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The Age of Innocence and the Mysterious Ways of Game

Sat May 25, 2019 11:34 pm


Our starting point for defining game, and therefore for really understanding it, is a brief overview of its history and of previous attempts to define it. Originally, in the Mystery Method era (roughly 2001-2008), game generally signified a set of tactics used to begin an interaction with a girl, build a connection with her, and use it to guide her to the bedroom. It was in other words a set of techniques, the most ingenious or disingenuous of which could qualify as "tricks", and nothing more. This was the launching point of the carefully structured, highly theoretical approach to game in the modern era, but it's worth mentioning that the most noteworthy earlier approach, pioneered by Ross Jeffries in the late '90s, was loosely based on the then putative neurological field of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and also essentially boiled down to what would definitely qualify as a trick, since it consisted in practically hypnotizing the girl. NLP didn't really work of course, or if it did it worked, like all hypnotism, only on retards (since the power of suggestion is strongest precisely over the weakest-minded), but I am mentioning it here to highlight the essential similarity in the two theories, as in all theories that were being propounded then and would be for some time: they all consisted in essentially tricks, and all that really separated them was the type of trick used in each case.

In the Mystery Method this trick was, of course, the neg. The magic tricks and general puerile buffoonery were not meant to create attraction; that was supposed to have already been achieved via the neg long before the PUA had started properly interacting with the girl, and the only reason those silly tricks were brought in after that was because none of those nerds had a clue of how to talk to a girl and relate to her, or to any other human being who wasn't a nerd for that matter. Girls are like children anyway, as Schopenhauer has long noted in his essay "On Women", and love stupid stuff like magic tricks if you know how to properly do them, so despite what all the later "alpha" PUAs (all of whom are really gammas) will tell you, this stuff was a decent way for the nerds to help them stay in and prolong the interaction with the girls and relate to them, at least on that childish level. The nerds were not creating attraction in this way, as they themselves mistakenly thought—which is why they increasingly focused on the tricks and kept inventing new and more elaborate ones throughout the Mystery Method's heyday—but for a girl who was already attracted to the nerd for some other reason the tricks provided the excuse for the two lovebirds to keep talking for the few hours that it would require for them to feel sufficiently comfortable with each other to move their interaction forward, and to the next, physical level. This was a mutual requirement, by the way, and not solely the girl's, as many PUAs even today erroneously believe; for the nerd was no more comfortable invading the girl's personal space and laying his hands on her immediately than the girl was prepared to allow a complete stranger like him to. We were still many years away from GLL's stunning revelation that—as long as you were physically and mentally dominant enough (which the nerds of course weren't), and the girl sufficiently attracted and slutty—you could grab her by the collar and lead her to some dark corner within minutes—or in extreme cases even immediately, without even saying a word—and she would giddily consent to suck you off without even knowing your name (a type of game known today as "caveman game", which to make work however you have to be... a caveman). As for the real reason the girl would become attracted to the nerd, this could have been because the negging had worked, but, more usually—especially for bad neggers, which was the majority of them since negging is very hard to pull off successfully, requiring extreme levels of social intelligence and calibration which the typical nerd obviously lacked—it was because the girl would be lonely or sad or bored and the nerd would appear by sheer luck at the right time in the right place and would proceed to dispel her melancholy with his admittedly childish but certainly warm and in their own way cute attempts at making a connection, and hence attract her to him, at least for a little while. In GLL's terminology (which I'll be generally adopting because it's pretty fucking great), the girl was sexually available due to circumstances in her life completely unrelated to the nerd and his tricks and theories, and the nerd had passed the girl's attraction threshold, which could be inferred from the fact that a fat ugly troll of a nerd would never land a girl no matter how many magic tricks or witty openers—never mind negs—he learned, or how many girls he opened. Of course, since nerds are generally not very sexually attractive, and since a girl's attraction threshold correlates quite closely with her own attractiveness (at least up to a point, beyond which other forms of value can and often do replace it), except in rare circumstances in which it takes a temporary nosedive (if she has just been dumped, for example, or feels depressed for some reason, and so on), the girls the nerds would land tended to be mediocre fare; but for the previously celibate or even virginal nerds this was still a triumph, and the most attractive and hard-working among them (in terms of the volume of approaches they were willing to make—their capacity for playing what is now known as "the numbers game") did manage to land a genuine hottie from time to time thanks to a sheer confluence of helpful factors that would occasionally obtain; and though the nerds' understanding of the actual mechanics of how this entire business worked was hopelessly divorced from the reality, they still nevertheless managed to understand one thing—the most crucial thing even: that game worked. Tricks worked, and would get even a nerd laid if he tried hard enough and long enough; and once this realization had sunk in we were well on our way to a deeper understanding of the subject, and modern game had been irrevocably launched.


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Re: The Age of Innocence and the Mysterious Ways of Game

Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:59 pm

1st of all you downplayed Ross Jeffries WAY too much in my opinion.

Second and more importantly, if you were to think about it, you might begin to intuitively realize that, although NLP is perhaps not as easy as it was made out to be in the marketing, neither is flying a plane. And as you think about that, and realize that's true, that means you can also realize just because some people couldn't make it work doesn't mean it isn't possible to make it work.

Have a coke and a _____.
You deserve a _____ today.
It takes two hands to ______ a Whopper.
Can you hear me____?

Advertising is NLP by another name and predates what's called NLP by centuries. It started when language was invented.

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