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The Greatest Error

Fri Dec 27, 2019 6:01 pm


If there's only one thing you take away from this book, it should be my idea of the greatest error a man can make in regards to his dating life. Hell, why localize it to men, or even to human beings; the greatest error a sexuated lifeform can make period. And that is not expending any effort to find a mate, or in general to fulfill its sexual needs and desires, whatever they may be. So yes, we know your mom would have found you a mate back in the old days so you'd end up with someone eventually, even if you were a complete and utter shut-in nerd who got panic attacks from the mere idea of talking to people; but the world doesn't work that way any more, and now your parents will sit idly back and watch their bloodline go extinct if you don't step up and do what must be done to continue it, or to simply get some action so you can see what that thing that everyone talks about is like before you get back to your Pokemon.

If you're a virgin, the whole world is full of prostitutes who'll gladly take your virginity for about as much as a new videogame. In Amsterdam's famous red-light district which is super safe and works like a shop (see woman in window display, point to her, pay up, and she's yours), it costs exactly as little as a new videogame (50 euros). In Germany they have state-regulated brothels. In South East Asia you can bang anything you want for the price of a hot dog. For the slightly more adventurous there are massage parlors everywhere in the world where with a little bit more nerve (it's illegal there, after all) and a little bit more money you can get a woman to do anything you want, and for the even more affluent and adventurous there are escort ads all over the internet where you can hire a local "girlfriend" and spend as much time with her as you want, which is of course the absolute best kind of practice a late-stage virgin can get for one day landing an actual girlfriend.

Someone recently asked on RVF, "Can someone please explain to me why incels don't go to South East Asia?"

And someone answered, "Probably because they're incels for a reason. They're weak men and scared of life in general and taking risks. Hopping on a plane to a foreign country would take way too much effort."

A brutal answer, but it came nowhere near the next one in sheer brutality and patheticness: "Most incels don't have any employable skills and are stuck working jobs that pay under $20 an hour. They can barely handle working 40 hours a week. The little money they do manage to save gets quickly blown on dumb gadgetry, videogames, cam girls."

So if you're that kind of guy, yes, you may as well not even try because there's no reason for a girl with access to dating apps to settle for you, especially in an advanced country. You could go to a backwards country, and you'd probably find something there; but the kind of guy who can "barely handle" working 40 hours a week will of course be utterly unable to handle uprooting his entire life, so that option might as well be science-fiction as far as you're concerned, and there's no point in even discussing it with you.

And it's not just incels that routinely behave in the most passive, laziest, stupidest ways imaginable, it's even normal, average people like say all ethnic minorities ever. If you are an ethnic minority who's struggling in your dating life you should immediately go back to your place of ethnic origin. Black men should go to Africa, Asian men to Asia, Middle Easterners to the Middle East. I am not saying this as a racist—though I am also a racist—I am saying this as the best advice to you, just as I would have advised a gay man to go to a gay country if such a country existed. Gay people's brains are basically almost entirely devoted to sex to the point where there's hardly any processing power left for anything else (there's even an entire Seinfeld episode about this) precisely because they are such a tiny minority in the population, and therefore must work ten times harder than everyone else to meet someone suitable for their needs. And this, of course, is the case too with ethnic minorities, though the difference is that those can do something about it, but usually don't. So if you are doing okay in your dating life, of course stay where you are, but if you're struggling to find a mate in a white country it's the acme of stupidity to remain there. And that's without even counting the superstar status the move will automatically net you. That's without counting the fact that an African-American would be a rockstar in Africa, an Asian-American in Asia, and so on: you'll be a superstar, combining ethnic familiarity with foreign exoticness and the promise of a better life in a more advanced country. Not only will you finally overcome the sheer statistical disadvantage you face in the West, but you'll gain real massive advantages that you can leverage to massively increase the quality of your potential mates. You don't even have to move for good, just take long holidays there and apply yourself hard to PUA techniques and the sky's the limit on what you can achieve if you really want it.

And that's the rub: desire, or in our case the lack of it, that will be found as root cause in every case of involuntary celibacy. Half of the planet's eight billion people are female, and you are seriously telling us you're having trouble finding one to spend some intimate time with? Get the fuckoutta here dude. I know a liar and a hypocrite when I see one. If you place other priorities above female companionship that's your business, and you're perfectly entitled to it, but don't tell me that it's society's fault or some shit if you think movies or games or comic books are more important than engaging with the opposite sex because I am too old for this shit and have no patience for it. There's no "in" in incel, all y'all are plain cels and even volcels but lack the sense to admit this to yourselves, or think that by whining to people some wizard might hear of your pitiful cries and snap his fingers and fulfill all the desires that, let's face it, you don't even have. So you might as well stop reading right now and put the extra time into your hobbies because if you'd put even half the time you've spent reading PUAs in actually implementing their advice you'd have a harem by now, so there's no point. Just stop reading and spare yourself the time and the sheer humiliation I am about to inflict on you by my in-depth analysis of your deficiencies in the opening chapter, and throughout the book. It's not worth the aggravation, trust me.

For everyone left reading, this book is the apex of sexual thought; it is the best, and it will never be surpassed. Armed with this book, the sky's the limit for those who bring with them the desire to achieve something. As men we regularly invest thousands of hours into the most diverse of pursuits, whether in study, work or fitness, whether in social life or a dizzying array of hobbies; and yet we somehow believe that dating is the ONE area where everything will magically fall into place at some point without us having to do anything. This is the greatest error, and though if you're born as genetically superior as me you can go through life committing it again and again while girls keep jumping on your lap left and right, few are anywhere near as fortunate, and the rest of you will have to work for it as for any other thing of value you have in your lives. And even people like me can benefit from putting the work in if, in later years, you set your goals as absurdly high as my demand that at 42 years of age I keep landing the most ridiculously hot of Western teenage beauties. That's why I got into pick-up, not because I had trouble getting laid, but it's all the same skillset in the end, and it IS a skill that can be practiced and learned and improved on and not some magical ability that God has decided to confer on some people, and not on others. And that is the Greatest Lesson. I could turn even the biggest loser in the world into a proper pick-up artist within a week if he dedicated ten hours a day to following me around and doing EXACTLY what I told him to do, it's not hard at all if you can parse human speech and follow basic advice to the level that even a dog can follow; but what man would follow me around ten hours a day for a week? What man would do EXACTLY what I told him to do, even if it made him deeply uncomfortable? What man today DOESN'T feel uncomfortable when looking at a woman? Y'all are scared of bitches! You're scared of them so much you can't even look a teenage girl in the eyes for christsake! And your ancestors murdered each other in broad daylight with their bare hands and sharp objects! Y'all deserve to go extinct, and in my other book I explain in great detail how I plan to make this happen. But we have some time to kill, so to speak, before we get there, so I think it'd be neat if we spent some of that time exploring and analyzing modern sexual dynamics: the most complex such dynamics in the history of the world, and in the known universe, nota bene. Let's do that then. It is, as I believe you'll find, a fascinating subject.


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