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Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:30 pm


The biggest stumbling block to a more transparent, more efficient PUA scene has always been the internet's inherently anonymous posting structure. For the default internet post, whether in a blog or a forum or a social media account, is totally anonymous, the default avatar blank, the default bio empty. You can add as much info to your profiles as you want, up to and including a hardcore sex video of you and your girlfriend, but not a single PUA guru has done this so far, and few have bothered to include as much as a mere picture of themselves (P.S. the 5-second clips Krauser used to post on his blog years ago do not count as "hardcore sex videos" unless you are from the Victorian era, and anyone can make a clip of themselves talking to their sisters or a hired model on the couch if they want, it's not a big deal, and it's precisely useless for our purposes here).

But a picture says a thousand words—and moreover extremely important ones, i.e. it's not mere verbose waffling—and a video says a million, and it's extremely instructive to note that the only PUA who has so far posted nudes of himself, including full frontal nudity, is GLL, who just so happens to be the best theorist ever—until I arrived on the scene, that is, and by the time this book is finished and the site that'll be hosting it is up, there'll be nudes of me on there [preview here], including a hardcore sex video, since unlike the rest of the PUA scene I learned my lesson from GLL, and learned it well. And that lesson is: Teacher, reveal yourself, if you want to be taken seriously by your students! Especially in such a physically-intensive field as the how-to-fuck-hot-women scene! For christsake, nerds, this isn't Dungeons & Dragons!

Now, if you are a mere student/reader/patron of the scene, it's perfectly understandable to maintain strict anonymity. Even if we weren't in the midst of a cancel culture, there'd still be many valid reasons why a gentleman might choose to keep parts of his personal life private—and the PUA scene is one of the most inherently private scenes there have ever been (the only one I'd consider more private would be an insurrectionist political movement, coming soon after I finish this book and site, nota bene). But none of this stuff applies to teachers, and certainly not to the teachers who put themselves forward as the supreme authorities in the scene. Supreme faggots, more like, if they are afraid to so much as show a pic of their ugly mugs!

Unfortunately, complicating matters is that the distinction between teacher and student can often be a tenuous one on the internet because blog comments and forum and social media posts blur the distinction between writer/teacher and reader/student and any reader can be a writer/teacher for a brief moment if they want simply by broadcasting his thoughts somewhere. RVF, which for many years was the number one PUA forum, was full of completely anonymous individuals who pretended to lecture the world on all things masculine while hiding behind an anime avatar and some lame-ass dorky username, and of course half of what they taught was bullshit, or at least irrelevant to many, if not to the majority, of the people who read them. And that's where relativistic pick-up theory starts.


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