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The Death of Online Game

Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:35 am

A curious phenomenon of recent years that everyone in the PUA world has noted but no one's come close to explaining, is the death of online game. Now, I've never had any interest in online game, and have barely even tried it (just a couple of weeks a couple of years ago, mostly for research purposes), but it is a well-accepted fact that online game was "popping" during the early-2010s, and for some time after the introduction of swipe apps like Tinder, but has been steadily deteriorating since at least the middle of the decade, and by now is essentially dead for all intents and purposes, meaning it gives dreadful results, unless you're willing to go to the third world, which gives more matches, but still inferior to the West, but for another reason (simply because the quality of talent tends to be inferior there). But even in the third world, results have been deteriorating, according to many accounts, especially as quality of life increases there, so the forecast for online game worldwide is dire, and no one seems to know why.

Now let me cut straight to the chase and tell you why online game has died, despite the fact that the technology powering it and its availability have been steadily improving:


It's as simple as that.

The girls simply didn't quite understand this at first, and they toyed with the technology when it was first introduced, mostly out of sheer boredom and curiosity, as I did belatedly in 2019, but they soon figured it out—not consciously, of course, as I did, but certainly unconsciously—and now they generally don't touch the stuff, and all that's left is hordes of thirsty guys, fake profiles, literal prostitutes, attention-whores, and mediocre-to-ugly girls and despondent older women. It is in other words a den of pitfalls and horrors, and a man has to be thirsty indeed in order to keep swiping on it for the days and weeks it will require for him to land anything at all. Meaning he has to be a loser.

Now, sooner or later, every female will go through some dating app for a while, so this gives the impression that these apps are SOCIALLY-ACCEPTABLE ways to meet people, since everyone knows them and has tried them. The difference is that, while guys will try the apps for long periods, and keep coming back to them periodically, for years and decades on end; girls will simply try them once or twice, usually for a few hours or days at most, while meeting no one from them, and quickly uninstall them. And they will act like this because they'll very quickly realize that the apps are full of losers.

Now, as I've explained at length before, a REAL loser is not quite the same thing as what a GIRL considers a loser, but there is a lot of overlap, and that's precisely the kind of guy flooding these apps today. Moreover, and most importantly, girls judge men almost exclusively on their social status, but on the apps NO ONE HAS ANY SOCIAL STATUS AT ALL, because the social bonds and hierarchies that connect people are invisible there. Perhaps the day will come when Tinder and co. will wise up and introduce Steam-like "groups" and communities, with diagrammatic hierarchical power structures, so that girls can become attracted to the "founders" and "administrators" of the various groups; but it's doubtful if even that would work, because the kind of person who would invest a lot of time in such virtual groups would probably be far from the real-life social celebrities that girls are after. Real social networks are far subtler than the crude ones that form online, where the coolest guy might just as well be the one who barely logs in as the guy who spends all his time online. In any case, there are definitely things that can be done to alleviate the situation in some science-fiction future, and perhaps the day will come when men and women will find a way to use computers to come together more efficiently than they do now. For now, however, online apps are utterly inadequate to represent male status, so they are ultimately disappointing to girls, and especially to the prettier girls who demand and look for the higher-status males. Hence those girls' absence from the apps. On the other hand, the apps are perfectly capable of fulfilling mens' demands, since all that men ask for is a couple of photos, and hence why apps are flooded with them.

This is also why cutting-edge online game keeps coming back to Instagram, and methods for building a "killer" IG profile, and that's why so many of the hotter girls downright DEMAND to see guys' IG before they'll warm up to them and commit to a date. If you are a high-status man—according to girls' shallow standards—it should be very easy for you to snap a few pics of your high-status lifestyle and post them on your IG for everyone to see. After all, that's the entire point of IG, as far as girls are concerned, so if you have a profile, why aren't you using it? If you aren't using it, it means your lifestyle sucks and therefore you're low-status, and if you don't have a profile at all you must be an even bigger loser who can't even compete, let alone dominate the status contest.

