoy's text game guide by Love Systems, and it set me on the right path for that stage of my development. Give it a try if you don't have anything better in mind. Understand that when I say that I reply immediately to texts, THIS ISN'T GOOD FOR A NEWBIE. It is good for a six-foot-one, 190-pound Greek god who practically mugs girls in the street and doesn't give a shit what they do in response or what they think about him, BECAUSE HE KNOWS THEY ARE SUBHUMAN (see my philosophy book for more details). If instead a scrawny dork who can't even look a girl in the eyes when talking to her tries to reply immediately, it will seem even more sad than merely being a scrawny shy dork. It will be utterly repulsive to any girl who isn't hideous. So if that's you, you need to work on that stuff, and so beginner's guides will help you. In short, "low-value" behaviors mean nothing when I do them because I have already made clear from my approach that I am the "highest-value" guy she'll ever meet. But if you REALLY ARE "low-value", you need to work on that if you ever want female affection in your life, or you want better female attention than your current "low value" entitles you to. So you need to do the work, and you need to start from the bottom. That said, it's good to know what the endgame looks like, if you decide to try to work your way up to it, so reading this book now is certainly not a waste of your time.

PROTIP for newbies: These days there are apps that schedule texts. So you can type your reply immediately, and tell the app to send it six hours later or something. These apps are amazing and they would have been a lifesaver to me back in 2013. That said... I still wouldn't have ended up in relationships with the girls who REQUIRED these apps to become attracted to me. I still would have ended up with the same girls I ended up with. So in the end, little tricks like this are meaningless in the long run, if not downright counterproductive (because they result in spending time with girls you aren't compatible with). But it's a cool little help for guys just starting out I guess, as it gives them one less thing to worry about. I don't use these apps so I can't recommend any, but you should be able to find plenty of them if you search, and you can share them with other newbies in this thread if you want. For endgame gamers I would recommend UNINSTALLING these apps and flexing your masculinity by not relying on them. Just fucking fire and forget your texts, and move on to more girls until you hit on your next unicorn. Endgame pick-up is all about unicorns, about quality over quantity (which requires a HUGE amount of quantity to find), and not forcing situations with leftovers. So don't force them.

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