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Game Hack #6: Girl Game

Tue Jun 23, 2020 3:33 am

Scant attempts have been made to write a practical game guide for girls, and no attempts at a full-blown theory. I will skip the theory too because there'd be no point to it, since females don't read theory. And at any rate, it'd be the simplest theory ever: "Be Pretty" would probably be the only chapter ("Don't Be Ugly" would be the second chapter). But a practical guide would be interesting because it would expose the flaws in female functioning, which are identical to those of weak, effeminate males, who form the majority of consumers of PUA material. By explaining why girls are hopeless at game (unlike what the PUAs say, who think that girls are naturals at it), we'll be exposing at the same time that weak, effeminate males are hopeless too and may as well stop reading.

So what should a girl who wants to improve her dating prospects do? How should she behave?

It is extremely simple. She should go on dating sites and swipe apps and process thousands of suitors—the exact opposite, that is to say, to what guys should do. Girls' market value is at its maximum online—where male thirst is at its peak—and guys' in the street—where female worship is at its bottom—so of course the best course of action for both groups is to focus on their prime hunting grounds and approach like machines. It really is as simple as that.

But here comes the catch, as regards females and effeminate males: they are extremely PASSIVE, LAZY creatures who abhor feeling uncomfortable, let alone exposing themselves to rough situations. The mere THOUGHT of an awkward interaction is enough to stop them dead in their tracks in any kind of endeavor whatever, whereas proper men actually get AROUSED at the idea of confrontation and danger, they get aroused by CHALLENGE, by RISK, in other words. That's why the weak male would rather cut off his own penis than run daygame, and that's also why the female would rather stay celibate until she meets someone through her social circle than go on an app and try to meet up with thousands of men to find Mr. Gray. She WILL find him in the app, it is a mathematical certainty that she will find someone FAR ABOVE what she could get in her social circle if she puts in the time and effort, just like the effeminate male WILL eventually land a girl in the street WAY ABOVE what he can land in his circle—if he even has one; but the prospect of the countless rejections and pumps and dumps they will have to endure in order to get there freezes them up and shuts the whole enterprise down before they've even begun it. And that's why both groups are utterly hopeless in game, due to genetic reasons. Nothing can be done about it.

Now, you might say that I've been calling the PUAs "faggots" for hundreds of pages now, and some of them approach like machines, in the street even, so aren't they masculine after all? It's all relative, dude: obviously Krauser is a thousand times more masculine than some internet nerd WHO WON'T EVEN APPROACH AT ALL, but compared to me Krauser is a faggot, and the nerd who is too afraid to open his mouth and say hi to a female isn't even human at all. I come from a line of beings that wrestled with animals with their bare hands and plunged swords into each other, so of course everyone who exhibits the slightest hint of effeminacy is subhuman to me, let alone people who can't even look a little girl in the eyes and say hi.

So, to get back to "girl game", it is clear that the online space is flooded with pathetic simps, but among those millions of simps there are also some masculine guys, and some cool guys, and some rich guys, and some smart guys. There are even some guys who are masculine AND cool AND rich AND smart; it's just statistics, the same exact way that the street is full of ugly, rude, unlikeable girls, who are not open to talking to strangers, let alone be picked up by them, but there are ALSO some very pretty, very kind, very likeable girls who ARE open to talking to strangers and being picked up by them, AND THAT IS PRECISELY DAYGAME'S TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC. So, for the daygame PUA, the name of the game is approaching in enough volume to find precisely those girls. Just so, the name of the game in optimal girl game is to "approach" enough guys online to find the rare ones that are worth finding. But of course, in order to get there, the daygame PUA will have to steel himself for the thousands of rejections he'll have to face—that's even one of the premier skills of the skillset, known as "inner game"—and similarly, the girl PUA will have to push past countless crappy interactions and awkward dates and pumps and dumps to get to her male unicorn. And of course no girl is ever going to do that. They just dick around with their phones for a bit when they are bored or need validation, but they rarely ever meet anyone off it, or if they do meet a couple of dudes they get discouraged because chances are those dudes are lame, and they give up—exactly how the effeminate male who does manage to run a couple of street approaches, probably gets rejected, and gives up right after. Neither of them has the intelligence to understand the THEORY that explains that you need to do INDUSTRIAL VOLUME to hit the jackpot, and of course neither of them has the FORTITUDE to ACTUALLY run industrial volume. In the case of girls, the mere THOUGHT of a pump and dump is terrifying to the vast majority of them, let alone a SERIES of HUNDREDS of pumps and dumps in quick succession. That would utterly CRUSH their self-esteem as surely as the simp's self-esteem drops to the gutter after a handful of street rejections, never mind the thousands that people like me, or tens of thousands that people like Krauser, had to endure in order to attain our unicorns, that we DID attain in the end, and are still attaining.

Ultimately, the male vs. female dichotomy can be rewritten as the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE—that's what the difference in the sexes boils down to—while THE WHOLE POINT of game is to improve your dating prospects by GOING INTO HYPERACTIVE MODE. And of course that is something that females (and by extension effeminate males) are genetically incapable of doing. That's why game was invented by males and is practiced solely by them. "Girl game" is therefore an oxymoron, and the very phrase "simp game" is a joke that needs no explanation. These creatures utterly lack the mental fortitude required to be good at anything, let alone such mentally-draining pursuits as cutting-edge pick-up, so there's no point in trying to help them at all, or write guides for them on how to be human. THEY ARE SUBHUMAN, and that is the end of that. And let us be glad about that, since if THEIR game worked, ours wouldn't, because if all the single girls were methodically hunting on swipe apps for the high-status guys that they want, they wouldn't give us the time of day in the street. Our entire game is predicated on girls' inherent passivity, and god bless them for it, and god bless the simps too for not flooding the streets and ruining our hunting grounds, amen.

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