Now, I am not saying that EVERY girl in the world thinks this way about Instagram, but I AM telling you that most of the hottest ones on online dating apps do so. And they are right, to an extent. Status is as important to them as looks are to us, and Instagram is pretty much indeed the only reasonably accurate way to measure it on the internet, hence Instagram is where you will arrive if you go all-in on online game, and wish to excel there. It's no accident that that's where all the celebrities end up when they want to advertise their lifestyles, and show off their status to each other, and to their millions of plebeian followers. They don't do it on Facebook, they don't do it on Twitter, and of course they don't do it on Tinder: they do it on Instagram, because humans are above all visual creatures, because that is our strongest sense, and hence that's where the orgy of pretentiousness now takes place on the internet. And Tinder girls want you to go there so they can judge how you do and how you compare to others. It's perfectly understandable and rational, just as it is perfectly understandable when the vast majority of men reject Instagram simply because our minds are wired for deeper pursuits, and to generally be bored by and reject the superficial. That's why the vast majority of Instagram users are female, and that's why SOME PUAs, the IG-specialists, keep saying that IG is a killer app for the few men who have figured out how to use it as a dating app. Guides abound on the internet on how to do this, and I won't try to recommend any because that is a game I am not interested in playing. Not only is it boring as fuck, but it also gives inferior results: Tinder hos and low-attention-span Instagram attention-whores, however attractive they may be, so as long as daygame is working for me, I will of course not go there.

Now I know that many guys will not have been convinced by my analysis so far; after all, when they log into Tinder, they still see plenty of hot girls on there, so surely some people must be getting them, and therefore there MUST be a way to get them. So allow me to explain to you the fate of all these girls: where they are coming from, and where they are going, so you can understand why the whole thing is an illusion.

First off, understand that girls are WAY more inquisitive about sexual matters than men: that's ALL they talk about with their friends their whole lives long. We men talk about games and sports and cars and politics, on TOP of the occasional conversation about women, but guys are almost ALL that females talk about. So of course, ALL girls will have at least SEEN Tinder and co. on some friend's phone from their earliest teenage years. These days they will know exactly what it is and how it works from at least 15 years old. That doesn't mean that they will have TRIED it. Girls are extremely slow to take action, they are extremely lazy and passive—even worse so than effeminate males—so it's quite possible to find a girl in her late-teens or even early-20s who hasn't made a Tinder profile YET. However, since she has been exposed to it from such a young age, and since many of her friends are getting on and off it at various times, and chatting with guys from there etc.—all of which chats are of course widely passed around, simply because all of these girls have nothing better going on in their lives, and this little pathetic gossip is all they have—it is a mathematical certainty that sooner or later every girl will make a profile out of sheer boredom, if nothing else. And it goes without saying that when they have a sexual falling out with a boyfriend, they will IMMEDIATELY make a profile, simply to take their minds off their relationship troubles. It's only human nature, and even I have done it, so of course girls will do it too.

Now we all know what happens when a girl goes on Tinder: since the male-female ratio is so lopsided, and since males are wired to make the first move and females are wired to be passive and MAKE NO MOVES AT ALL, even average girls get flooded with messages and suddenly feel like prom queens. EVERY female in the 21st century goes through this stage sooner or later; some of them early in life, some of them a little later; but by their mid-20s AT THE LATEST, they will have ALL gone through this (aside from a handful of extremely vulnerable, extremely introverted girls, which, in the rare cases when they also happen to be attractive, are precisely the unicorns of daygame that guys like me are after. And even THESE girls will end up on Tinder eventually, but if you catch them in their teens, you might get them before that, which is partly why I target teenagers almost exclusively.)

Now what happens next is crucial. Up to now, we have had no indication of why girls ditch dating apps so quickly: it would rather seem from our analysis that girls should love dating apps, since they are so popular there, and should be using them even more than men. However, this is where things get interesting. Because, contrary to popular belief, girls are very unsuccessful on dating apps, more unsuccessful than men even. It only seems TO MEN that girls are successful, because male and female standards of success are so wildly different.

In short, for a man, success on a dating app means GETTING LAID. If a man manages to get laid, he feels he has succeeded to some extent, even if the girl was mediocre or even ugly, or even if the sex was lousy, or even if he went on a date and there was no sex, at the end of the day. The man is so thirsty, that even merely managing to get a girl to meet him for coffee for an hour can feel like a triumph. He is emboldened by this triumph, and goes back to the app with renewed energy, to swipe on more girls, go on more dates, and eventually get laid, as he logically of course will. It's only a matter of time to get laid, if you keep going on dates, and it's only a matter of time if you keep getting laid until you land a girlfriend, and eventually even a wife and life-partner. It's just statistics, and if men don't understand anything else, they generally do understand statistics. So they keep swiping, and they keep staying on the dating apps.

None of this however is remotely applicable to girls. Because, whereas every lay INCREASES a man's self-confidence, even if it's a lousy lay, every lay DIMINISHES a woman's self-confidence UNLESS it is a great lay. And even if it's a great lay, her confidence will still generally take a hit UNLESS the man ends up liking the girl and COMMITS to her in some way. He has to practically FALL IN LOVE WITH HER, in order for her to feel successful. In every other scenario the girl will feel like a failure, she will feel USED, and will thus be reluctant to return to the dating app at all, let alone to go on another date from it and end up on someone else's bed—who might again reject her. That would be CATASTROPHIC to her self-esteem and her self-confidence, if it happened twice, to the point where she might even not tell her friends about it at all, and might even make her depressed and take her off the dating market altogether for a while.

Now a man needs to understand two crucial pieces of information in order to have any hope of understanding the above. These two crucial pieces of information are:

1. Any decent-looking girl in the 21st century can have sex at a moment's notice, any time of the day or night, 24/7/365. As Patrice O'Neal put it, "She can have a hundred dicks like you and me have this bag of chips". So sex as a source of validation, to any non-hideous girl, MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There are almost no men that can grasp what this does to someone's mindset, because it's so alien to the male condition. You have been trying to get laid since puberty, and mostly failing, but she has not been trying at all, all the while people have been hitting on her daily for years and decades. She KNOWS she can get laid. She DOESN'T go to Tinder for that. She goes to Tinder to get laid, AND FALL IN LOVE WITH, the kind of HIGH-STATUS males that she just happens to not have around her in her social circles at any given time. And she fails at that because:

2. There are VERY FEW high-status males on dating apps, and they are FLOODED with messages and attention by countless average girls. 80% of the girls message only 20% of the guys, according to some measures. Those guys get nowhere near the messages that any decent girl does, but they still get A LOT of messages. This means that the average girls have no hope of eliciting anything more than a few bangs from these guys at all. It would be utterly laughable for a man who can get laid on Tinder like a king to offer commitment to the average girl there; the guy is obviously banging everything he can until he lands his 10, and he will fall in love ONLY WITH HER. This means he will simply USE all the average girls. In fact, and trust me on this because that's how I operate too, he will use even the ABOVE-AVERAGE girls. Why, you ask? Because why would I settle for a 7 or an 8 if I can churn through a dozen girls a month? Sooner or later, I'll land a 10: it's just statistics. And what if it takes me six months or two years to do so? It will be a pleasant time, since I'll be banging all those 7s and 8s in the meantime. So I have the patience to wait for the 10 lol. Even guys who bang MERELY AVERAGE girls off dating apps see their standards skyrocket, because that's what happens to men when their confidence is boosted; and banging a ton of girls, even if they are average, is a sure way to boost a guy's confidence to the stratosphere: just look at what happened to poor ugly losers like Krauser for example lol, who ended up convincing himself that he's an "alpha mail" or "sigma mayl" just because he banged out a bunch of poor average Eastern Europeans. So ultimately ALL the guys who can get laid well on the dating apps end up using and maltreating THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE GIRLS there. Is it any wonder that the girls drop off and don't come back to the app lol, after one or two such encounters?

Now you would think that the girls would wise up and simply lower their standards, but you are merely misunderstanding the nature of women if you think it is POSSIBLE for them to "wise up". They are born morons, and they will die morons. And moreover, lazy passive morons to boot, which is way worse. Because if they WEREN'T lazy and passive, they would do what the MEN do, and simply SWALLOW DOWN their disappointments, and keep grinding. They would keep messaging the "cool"-looking guys on the app, they would keep going out with them, perhaps keep sleeping with some of them, until at some point, sooner or later, they would finally hit on an outlier who would fall in love with them and be satisfied with them, and become a couple. This is GUARANTEED to happen, especially since any given girl has HUNDREDS of messages from interested suitors in her inbox at any given time. It's STATISTICS: if she goes though ALL those hundreds, she is GUARANTEED to achieve something satisfactory sooner or later.

But that's not how girls operate. In fact I only understood how girls operate by observing how WEAK GUYS operate. Weak, effeminate guys don't understand and don't give a shit about statistics any more than girls do. What a weak effeminate guy will do is read the PUA books and forums, and he will watch the YouTube infields, and then most of them... will simply not attempt to use any of it. They will spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours perusing all this stuff, as if it's literature, as if it's a novel or some kind of art, enjoying them vicariously... and will then not put into practice anything. In this at least they are superior to girls, who won't even bother to consume anything at all. Women take laziness to a whole other level. But weak, effeminate males are not far behind.

That is the first class of males, the lowest class: the most lazy, passive and effeminate class. One step up from that is the guys who will at least TRY to use this stuff. They'll go out, make one or two approaches, which will of course fail miserably because that's what happens when you start training any new skill, and will then give up and not try it ever again. They mostly won't even DISCUSS it again: that's how terrified they will be of it at that point, that even the mere MENTION of the experience, and the prospect of trying it again, will feel terrible to them. They are genuinely AFRAID of the experience because it made them FEEL BAD. It made them FEEL AWKWARD, it made them UNCOMFORTABLE, and that is the end of that. No more cold approach for them, no more daygame and nightgame. It's just too hard and it just FEELS too bad. So they might go back to their inceldom, or they might try some online game and join the ranks of millions of thirsty losers in the dating apps that girls avoid like the plague precisely because these apps are flooded with this kind of guy.

Do you now see the similarity with girls' behavior? The effeminate loser who barely tried day- or nightgame before giving them up is behaving exactly like the girl who barely tried the app and quit just because of a couple of suboptimal or merely awkward initial experiences that made her FEEL bad (oh the horror! God forbid anyone ever feels bad about anything!) None of these lame creatures has the BACKBONE to DIG THE FUCK IN and MASTER THE FUCKING SKILLSET like MEN like me ROUTINELY do their WHOLE LIVES LONG. This is what it means to be PASSIVE=FEMININE, it means to expect for "fate" to create your future for you, or as a particularly dumb ex-girlfriend once put it, "The universe will guide me". But "the universe" INCLUDES YOU, YOU DUMB FUCKING WHORE: what you are essentially saying is that you expect YOURSELF to guide YOU, all the while you do NOTHING. In short, she is merely waiting for a man to approach her and make everything happen without her having to lift a finger. That's how that girl met me, and that's how she will essentially meet all the men in her life. The effeminate males, meanwhile, are only a BIT better than that: they STILL don't want to exert themselves much, but they will AT LEAST put up an online profile, and keep swiping every now and then for a few years or decades, so they will at least do SOMETHING, which is why we say they are effeminate males instead of complete women. So that's something. But the girls will do nothing, especially the more attractive=more feminine girls, and that's why they are absent from online dating, and in the rare instances when they pass through there they don't achieve anything worthwhile. And once they realize this, they are gone for good, and only the uglier and most desperate—or more masculine ones remain. Like hardcore sluts for example. Hardcore gold-diggers and the like. You can find a bunch of those online, and you can find a bunch of average girls that have been used and abused by the good-looking guys, and have then lowered their standards, until you text them at some point in your desperation, and they agree to settle for you. So, if you have the patience, you can get your 4 or 5 online, and you will always be able to get her. But keep in mind that, as they found you, they can find countless others online, so the moment your relationship hits a rough patch—as all relationships will sooner or later—she'll be back on the app in no-time, since it worked for her once, and she therefore knows by now exactly how to make it work again. So good luck having to deal with that. I generally don't have to deal with that because the way I meet girls in the street is IMPOSSIBLE for them to reliably reproduce. To them, meeting me seems like a MIRACLE, since it happens completely out of the blue, and good luck trying to find another similar situation in the future. They could wait for the entire rest of their lives and not have anything similar happen to them again. Meanwhile, your online girl met you the exact same way she can meet a hundred different guys, any day of the week, any week of the year, and she knows it. In the back of her mind you will always be disposable to her, because that's exactly what you are: yet another simp in an endless ocean of simps accessible via her phone all the way to the grave. So good luck with that.

So the app CAN work for average and subaverage girls AFTER they have been used and abused on it. The vast majority of girls however will not stick around for that long, but the less feminine and uglier ones WILL and THOSE are the ones that you can get, if you want. These are the scraps of humanity; but if you have sworn off meeting people in the real world, you are the scraps of humanity too, I am afraid—at least as far as females are concerned—so you deserve each other. That's just how it is, I am merely describing contemporary society, I didn't create the apps myself, indeed the apps were created by average and even subaverage guys who had trouble with women, and hey, despite all the issues, they perform their function fine to ultimately connect them with average and subaverage girls AFTER those girls have learned their lesson and given up on the hundreds of cooler guys who message them just to bang them. No good-looking, high-status people meet on apps, I am sorry, and in the rare instances when they do, it mostly results in one of them using the other, and then moving on, with no worthwhile relationship being established.

One question remains to be answered: Why was online so much better around 2012-2013, when Tinder was launched?

Well, back then, as I said, the whole tech was new, so people, including tons of girls, were trying it for the first time. Tinder was the Twitter of dating apps: by eliminating the sprawling formats of earlier dating apps and reducing everything to a simple swipe that even a monkey could manage—just as Twitter had previously eliminated the cumbersome setup and long-form content of the blogs it was supplanting—it drew in untold masses of average people, and resulted in an explosion of activity. A SHORT-TERM explosion, however, because eventually the average person realized that he lacked the creativity even for Twitter's tiny utterances, and the vast majority of Twitter users quit the service almost as soon as they made accounts, and they are still quitting it. Only a tiny percentage of people have the attention span to use Twitter properly and for the long-term, and the same is true for Tinder, but with a far worse male to female ratio there for the simple reason, as I explained, that Tinder lacks the capacity to satisfy women other than the ugliest, most masculine and lowest-value of them all. That said, ALL girls pass by Tinder sooner or later, as I explained, and many of them DO meet and perhaps bang ONE or TWO guys before they become utterly disillusioned with the service and abandon it, so if you HAPPEN to be in the right place at the right time with the right profile, you COULD end up banging them, and even having a relationship with them if the success doesn't go to your head and you don't become greedy and try to bang everyone on the service, as the popular guys do. And of course, the number of these cute first-timers was greatest precisely at the beginning, whereas now that the service is well-established it has diminished to a steady but small trickle. So of course for the guys who were THERE at the beginning, that past era feels like a Golden Age of Tinder, because that's exactly what it was. But as the supply of girls diminished, once they started leaving the service en masse, the guys invented more and more techniques to extract more from a diminishing supply; they became more efficient, and thus more predatory. And it is THESE guys you are competing against now for an ever-dwindling supply of increasingly used up and jaded women. Of course an angel lands on the service now and then, as she comes of age and decides to try this Tinder thing that she's heard so many people talk about, but she will be on the app for an instant, and she will be FLOODED with messages instantly, and your chances of getting that chance with her will be tiny, much smaller than via cold approach. So some muscular, tatted hipster moron will get her instead, and will have his fun with her while crushing her self-esteem and self-confidence, and if she has any sense in her she'll drop the app right after and go back to the real world that's much better suited for her passive, sensitive nature, leaving only the refuse of society on the app, the males and females who persist with these apps simply because they have no other choice.

And that's why online game has died for anyone who HAS a choice.

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Re: The Death of Online Game

Fri May 28, 2021 11:42 pm ... 5#pid44405
dingdongditch wrote:On November 29th I approached a girl and got her number. She ended up living 40 minutes away and our texting was pretty boring so I dumped out.

On December 6th she popped on Tinder and Bumble as a new user.

There's maybe a mythos where you're setting yourself apart by a bold in person approach when the reality is they're on the apps. Plus IG. Plus her regular social circle.

On the other hand, I did get in a week before the onslaught.

Truly depressing. The upshot however is that if they had hit it off, she wouldn't have gone on the apps—not until they broke it off at any rate, at which point she can do whatever the hell she wants.

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Re: The Death of Online Game

Fri May 20, 2022 10:50 pm ... st-1459482
LawTalkingGuy wrote:
scorpion wrote: I don't want to black pill too hard with a post like that. Just laying out the reality. As for what you can do about it, the easiest answer is to not use any dating apps. The thing is, not every woman is using those apps. And more importantly, the vast majority of the highest value women are not using the apps - because they simply don't have to. They get more than enough attention through their interactions in real life and through their social circle. The trick is putting yourself in a position to move in the same social circles as those women. That is the new game for 2020 and beyond. Let me repeat that for emphasis: the entire concept of "Game" over the next decade will be less about lone wolf cold approaching and more about building social circles that naturally attract high-value women into your orbit.

Social media is the other side of the modern dating coin that exists alongside dating apps. You can essentially think of them as parallel paths to the same destination. But the dating app path is covert, while the social media path is overt. The Chad on the dating app can easily pull mid-range level women with no effort via the covert path, but he will struggle to get high value women that way. Because the high value women prefer to stay on the overt path where everyone can see them. There remains a stigma among high value women regarding dating apps, because to use a dating app is to essentially admit that you are NOT a high value woman - because if you were you would have no need for one. And there is a great deal of truth to this. The result is that a lot of great women (solid 8s with good personalities) don't use dating apps and instead end up settling for guys they meet through social circle!

So my recommendations are in summary: stay away from dating apps, put a LOT of effort into building up your social circle, and create a strong overt pathway for women in your social orbit to enter your life through savvy use of social media.

I've found that women who are 8-10 on looks, especially those who know it, typically refuse to use data apps because they have an ego thing going and they cannot bring themselves to admit that their inability to keep the interest of a high-value man is due to the fact that their looks can get the attention of any man but their personality cannot keep a high value man interested and they won't settle for a 5-7 man who might tolerate their nonsensical drama because he is so enamored at the thought of having an 8-10 woman.

I've seen women who are 8-10 on looks, but with a bitter nasty contentious personality [let's rank them a 0-2 on personality] who can get offers for hook-ups, propositioned, casual dates, from anybody and everybody under the Sun, but they never get offers of long-term commitment from the sort of men they want to be in a long-term relationship with, and if they get the offer, they tend to blow it in short order by being too demanding and high maintenance.

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